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Bones – “Brennan’s Breakdown”

Bones - "Brennan's Breakdown"

This past season of Bones hasn’t exactly been up to standards, considering the past seasons and terrific storylines of the series. While some fans are more angered by this than others, there have still been some moments (some amazing moments), that have shown those watching that greatness is still possible from Hart Hanson and the producers behind the series.

As Brennan shot down Booth’s request for love in the wonderful, yet heartbreaking 100th episode, the series took a turn for the strange as Hanson and crew decided to split the characters up for a symbolic 6-month separation between the fifth and sixth season. Since then, the series has tried its hardest to overcome that lapse in decision making.

In “The Doctor in the Photo,” Emily Deschanel is given somewhat of a character piece where she is allowed to shine as an actress. Unfortunately, the heavy-handed writing didn’t allow for that as much the aforementioned season six finale did for Hugh Laure on House.

That being said, the notion of being confronted with the unfortunate decision that she had made by turning down Booth’s attempt at a romantic relationship, Brennan breaks down in front of Booth with a monologue of regret.  It is this completely heart-wrenching scene that truly shows, to those previously skeptical, that Emily Deschanel is one of the most underrated actresses on television.

On top of that, this scene provided an immense amount of character development for Brennan and perfectly acknowledges to Booth that she is able to connect to another human being on a deeper lever. Something that will most certainly come into play as the series turns towards bringing these two together.


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