15Who Killed Will Cortlandt? (All My Children)

Will Cortlandt from All My Children

Will Cooney Cortlandt was a bad man. You can tell because even on a melodramatic daytime soap opera like All My Children, no one was particularly sad when he died. Makes sense, given that he was a liar, a rapist, and a greedy, awful man all across the board.

What else would we expect from an actor who appeared in Galactica 1980?

The problem with solving his murder? Literally everyone on the show wanted him dead. Sure, Brian Bodine was found over Cortlandt’s bloody corpse and holding what appeared to be the murder weapon. But it’s never that simple, is it? Was it one of the other Cortlandts? Most of Will’s own family wanted him dead too — and they were a murderous lot. Finding out who Will’s murderer actually was led to both cheers and boos depending on your personal allegiance in 1992. The good news? Ladies are just as capable as the fellas of killing a villain with a crowbar.

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