10 Best U.S. President Biopics, Ranked

We all love a good biopic film, and they're making waves in Hollywood lately. Maybe we all have our favorite sub-genre of biography movies, but we all know we could get behind a decent presidential one.

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While there are many fictional, comedic, or downright dramatic films regarding the presidency, we decided to focus on actual biopics of the famous leaders behind the United States of America. So if you're looking for a historical and political binge, here are 10 U.S. President biopics, ranked.

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10 Jefferson in Paris (1995)

This biopic only scored a 5.7 on IMDb, forcing to make it take the bottom slot on this list. This movie follows Thomas Jefferson, as the name implies. This film tackles the controversy over Jefferson and whether or not he had a speculative affair with his 15-year-old slave.

That's some dark stuff. This film follows Jefferson as he heads to France after the loss of his wife and during the beginning of the French Revolution. Jefferson is played by Nick Nolte, and honestly, he does an impressive job. This is an interesting tale if one is in for a more dramatic and personal take on this president.

9 Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

This biography drama takes a more comedic take on Franklin D. Roosevelt's personal life, following his love affair with his distant cousin, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley. Taking place in 1939, this light-hearted tale centers around the time when the King and Queen visit New York.

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Bill Murray plays FDR, which is pretty outstanding. However, there's nothing super presidential about this film, and it's definitely the most non-thrilling of the bunch. Still, if you're an FDR fan, this one might just be for you.

8 Primary Colors (1998)

This comedy-drama follows one of the most controversial couples in presidential history, the Clintons. While the character names are fictionalized in this film, it's a pretty accurate portrayal of Bill Clinton's rise to presidency alongside his wife, Hillary.

This film actually follows a young man who signs up for Jack Stanton's (John Travolta) political campaign (Stanton is Clinton, here), and their journey to him winning for the Democratic party. This film is a little touch and go, and maybe even a little questionable in terms of quality, but it's definitely an interesting and inside take on how this presidency came to be.

7 LBJ (2016)

This one takes on the era of the 1960s, following the story of Lyndon B. Johnson as he aligns with JFK, rises to the presidency, and struggles with civil rights. Directed by Rob Reiner and starring Woody Harrelson as the president, this film is an interesting take on this pivotal moment in American history.

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Harrelson is always spectacular, and Johnson's story is one that often goes unnoticed, despite its influence over the country.

6 Nixon (1995)

This biography takes on the tale of none other than Richard Nixon. This story starts from his days as a young boy, all the way to the end of his term as the President of the United States. The man himself is played by Anthony Hopkins, who is a stellar actor for the role.

This drama is a whopping three hours long, but you might just learn everything you need to know about this controversial president. This film is also directed by Oliver Stone, who is the mastermind behind Platoon. While it didn't have an immaculate score on IMDb, it's an interesting watch.

5 W. (2008)

This drama also takes on the life of George W. Bush, who is played by Josh Brolin. This film is also directed by Oliver Stone, who we saw above for Nixon. This biopic chronicles Bush's young college life, his military service, his governorship, his candidacy, and his re-election campaign.

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As one of the most controversial presidents of all time, this film is definitely dramatic, intriguing, and impressively well done by the cast and crew. If one is looking for some more information on this president, look no further.

4 Thirteen Days (2000)

This movie follows one of the most infamous moments in American history. In October, 1962, this film follows the Kennedy administration as they try to contain the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK is played by Bruce Greenwood, and Kevin Costner plays his right-hand adviser during this pivotal time.

This movie is dramatic, thrilling, and even managed to score a 7.3 on IMDb. This one is definitely worth the watch, especially coming all the way back from 2000. If one is a fan of historical films dedicated to this era, then this may be the perfect film.

3 Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)

This film tells the tale of Cecil Gaines, a butler of the White House as he serves eight different presidents. During the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and many pivotal events that affect this man's job, life, and his country, this drama is a brilliant film that encapsulates the main stepping stones of each of these eight presidencies.

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While not a true biopic, we thought we'd include this film for its incredible story-telling, acting, and direction. This movie is stunning from start to finish, and we definitely recommend giving it a shot if one is looking for a great film that focuses on the highlights of this era.

2 Vice (2018)

As the newest addition to the presidential biopic list, this Oscar nominee definitely didn't shy away from its retelling of the Bush presidency. This movie actually centers around Dick Cheney, the bureaucratic Washington insider who becomes the powerful Vice President to George W. Bush.

With Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell, this stellar cast creates a dramatic and strong story that might just shake viewers to their core. This film is stellar for its historical accuracy, and it's definitely worth a single watch at the very least

1 Lincoln (2012)

This is probably one of the most famous presidential biopics out there today. As the American Civil War continues on, President Abraham Lincoln struggles with his cabinet in his decision to emancipate the slaves.

Directed by the brilliant Steven Spielberg and led by actor Daniel Day-Lewis, this is definitely a dramatic and intense film that no film buff would want to want to miss. Lincoln made waves, and we all deserve to give him a bit of time on the big screen. With that said, this film takes the #1 spot on this list.

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