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Smallville – “The Future Lois Lane and Clark Kent”

Smallville - "The Future Lois & Clark"

With 22 episodes in Smallville’s final season and a group of producers that know how to drag things out, some fans were appropriately concerned that they would have to sit through 18 episodes of villains of the weeks, with 4 episodes left for “Superman stuff.” Fortunately, this was not the case and almost every episode of Smallville’s final season contained elements of Clark’s progression to becoming the Man of Steel.

While fans will likely have to wait until episode 18 or 20 before they’ll officially see Clark don the familiar red and blue outfit, the 200th episode of the series gave everyone a taste of something amazing... the future Lois & Clark.

When Brainiac transported Clark into the future, excitement quickly set in, as the first thing that was revealed was a newspaper with the words “Superman” on it. From that moment, everyone watching knew something amazing was going to happen.

Even though Tom Welling and Erica Durance have played the proverbial Lois and Clark for these past 10 years, they hadn’t actually become the Lois and Clark that fans of the comics and the numerous other entertainment iterations know them to be. That is, until this episode.

As the present-day Clark began to traverse the future Daily Planet, he ran into both future Lois Lane and future Clark Kent. What should have been a set of cheesy, over-acted scenes turned out to be an amazing realization that both Welling and Durance could, if given the chase, actually pull of a great interpretation of this two iconic characters, in their true form.


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