These Are The Best Video Games of 2017

12. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

On paper, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle should not work. Combining the platforming hero with a Rayman spinoff seemed like an odd mix, and it hardly set the pulse racing among gamers when the project was first announced. When the title was then confirmed as an XCOM-style turn-based strategy game, it certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Opinion changed when the game was showcased at E3 2017, and the end result is one of the strangest yet most compelling games released this year. Bringing something truly different to the Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids offers up a great starting place for strategy newcomers and a fun challenge for veteran players alike.

11. Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

2017 was always going to be a big year for Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega, with the company's mascot seeing the release of two major games. However, the smaller of the two releases, Sonic Mania, proved to be by far the better of the two. And it was made by fans!

Quite simply, Sonic Mania is one of the most fun games released this year. An incredible recreation of the tone of the original 1990s Sonic games, Sonic Mania acts as a best-of from the franchise's past while taking advantage of what modern game development can offer.

10. Persona 5

Persona 5

The brilliance of the Persona series is one of the worst kept secrets in video games, and nowhere is this more true than with Persona 5. Atlus' RPG wowed fans and critics alike when it released back in April, with some claiming that it should be named as one of the best RPGs of all time.

It's hard to argue with that assertion, too. Offering up stunning art design with a unique story, Persona 5 is the kind of game that every RPG fan owes it to themselves to play, even if it doesn't quite fall within their comfort zone.

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