15Race for Your Life Charlie Brown

Race for You Life Charlie Brown

The Peanuts comic strip gang have an iconic status that rivals any Disney character, and their newspaper mini-adventures remain in print long after their first run and the death of their famed creator, Charles Schultz. A Charlie Brown Christmas continues its legacy as a holiday classic, yet one of

Charlie Brown’s best outings goes completely overlooked today.

The 1970s saw a huge surge in Peanuts popularity, culminating in the big screen release of Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown! The movie follows the gang as they go away for summer camp, and engage in a river race that pits the boys against the girls. Snoopy and Woodstock get in on the action too, as do a group of bullies bent on winning at any cost. Like the best Peanuts adventures, Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown underlines the value of friendship through outrageous humor.

In fact, it's almost as good as the surprisingly wonderful 2015 animated adaptation.

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