10 Things We Want To See In Agent Carter Season 3

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The fantastic second season of Marvel's Agent Carter has come to a close, albeit with a bit of a whimper. While the season itself was filled with a great story arc, a fantastic female villain and the luminous Hayley Atwell, viewers didn't exactly flock to see it. Although the numbers weren't what the network was hoping for, there are still rumblings that the show will get a new season come next year, and we've argued that that's exactly what ABC should do.

While fans wait with fingers crossed for the network to make a final decision, we thought we'd take a look forward and let you know some of the things we're hoping to see happen in the third season.

Here are Screen Rant's 10 Things We Want To See In Agent Carter Season 3.

And as a warning to those of you who haven't yet watched the first two seasons, there may be spoilers below.


HYDRA Shield

One of the big things that came out of the first season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by the nefarious HYDRA. HYDRA agents had managed to worm their way into the fold and create a new regime while hiding in plain sight. And it all started back in the SSR days, when the agency decided to work with Arnim Zola during Operation Paperclip.

While there was a brief scene featuring Zola during the season 1 episode "Valediction," there has been no other mention of the mastermind behind the ruse. The infiltration by HYDRA has played such a huge role in shaping the MCU into what it is today, so it would be nice to see that beginning to happen on-screen, and more than just alluded to. At this point, we all know the outcome, so a bit of setup would be welcome.


Agent Carter in LA

Season 2’s change of location to Los Angeles breathed just the right amount of fresh air into the series and made for some new and interesting developments. It gave the season a bit of a film noir feel that was both fresh and welcome.

But, the world is a big place and there are plenty of stories to tell. If the showrunners want to stick with a location dictating the theme, there are a number of options that would fit the bill quite nicely. In fact, there are rumors abound that they’re looking at taking Peggy back to her roots and having London set the stage for the new season. It will be fun and interesting to see Ms. Carter back on her home turf.


Golden Age Marvel

While the premise of the series is Peggy and her career with the Strategic Scientific Reserve, the whole reason for the spinoff was because she was there when Captain America, one of the most famous superheroes was created. This entire universe is based on superhero mythos, and yet we have yet to see the SSR run across another superpowered good guy, let alone try to recruit one to their cause.

That doesn’t mean that Miss America or Blazing Skull need to make an appearance (although it would be mighty cool), but it would be nice to see people with powers actually use them for good occasionally. The whole point of the SSR (and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D.) is to find and monitor strange occurrences and the people who go along with them. It’s kind of hard to believe that the weird and wonderful is only a 21st century thing.


Howling Commandos in Captain America

While it’s always a fun time when Peggy goes into the field, it was pretty spectacular in the first season, when she met up with the Howling Commandos in Europe. Sadly, Dum Dum Duggan and his band of merry men didn’t make an appearance in the second season.

Not only do Hayley Atwell and Neal McDonough have amazing chemistry, but the Howling Commandos bring an interesting dynamic to the show when they're on the screen. An infectious one. They also link Peggy to the past and Steve Rogers, which makes them an important part of her life. There are also some folks out there who think that Dum Dum and Peggy could eventually be more than friends, as well, which makes for interesting viewing.


Rose Roberts in Agent Carter

One of the stand out things from season 2 was definitely Lesley Boone, as SSR agent Rose Roberts. She was funny and helpful and just plain awesome. She finally got a chance to go on her very first field mission, despite having all the same training as the men who were already in the field, and managed to kick butt and take names.

It would be great to see Peggy and Rose team up again, as they have fantastic on-screen chemistry. Boone stole the show in season 2, leaving a lasting impression and a want for more. Rose also adds a little extra estrogen to a group that was getting a little heavy on the testosterone. While it’s understandable, given the time period that’s being portrayed, it’s still nice to see another strong, likable female character prove she’s just as capable as her male counterparts.


Peggy and Daniel in Agent Carter

In the season 2 finale, Peggy and Daniel finally gave in to their will-they-or-won’t-they game and kissed. Well, "made out like horny teenagers" would actually be a more appropriate statement. So, now that all of the shippers' dreams have come true, what’s next? Does our happy couple get to sail off into the sunset?

Doubtful! For starters, there are definitely going to be problems and possible conflicts of interest that arise with Peggy dating her boss. She already has issues with getting the sort of respect she deserves from a good number of the male agents at the agency, so it’s not hard to see that their relationship will cause all sorts of problems. Expect to see all kinds of obstacles and roadblocks thrown in their way, because where’s the fun in everything working out all peachy keen?


Captain America: The First Avenger

And speaking of relationships, we all know that Steve Rogers is the love of Peggy’s life. What we still don’t know is who the mysterious husband that Peggy mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is. In the film, she explains that during one of the rescue operations, Steve saved the man that she eventually married. But who exactly is this mystery man?

It’s easy to see where one might just brush it off as being Daniel and be done with it. Except that Daniel has never actually mentioned anything about being rescued by Captain America. Also, isn’t that the easy way out? There’s no doubt that there are plenty of men out there who were rescued by Cap, and it would kind of be nice to get a bit of a hint as to who exactly we’re talking about. Have we met him yet, or is he a completely new character? A few hints in the new season wouldn’t go amiss.


Dottie in Agent Carter

There’s no denying that the relationship between Dottie and Peggy is over the top, amazing. Bridget Regan brings something special to the Soviet assassin, in that, while she’s inherently bad, there’s something about her that makes you also want to root for her.

Last we saw Dottie, she escaped being locked in Jarvis’ trunk and is once again in the wind. You know that there’s no way Peggy is going to let her roam free, which is fine by everyone, because the show is inherently better when these two women are on the screen together. Here’s hoping that the SSR is able to track Dottie down pretty quickly. Although honestly, you’ve got to think there’s a part of Dottie that wants to be found. Peggy is just as intriguing to her as she is to the audience.


Council Pin Agent Carter

While Whitney Frost made up the majority of the big bad this past season, another interesting group was also introduced in the form of the Arena Club. With nefarious intentions and an air of superiority, the club is all but a mystery to everyone. While Whitney did a number on the members of the Los Angeles club, there were still a handful of members that managed to survive. Could they be a faction of HYDRA, or is this just another group looking for world domination?

But more than just who they are left audiences wondering. It seems that the pin belonging to the members of the club is also a hidden key. So, the burning question is, to what? And why was Dottie so hellbent on getting her hands on one? The members of the Arena Club have gone to great lengths to make sure the pins don't fall into the wrong hands. The search for the lock should be pretty interesting.


Jack Thompson in Agent Carter

To say the second season of Agent Carter ended on a cliff hanger would be an understatement. While the main story arc for the season was wrapped up nicely, with Whitney Frost taken care of and Peggy and Daniel finally giving in to their feelings, that didn’t mean that we didn’t get a bit of a surprise when it was all said and done. As the episode came to a close, a mysterious someone shot Jack Thompson before stealing the redacted file about Peggy, which Jack had in his possession.

This, of course, leads to a lot of questions. Who was the thief? Was it one of the remaining members of the Arena Club, or is this a new someone? Is Jack really dead, or is it more like a mortally wounded thing? He looked awfully dead, but stranger things have happened. And finally, what exactly is in that file, and who wants that information so badly that they’re willing to kill for it? Unraveling this mystery is what will make season 3 so much fun.


Agent Carter The Atomic Job Peggy

The second season of Marvel's Agent Carter was a fun romp that managed to bring something new to the table, in regards to a new big bad and a brand new location, while also giving us another glimpse into the early days of the SSR. Here's hoping that the powers that be realize how awesome the show is and give it a much-deserved new season. Let us know what you're hoping to see in the comments below.

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