13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters That Should Be In The Movies

With the sequel on the horizon and a third movie almost definitely planned, here's a list of TMNT characters that should be in the movies.

While the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie wasn't that well received by fans and critics, there's still potential for the series, especially for those that grew up with the characters. The world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one that spans multiple television shows, movie franchises, comic universes, and toy lines, starting out more adult and becoming decidedly more kid friendly as time went on.

With the apparent inclusion of Krang in the sequel, it looks like we'll get to see more of the various TMNT characters outside of the core heroes and villains. Still, there are so many characters in their world that we've never seen on the big screen before, and some of those characters would be lots of fun to see in this upcoming sequel, or the eventual third movie that we all pretty much know is coming. With that in mind, here's 13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters That Should Be In The Movies.

13 Old Hob

Old Hob, a one-eyed cat mutant, is one of the newer members of the TMNT mythos, as he was created during the current IDW Comics run. Old Hob is the first villain for the Turtles in this new run, and he appears in the story of the Turtles on their very first day: the day they were all mutated and Hob tried to steal a baby Raphael.

Though Hob would start out working with the villainous Stock Gen corporation, they would eventually try to double cross him. This would lead to Old Hob forming the current incarnation of the Mighty Mutanimals, with other TMNT characters like Mondo Gecko, and eventually Mutagen Man.

12 Venus de Milo

Named for a work of art rather than an artist, Venus de Milo first appeared in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and was introduced as being created at the same time as the other Turtles. Instead of just the four brothers, Venus was also present when the mutagen was spilled on the Turtles. Splinter unknowingly left her after grabbing the other four, leaving her to find her way to Chinatown and her mentor Chung I.

After adventures in China and the death of Chung I, Venus would return to New York and help the Turtles defeat Shredder before joining up with the group. Though she’s a controversial figure among many TMNT fans, having a female turtle for the new generation could be interesting.

11 Hun

The Hun is the leader of the Purple Dragons, a gang of criminals that sometimes fight Shredder and at other times cooperate with him. In many of his incarnations, Hun has close ties to Turtles' ally and fellow vigilante Casey Jones.

In his original incarnation, Hun is the leader of the Purple Dragons, a gang that ruled New York City before Shredder came to town. The gang would burn down Casey Jones’ family auto shop, which would end with Hun and Casey fighting and Casey being beaten nearly to death. In the current IDW comics, Hun is actually Casey’s father and works for Shredder as a way to provide for his son.

10 Metalhead

A robotic turtle developed from the same technology as Krang’s exoskeleton, Metalhead is originally an enemy of the Turtles in the 1987 animated series. After they defeat him, Donatello is able to reprogram him and Metalhead realizes that the Turtles are his friends. From then on, he’s the unofficial 5th Turtle.

In later incarnations, Metalhead would be a special weapon used by Donatello and others in the fight against evil. In the recent IDW comics, after Donatello is seemingly killed at the hands of Bebop and Rocksteady, he’s able to transfer his mind into Metalhead and continue to help his brothers fight even as his body lies in a coma.

9 Leatherhead

In his original incarnation, Leatherhead was a baby alligator that was lost in the sewers before being taken in by a few Utroms and taken back to their home planet. While with the Utroms, Leatherhead would be accidentally exposed to mutagen and turn into an intelligent, humanoid alligator.

After later being separated from his “family”, Leatherhead would once again come to inhabit the sewers, getting help from the Turtles when a big game hunter kept repeatedly trying to kill him. Safe in the sewers, Leatherhead began trying to build a device that would allow him to be reunited with his “family”

8 Triceratons

The Triceratons are an alien race that resemble humanoid triceratops, and in some incarnations are actually beings produced from genetically altered triceratops DNA. Though they pre-date the Turtles, Triceratons would really come into their own as an alien race that was bent on expanding their galactic empire and annexing as many planets as possible. Various Triceratons would feature into numerous storylines throughout the Mirage run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Used as the Utrom Empire as workers and soldiers in the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, the Triceratons are a strong and proud race that would eventually unite with other peoples to lead a rebellion and overthrow their Utrom oppressors.

7 Mutagen Man (Seymour Gutz)

In his original incarnation, Mutagen Man was an unfortunate delivery guy who fell into a vat of mutagen that destroyed his body, save for his brain, eyes, spinal cord, and mouth. Forced to where a containment suit full of mutagen, he was later helped by the Turtles, who cured him of his affliction.

In the current incarnation, Mutagen Man is an experiment gone awry, an attempt at mixing different mutant strains to make the perfect mutant. After the current Mutanimals save him and bring him into the team, Mondo Gecko gives him the name “Seymour Gutz”, as you can see all his internal organs.

6 Mondo Gecko

Originally appearing in the 1987 animated series, Mondo Gecko is a mutated gecko who firsts acts as a criminal before being made into a friend of the Turtles, and eventually moving in next door to them in the sewers. In the comics, he’s been a member of the Mighty Mutanimals, helping found the team with Jagwar and Dreadmon in the Archie Comics run.

In each incarnation, Mondo is well known for his love of skateboarding, constantly seen riding around on a skateboard or carrying one under his arms. Among the mutants, he is one of the more likable, easily making friends with others.

5 Dreadmon

Another original member of the Mighty Mutanimals, Dreadmon was a South African that was sent to live in Jamaica with his mother. Living in poverty, Dreadmon would often steal in order to get more money or food. One day he unknowingly stole an ancient talisman that turned him a red wolf.

Unable to reverse the curse, Dreadmon would eventually meet Jagwar and the Turtles, teaming up with the former to form the Mighty Mutanimals and help fight against evil. Along with the rest of the Mutanimals, Dreadmon would later die in a massacre of the Mutanimals by some of their enemies.

4 Jagwar

First introduced in the Archie comics, Jagwar is a the child of a woman from the Brazilian rain forest and the powerful Jaguar Spirit. Fending for himself since the time he was 12, Jagwar would do everything he could to stop evil men from destroying his forest home. After the turtles were dropped into this forest, Jagwar quickly befriended them and get them to help him fight against men that were trying to chop down the forest. In the process, they’d rescue April O’Neil, who’d been kidnapped by the men.

Jagwar would later band together with other mutants and humanoid animals to form the Mighty Mutanimals.

3 Rat King

One of the more mysterious characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuity, Rat King is a sometimes enemy, sometimes friend of the Turtles, but more often seen as a neutral force. First introduced in the comics in 1988, he’s a bandage clad man who comes into conflict with the Turtles and Casey Jones after they stumble into the building site that he’s using as shelter.

In battle, it’s shown that he can telepathically control rats, which is a trick he uses to great effect against the Turtles. In several of his incarnations, the Rat King is shown to be part of a group of possibly immortal beings with control over various animals and have plans for the human race and the various mutants that inhabit the world of TMNT.

2 Fugitoid

Actually pre-dating the TMNT and later brought into their world, Fugitoid began life as Professor Honeycutt. No matter the incarnation, one things tends to remain the same about Fugitoid: he’s a peaceful man that gets his life thrown into chaos by those who want to go to war. Professor Honeycutt is a brilliant alien scientist who is working on technology that could prove very useful in war, but he’s reluctant to let it be used like this.

Whether it’s with him working for Krang, General Blanque, or against the Triceratons, Honeycutt is invariably killed and has his consciousness transferred to his robot helper SAL. No longer a man, but an android, Honeycutt goes on the run. Now known as Fugitoid, he seeks to stop those that are chasing him, often teaming with the Turtles in the process.

1 Slash

First introduced in the 1987 animated series, Slash would at times be an adversary of the Turtles and at other times a staunch ally. Depending on his origin, he was either Bebop’s pet turtle that was exposed to mutagen, Raphael’s pet turtle, a turtle alien, or an experiment by Stock Gen that managed to escape. Though he begins as an opponent to the Turtles in his current comic incarnation, Slash eventually looks to the Turtles as an inspiration, wanting to be heroes like they are and even donning a black headband in order to be more like them.

Having Slash as a reluctant villain-turned-hero in a future movie installment could be an interesting way to explore how the Turtles could’ve ended up if it weren’t for Splinter.


Can you think of any other TMNT characters that should be in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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