The Best TV Moments of 2010

The Best TV Moments of 2010

With 2011 now in full swing and the vast array of upcoming new and returning television series upon us, there’s no better time than now to reminisce about last year’s great television moments.

Over 50 new series premiered on television throughout last year, and combined with the series already running on air, it’s fair to say that 2010 provided more new and continual television viewing opportunities than any other year previously. Sure, that largely had to do with NBC completely ruining their primetime line-up and attempting to fix it with a slew of new programming, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

While watching television is a completely subjective experience and not everyone will agree with everything included on our list, I would like to note that we tried to be fair and looked at every television series, in an attempt to find something that could be considered for our list of best moments in 2010.

As usual, there will be some obvious choices that you probably already knew were going to be on the list, but I’m sure there are many moments that you’ll be surprised to see. Whether you agree with our choices or not, there’s one thing that remains certain… these were all great moments in television.

(Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.)

***Spoiler Warning***

Many of our choices, especially ones relating to a particular series finale, will include spoilers and flat-out ruin the ending of the series for you. You have been warned!

***Spoiler Warning***

Now, without further ado, we kick of this list with one of the most iconic series ever on television.


Lost – “A Long Awaited Reunion”

Lost - "A Long Awaited Reunion"

For 6 years, audiences around the world tuned in to watch the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 traverse a mysterious island in an attempt make sense of all the fantastical events that have continued to threaten their lives from the moment they crashed.

When Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse announced that Lost would be coming to an end in 2010, viewers waited in suspense to see what exactly was behind this mysterious island. With nobody safe from death and the number of episodes left slowly dwindling, everyone was focused on what would happen in the two-hour series finale.

After everything came together and the island was once again safe, the focused shifted to the sideways storylines that accompanied almost every episode of the final season. As the familiar members of the iconic cast began to reunite, it was revealed that everyone came together in a single church to “move on” together.

Whether you loved or hated the finale, Lost presented viewers of the world with some of the most intense and enjoyable viewing experiences ever on television. In the end, it’s not how many questions were answered or how many explanations for the unexplainable were revealed, it was (as the finale pointed out) the journey that was the most important.

The end of any television show will never meet the expectations of its many fans. If anything, it should simply serves as a symbolic bookend for viewers to take a step back, look at the past years of emotions and viewing experiences that this series brought and, ultimately, acknowledge it for the enjoyable journey that it was.

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