Screen Rant's Top 10 Favorite TV Shows of 2018

Best TV Shows of 2018

Here are the best TV shows of 2018, as voted for by Screen Rant editors (as well as our own, personal top 10s).

We're firmly in the era of Peak TV now, where the volume of quality content is the remarkable thing. Networks and cable channels stepped up their game, Netflix released more new content than ever before, and Facebook and Apple made clear they're getting into the game. This means there truly is something for everyone, but also leads to a fracturing of viewership, with all but the most popular of shows earning considerably lower ratings than they would have in years' past.

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This makes for more diverse watchlists, and is reflected in Screen Rant's Best TV shows of 2018. There's reality shows, superheroes, comedies, horror and more. The only real constant is the dominance of streaming - six of our top 10 are Netflix Originals (seven if you count one's international handling).

10. Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker as The Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who

The new season of Doctor Who wasn't perfect nor the show's best, but it was consistently good and a major step up on what we've had for the past few years. I was actively sitting down on a Sunday evening to watch it live, in stark contrast to season 8 where I was on the brink of quitting. Jodie Whittaker is a wonderful distillation of Doctor ideals, Bradley Walsh is better than I ever hoped, and the move into moral education gives the whole show more importance. Next season, let's just try and get a grander overarching story to sink our teeth into. - Alex Leadbeater

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9. American Vandal

Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck in American Vandal Season 2

In my opinion, American Vandal season 2 wasn’t quite as strong as its freshman season, but this show portrays high school life in a way that’s so much more accurate than any other teen drama/reality show. I think it’s a crime the show was canceled. - Molly Freeman


Alison Brie GLOW

The characters in GLOW may be some of the most likable characters on TV right now. That said, they’re also some of the most defeated, broken, and, by extension, relatable. Season 2 doubles down on the creative flair inside the ring, continues being a commentary on how some of the worst parts of the ‘80s are still very much embedded in our culture today, and satisfies on so many painful levels how far the relationship between Ruth and Debbie can bend before it breaks (literally and figuratively in their case). - Danny Salemme

7. Queer Eye

Queer Eye Netflix

I was a little late to Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot because I never watched the original, but I quickly fell in love with the Fab Five and how much they genuinely care about each person they’re making over. It’s a positive show about how it’s never to late to improve your life and yourself, which is an uplifting message that’s kind of refreshing to see on TV. - MF

It's kind of impossible to not watch an episode of Queer Eye without crying, and yet it's still one of the happiest, optimistic shows on Netflix. Sure, tugging on heartstrings is easy in a show like this (a grown man breaking down because he's so happy is my emotional Kryptonite), but who's complaining? Honestly, the biggest issue I've had with Queer Eye over the past year is how I can't maintain a favorite member of the Fab 5, seeing as my choice is always changing (right now it's Tan). - DS

There is no show on television (streaming or otherwise) that is more positive or uplifting than Queer Eye. Watching as the Fab Five help a complete stranger improve on their self image, emphasizing not just hygiene and style but emotional wellness, is an instant mood-lifter. Not too mention, who doesn't love a good design tip? - Sarah Moran

6. Barry

Bill Hader Barry HBO

Bill Hader is a hit man who dreams of being an actor. Has any show ever had a better hook? Both absurd and insightful, Barry is a show that sees its premise to its most hilarious end. Hader couldn't be more suited for the role, and when you add in Steven Root as Barry's handler and Henry Winkler as his acting coach, you've got a show that is just a masterclass in comedy. - SM

If ever there was a character actor, it’s Bill Hader. And, if ever there was a perfect actor to play the title character in HBO’s Barry, it’s Bill Hader. His typical over-the-top comedy most people associate him with is significantly played down, and it’s replaced with a tired, desperate, hopeful, passionate, frustrated, confused, introverted presence, allowing all of his co-stars to play the over-the-top card instead. The comedy is gold, the darker, bloody bits are surprisingly bleak, and Henry Winkler has somehow found a character that can stand toe-to-toe with Barry Zuckerkorn in Arrested Development- DS

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