The Best TV Moments of 2010

Justified – “A Modern Day Showdown”

Justified - "A Modern Day Showdown"

After giving a drug lord 24-hours to get out of Miami, the television viewing audience was introduced to the best new character on television, Rayland Givens. As Givens makes his way to a sit-down with said drug-dealer, there is 30 seconds left in that 24-hr time-limit. With Givens' promise to shoot him dead when time runs out, audiences were left in suspense as this U.S. Marshall readied his gun.

With a couple gun shots from the quick-drawing Givens, his promised is fulfilled and the character of Rayland Givens became engrained in the minds of all those watching. It is with Givens’ intriguing temperament, combined with the terrific storytelling, that brought this iconic Elmore Leonard character to life in Justified and, once again, continues FX’s status as one of the top television networks.


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