The 10 Craziest Versions of Risk, Ranked

Risk is one of the biggest strategy board games ever made. It's simple enough that many can learn and play from the start, yet complex enough that it can draw in more seasoned players. It's a gateway into a much larger world of strategy games where only the strong and smart survive.

Within the confines of Risk, there have been many versions and adaptations over the years. Whether it be translating a popular franchise into the formula or coming up with small variations, there are many crazy versions of Risk out there. We're ranking the wildest versions of the game.

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Out of all the MCU movies to adapt in Risk, Captain America: Civil War is an interesting choice. It definitely bucks a lot of trends of the standard board game beforehand. Based on the related film, the board game gives players a few characters to move around as opposed to an entire army.

There are multiple ways to win the game, whether it be capturing Bucky or escaping on the Quinjet, but the game is drastically changed with the decrease in characters. No matter how you look at it, it's one of the most distinct forms of Risk that sometimes works to its detriment.


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Rick and Morty has been a popular show for quite some time, finding its own set of avid fans hungry for more episodes. Alongside the Rick and Morty merchandise is a version of Risk. Five different factions (each one appearing in the show) are all vying for multiversal conquest.

There are a series of planets that players can conquer, but there are also objectives that can help win the game. With teleportation adding a further element of strategy to the mix, this Risk game can be chaotic, but fans of the show are sure to love it nonetheless. Yes, Robot Dogs are included.



If you thought that Risk and a FPS game couldn't exist in the same place, then think again. The Risk: Battlefield Rogue edition adapts DICE's famous shooter series into a strategic board game. Instead of world conquest with armies at your command, the game is much smaller in scale.

Players will control squads to complete objectives and eliminate other squads from the game. It's an interesting way to bring a video game into a board game, but it's probably the kind of game that only people who know what they're getting should buy. It even has adjustable boards and different scenarios, so each game is different.


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Risk has a long legacy, being around for several decades. For those that have an appreciation for older objects or were before the '80s, the Rustic Risk board game might be a worthy investment. In terms of gameplay, Rustic Risk plays like any old Risk game. The differences all come in the aesthetics.

The box, board, pieces, and cards are all designed like they came out decades ago. The pieces are made of wood, and even the box has a worn look to it. This board will surely bring much nostalgia to those who played Risk back in the day, but it's also a nice collectible to have.


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Most Risk games are isolated to each playthrough. Everything that changes on the board or with each civilization resets at the start of each game. That's where Risk Legacy enters the picture, which encourages changes to the world with each playthrough. Players who go through multiple games at a time can reap more benefits as a result.

There is even a mechanic that blocks off certain additions until multiple games are played. This is fundamentally the same game, but there's a lot to be said about what we'll call the "Legacy" mechanic. It's sure to keep some people hooked for a long time.


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Despite the general hatred around the Call of Duty franchise, most people come back for the Zombies experience. However, no one suspected that this side mode in such a popular series would get the Risk treatment. Players each control one of the original heroes to lead their armies through familiar Zombies territory.

They'll battle each other, acquire Pack-a-Punch cards to turn the tides, and deal with zombies all at the same time. It is a bit of an odd mix, though. In favor of a more traditional Risk experience, players control armies through Zombie maps, which never happens in the game.


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It's been a while since The Lord of the Rings received any big board games like Risk, but there are still copies players can purchase. The Lord of the Rings Risk takes the conflict from the films and puts into the board game format. Featuring a map of Middle-Earth as the board (which was drawn by a cartographer from the movies), this is a collector's item for any fan of the trilogy.

Players can control good guys or bad guys in the classic style of Risk, or add a few Tolkien-esque additions to the mix where the Fellowship of the Ring and sites of power influence the war.



The beauty of the Game of Thrones Risk is that it was designed to recreate several different scenarios from the Game of Thrones series. The box includes seven armies as opposed to the classic six and two boards that can be played separately or combined for one massive Risk game.

Players will control one of the Noble House armies as they try to conquer the world. They can fight in the War of Five Kings, partake in a one-on-one duel, or create a massive war involving the entire world. There are special abilities added to the game to give it a bit more flair as well, making for one exciting package.


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The UNSC-Covenant War took place for many years and practically drew the entire universe apart in the Halo franchise. Now, fans have another chance to partake in this war with the Halo: Legendary Edition of Risk. Instead of a traditional map, players will be fighting on four different variations of the Halo Ring (with varying sizes to allow for different player amounts).

Players will control the UNSC with Master Chief, the Covenant, or the Flood. Hero characters help carry a team to victory and teleporters can be placed for increased strategy. Halo fans have a Risk game that speaks to them.


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Risk has been around for quite some time, and Hasbro has taken to celebrating with the Risk 60th Anniversary Edition. This game plays just like classic Risk and even features classic elements like wooden pieces to dip back into its roots a bit more. The big draw with the 60th Anniversary Edition is how clean everything looks.

The board is a bit smaller and folds up into a storage case to allow for better transportation. Everything is collected in a neat, organized, and elite fashion that makes this the collector's perfect Risk game. It's perfect for diehard fans of the game who want something more reserved.

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