The Best TV Moments of 2010

The Walking Dead – “Dead Inside: Do Not Open”

The Walking Dead

As a whole, The Walking Dead could be considered a great television moment of 2010. With AMC tempting fate with a zombie-driven drama, all eyes were on the network as they continued to make waves with their numerous zombie promotions around the country. Of course, it wasn’t until the series premiere that audiences knew exactly how The Walking Dead had perfected the execution of such a niche series.

For the first time on television, a series with such a fantastical and fanatical subject matter was tonally developed with the same seriousness and heart as the other great dramas currently on television. While The Walking Dead continues to be praised with award nominations and critical acclaim, its success means much more to the world of television than anyone could have expected.

Now that The Walking Dead has achieved such success, viewers can now expect to see other fantastical topics that were previously deemed off-limits for television (or ones that were horribly executed in the past) make it to air with the appropriate development, execution and respect that it deserves.


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