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Plastic Man - Justice League

You might be thinking, “Isn’t Plastic Man just DC’s answer to Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic?” Well, you, my friend, would be sorely mistaken. Plastic Man is one of DC’s most underrated powerhouses. He possesses immense strength and regenerative abilities. What makes Patrick “Eel” O’Brian such a great character

is not his level of physical power or abilities, but his actions and motivations.

Plastic Man is often rejected by members of the Justice League because he is so unpredictable and unconventional. With these traits combined with his physical potential, he’d be one interesting addition to the DCEU, along with Cavill’s god-like Superman, Gal Gadot’s royal Wonder Woman, and Ben Affleck’s beastly Batman. With the recent additions of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold into the DCEU, Plastic Man’s humor and demeanor wouldn’t even feel too out of place.

The only real problem with Plastic Man being portrayed on the big screen is displaying his powers without making them look too campy. DC is known for trying to ground their universe in reality as much as possible, so this could create a dis-junction between the other films. But surely they could find a way to adjust the tones so that all the films seem symbiotic.

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