20 Stunning Video Game Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

A lot of us grew up playing video games - it made our childhoods more fun, and it might have helped us make a few extra friends along the way. Whether you were a Nintendo person or preferred your Playstations, you probably still have memories of sitting down to play your favorite games, or pre-ordering or waiting in line to buy the next one. Those were good times.

Today we can still enjoy gaming, even after we put the controllers down - by cosplaying our favorite characters from beloved franchises. Video game cosplays continue to be a mainstay at conventions.

While many people who go to conventions are all about the anime or comic books, some are mainly gamers who go to play with more people, and even to comopete against them. There are conventions catered to gamers too, but they're fewer and further between, and they have less of a cosplay presence aside from the occasional "booth babes." Well, if video games are your main interest, we have a list for you too.

Here are 20 Stunning Video Game Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters. They've truly leveled up in their craftsmanship skills to stand out among an entire internet full of cosplayers.

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20 Tracer (Overwatch)

Tracer is Overwatch’s flagship character, cosplayed here by Kiyo Cosplay with the photo taken by Mtknot. Who doesn’t love costumes that light up? That takes even more work and skill than usual to pull that off. Not to mention, the wig is styled perfectly, in a world where styling even your own hair can be a pain.

Everything about this cosplay is golden, from head to toe. All of this, and we still dig this casual shot where she’s just hanging out, waving to the camera. Love it.

Kiyo is based out of Singapore and has been cosplaying since 2010. She is also known for cosplaying as 2b (Nier: Automata), Futaba (Persona 5), Mashu Kyrielight (Fate/ Grand Order), and multiple versions of D.Va, among others.

19 Star Guardian Lux (League of Legends)

Inspired by the Sailor Moon series, the Star Guardian skins are some of the cutest, frilliest outfits in League of Legends. While there are multiple Star Guardians – and even more cosplayers – we really like this shot of RuriPuri as Lux, shot and edited by Yuuku.

We can still see details of the staff even as she’s swinging it, and the colored contacts look nice without being super cartoony. Not only did Ruri do a nice job on the cosplay, but the photo is well edited, so props to Yuuku on that.

Ruri is a cosplayer, singer, and artist from Illinois. She is also known for cosplaying as Kurisu Makise (Stein’s Gate), Nico Yazawa (Love Live!, multiple versions), Rem (Re:Zero), kimono Tohru (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), and plenty more.

18 Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Cosplay doesn’t have to mean suiting up in some large, chunky armor, or even any fancy, royal regalia. Sometimes you’re just wearing a shirt and slacks, plus weapons and other accessories, and it totally works because your character’s an everyday guy who likes to go on adventures. The Uncharted series is included in this, with protagonist Nathan Drake having outfits easy to put together.

Even though it’s a simple outfit, cosplayer and model Dan Ballestero put thought into each of his cosplay pieces to really make it look sharp. Plus, he has a great face for Nathan.

Dan is also known for cosplaying as Dante (Devil May Cry), Booker Dewitt (Bioshock), Geralt (The Witcher 3), and Jacob Frye (Assassin’s Creed).

17 Morrigan (Darkstalkers)

While not super mainstream like other franchises, Darkstalkers is still a popular series. Morrigan has also appeared in several Marvel vs. Capcom games, and plenty of girls around the world will continue to choose her for a cosplay. It’s no wonder – she’s sexy, but wears a cool outfit at the same time. The wings and horns might be difficult to craft, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Tim Vo snapped this gorgeous photo of Emily Aurelia, who did an amazing job on this cosplay. Emily is from California, where she runs her Storenvy selling cosplay prints.

She is also known for cosplaying as Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell), Stocking Anarchy (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt), She-Hulk, Holiday Harley Quinn, and plenty of other characters.

16 Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Some of you might be hearing the Mortal Kombat theme music in your head, or the “Finish him!” cue. While the fatality combos were hard to complete in the short amount of time given to you, these are still some of the most fun fighting games out there. They’re great to have in any arcade. The cosplays are just as amazing, like this one of Sub Zero.

This is a great shot of chalupa_batmaan. The eyes really pierce the camera lens, though we’re loving the details on the suit too. The ice forming in his hands is also a cool effect (no pun intended).

He is also known for cosplaying as Red Hood, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and a punk version of the Joker. His next project? Kid Flash.

15 Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)

Say hello to Space Peach! We mean, Rosalina – actually, no, she’s pretty much Space Peach. But she’s still cool, and she plays well in Smash 4.

Anyway, take a look at this amazing cosplay by DJ Touhou Cosplay (photographed by Sarah Dixon). Props to Elisabeth Haun for doing the fancy lights behind him that really make this photo pop. It’s truly out of this world.

DJ Touhou is from Utah and has been cosplaying since 2015. He is also known for cosplaying as Sailors Jupiter and Star Fighter (Sailor Moon), Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Link (Hyrule Warriors and Breath of the Wild versions), and more. His crossplaying shows off his versatility as a cosplayer, which speaks to his skills and makes him better.

14 Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

#yukikoamagi #persona #cosplay taken by @mrtorres.daniel

A post shared by Flow Da Flo (@flowithitcosplay) on

This gem was snapped by Daniel Torres during last year’s Liberty City Anime Convention. Persona is a fun series with a wide variety of colorful characters in every game, and Erin, also known as Flowithit Cosplay, rocks it as Yukiko. Everything from the glasses, to the ribbons, and even the wig, naturally pop in the light. Simple, yes, but absolutely fabulous.

As her name implies, she is mainly known for cosplaying as Flo (the lady from the Progressive commercials – she even has her own body pillow of Flo that has become a staple accessory of hers), but she also does 2b (Nier: Automata), Ann Takamaki/Panther (Persona 5), Blue Snow (Shimoneta) and Smug Wendy (the internet meme).

She is from New Jersey, but attends conventions around the tristate area.

13 Handsome Jack (Borderlands)

Handsome Jack’s name is ironic, of course (because villains aren’t usually attractive). But that doesn’t mean we can’t mention Andy, also known as Ko Bunny’s, awesome makeup skills. Sometimes a face painted entirely with makeup can be a costume in itself (the same goes for body paint). The colored contacts are a nice touch. Seriously, she looks like the real thing. Nice work!

Ko Bunny does a lot of cosplays that involve heavy makeup work. In addition to Borderlands, she is also known for cosplaying multiple characters from Overwatch and Black Butler.

While many of her photos are selfies, she pulls some great facial expressions that are so in character. Seriously – go look at more of her Handsome Jack photos and videos after this list.

12 D.Va (Overwatch)

Overwatch took the gaming world by storm when it came out last May, stealing the limelight from League in the process. Colleges and universities are now forming their own Overwatch teams to play competitively.

Here’s cosplayer and gamer Julie Peugeot as one of the game’s most popular characters, with the photo taken by Wilou Photography at this year’s Japan Expo back in July.

Julie is from Paris and has been cosplaying since 2007. She is also known for cosplaying as Lara Croft (Tomb Raider, multiple versions), San (Princess Mononoke), Lady Deadpool, and Jessica Rabbit, among other characters.

She looks absolutely adorable as D.Va, with her winking as she shoots at opponents. On top of cosplaying, Julie is also an official ambassador for Xbox France.

11 Slayer Jinx (League of Legends)

There are tons of champions to play as in League of Legends, and even more skins to pick from for each of them. It sometimes feels like a dress-up game in addition to a fighting one. Some people have a signature skin that they stick with for every match (similar to Smash players), even if it’s the default one, and it becomes their thing.

Elana Fiorini, also known as EXF Cosplay, absolutely slays this Jinx cosplay. Elana is also known for cosplaying as Sheik (Legend of Zelda), Emerald Herald (Dark Souls II), Spider-Girl, Spider-Gwen, and a Seeker of the One True Morty (Rick and Morty), among other characters.

Photo credits go to Eddie Bonneau for this one.

10 Princess Hilda (Legend of Zelda)

Hilda is the parallel to Princess Zelda from the 2013 title A Link Between Worlds. She tries to steal Hyrule’s Triforce, but that plan blows up in her face. At least she gets her own Triforce back.

Cristal Fernandez took this gorgeous photo of LeavesfromtheVine Cosplay as Hilda during Derpycon 2016. The gown is beautiful, and the staff looks amazing up close. This cosplay (Lo)rule(s).

LeavesfromtheVine is an award-winning cosplayer from New Jersey. She was Best in Show at last year’s Liberty City Anime Con and part of the Best Group at this year’s con.

She is also known for cosplaying as Tsunade (Naruto), Gogo Tomago (Big Hero 6), Kyoshi (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII), and plenty of other characters.

9 Spark (Pokémon Go)

Do you remember when Pokémon Go came out last summer and everyone was obsessed with it at first, but then it slowly died off? Probably. Maybe you’re one of the few who still play it.

While Pokémon Go has slowed down in popularity, the cosplays still look cool, like this one by SenPie Cosplay, also shot during Liberty City last year. That is probably one of the best uses of surrounding lighting we’ve ever seen. Or perhaps it was simply instinct for him…

SenPie is from Connecticut and has been cosplaying since 2014. This Dab Master is also known for cosplaying as Prompto (Final Fantasy XV), Joseph Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII), 707 (Mystic Messenger), and many more.

8 Marth (Fire Emblem)

This series wasn’t as big at first, but then Roy and Marth were introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee and all of a sudden everyone loved it. The franchise only got bigger from there, with the recent release of Fire Emblem: Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but Marth is still known as one of the main characters from both this series and Smash.

Cosplayer Pann looks amazing as Marth in this photo taken by Annie Jia. The cosplay looks so clean and crisp in the details, and the backdrop for the photo is perfect – it looks like he’s about to enter the Coliseum for a fight.

While Pann also cosplays as Alm (Fire Emblem: Echoes), he is mostly known for his beautiful fanart from the series.

7 Junko Enoshima (Dangan Ronpa)

Moving from crossplay to genderbending, we have a male Junko by Tawko Royama. With the simplicity of their uniforms, school characters are some of the most often to be genderbent, because of how simple it is to switch out pants for a skirt, and vice versa. But it’s those signature details on the rest of the cosplay that help people to still recognize the character.

While keeping it simple, Tawko does a great job of bringing Junko to life, while still putting his own unique spin on her.

Tawko is also known for cosplaying as Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon), Deku (My Hero Academia), Link (Legend of Zelda), 707 (Mystic Messenger), and plenty more. He has his own Storenvy, where he sells cosplay prints.

6 Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

After all this time, we’re finally getting Kingdom Hearts III next year. While Sora will be rocking some new threads in that sequel, we can still enjoy and appreciate his outfit from the second game, worn by German cosplayer Traumblume Cosplay and photographed by Ryu___x3.

This is a fun, whimsical shot that still plays into the fantasy and adventure vibes from the series. She stands out, bright and vibrant against the light outside. Also, props for switching up the Keyblade.

Traumblume is also known for cosplaying as Princess Seraphina (Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance), Lunafreya (Final Fantasy XV), Keith Kogane (Voltron), and Yuna (Final Fantasy X), among others (mostly other Final Fantasy characters, which works, since those games cross over with Kingdom Hearts a lot).

5 Noctis and Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)

The most recent Final Fantasy title is equally as popular as the older, more classic ones, with plenty of people cosplaying from it. While there are tons of awesome Final Fantasy XV cosplayers out there, this group easily takes the cake because they look all but exactly like their characters, a difficult feat no matter how good you are at crafting or makeup.

You might remember these guys from the Disney cosplayers list, but if not, Jin and his Tux Team were previously featured for their Big Hero 6 group. They are also known for cosplaying from Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Free!, and Noragami, among other series.

Their cosplays are insanely good – as real as fictional characters could possibly get, and we love them.

4 Ezio Auditore and Leonardo da Vinci (Assassin's Creed 2)

After seeing several solid takes on modern characters, we’ll be taking a walk on the historical side for a bit, with this photo that Corvaan Cosplay snapped of Ezio (KADArt Cosplay) and Leonardo (Indilwen Cosplay) during this year’s Gamescom back in August.

These cosplays have a lot of detail to them, with all the embroidery and patterning it took. While probably not the setting they had in mind for their shoot, it still worked for this photo.

KADArt and Indilwen are both from Germany. KADArt is a costume design student and award-winning cosplayer, also known for cosplaying from The Witcher and Dishonored. Meanwhile, Indilwen is also known for cosplaying as Izzy Lightwood (Shadowhunters), Daenerys Targaryen, Cinderella, and a Star Wars Jedi, among other fantasy-inspired costumes.

3 Fierce Deity Link (Legend of Zelda)

While Link’s regular green tunic has become iconic the Zelda franchise and, well, gaming in general, he has other cool armor that he wears in different games – like his Fierce Deity armor from Majora’s Mask, cosplayed by Mandycake Cosplay and photographed by Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photography.

This cosplay has a lot going on, from the makeup and contacts to the helix-shaped blade, but all together it looks awesome and it was captured beautifully in this photo.

Mandycake is from New Jersey and was also featured on our list of Disney cosplayers (as Ariel). This is the cosplay that won her two craftsmanship awards during last year’s conventions. If you happen to like genderswapped cosplays, she also did a female version of this exact armor.

2 Samus (Metroid)

Bet you weren’t expecting another Metroid game ever again – neither were we! But we’re so excited to finally see a new Metroid title coming out after all these years. Of course, we’re going to celebrate by adding to the list Baeged Cosplays, who does an amazing Samus (both full suited and in Zero Suit form), photographed here by Alex Rose Cosplay (the editing looks great here).

Baeged Cosplays is from Canada and has been cosplaying since 2012. In addition to multiple versions of Samus, she is known for cosplaying as Revy (Black Lagoon), Misato (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Lucoa (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), Cammy (Street Fighter), and many more.

If you like her work and want to try cosplaying yourself, note that she does take commissions!

1 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

This photo is from a shoot that Arda Lightshaper Tim Robinson did with Malindachan – aka the Queen of Wigs – as Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame.

Malinda is an award-winning cosplayer from Illinois. She styles beautiful wigs, mostly focusing on characters with ridiculous hair (she’s cosplayed almost, if not every Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist). She appears at many conventions around the country as a guest, panelist, masquerade (cosplay contest) judge, or a combination of those.

She is also known for cosplaying as Link (Legend of Zelda), Deku (My Hero Academia), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Prompto (Final Fantasy XV), among a wide variety of other characters.

Wig styling is usually hard for even experienced cosplayers, but she’s made it her strength.


What do you think? Would you say these cosplayers have leveled up? Do you cosplay from any other video game? Answer in the comments!

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