The 16 Best Superhero Vehicles

Planes, trains, and automobiles-how do our non-flying heroes get from place to place? Check out the best superhero vehicles here!

If a hero hopes to save the day, then at the very least, they have to arrive to fight at the right time. While some heroes can fly or run extremely fast, others rely on their trusty vehicles to take them where the action is. These vehicles have played vital roles in not only our heroes’ arrival to a scene, but also their escape.

The vehicles constructed or chosen have also become icons in their own rights due to their continued appearances in media. Often, if you refer to one of these heroes, people can easily identify their means of transportation. This is why we here at Screen Rant want to pay proper homage to these valuable vehicles.

So start your engines! Here are Screen Rant’s top picks for the 16 Best Superhero Vehicles!

17 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Battle Shell

Starting off the list is the van that gets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to their battles through busy New York traffic. Constantly being upgraded by the turtle Donatello, the “Turtle Van” began as a repurposed vehicle. The turtles decided to take the van and give it some new touches, making it their first vehicle large enough to carry all of them and their gear.

The next incarnation was the armored “Battle Shell” which they “confiscated” from the villains the Purple Dragons. Once again, Donatello added some new digs, now giving the turtles a fortified vehicle built for assault rather than just transportation. It looks as if we’ll be seeing the “Battle Shell” on screen in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

16 Avengers’ Quinjet

One of the longest lasting and most versatile vehicles on this list, the Avengers’ Quinjet (focusing on the main model of their fleet) has been a mainstay in Avengers’ adventures. With many heroes on the team not gifted with flight, the Quinjet allows easy transportation anywhere in the world and even in space.

Not only does it make it easier to traverse almost any landscape, but it also stores a lot of useful tools for the team, including an on-board medical bay as well as extra equipment storage.

15 Blue Beetle’s The Bug

The inspiration for Watchmen’s Archimedes, Ted Kord’s The Bug served as his main form of transportation. Newer Blue Beetles have gained the ability to fly, but Ted Kord was merely a man with a brilliant mind. This is what allowed him to make the incredible ship that was The Bug.

His creation was solar-powered with increased defenses in the form of deflector shields and reinforced steel panels covering the ship. The solar power was also used to shoot heat blasts for combat and for entry into tough locations.

Of course, a superhero aircraft doesn’t come without a complete stock of extra costumes, and The Bug also contains some useful civilian clothes as well. With Ted Kord’s genius-level intellect, he also installed a high-powered computer and communication center in order to monitor the surrounding location and stay in touch with other heroes. The Bug is also a an extremely maneuverable craft with antigravity thrusters on each end that allow for stable and quiet flight. These also come in handy for underwater travel.

14 Fantastic 4’s Fantasti-Car


A classic - dare I say fantastic - entry is none other than Marvel’s first family’s Fantasti-Car. Similar to most other vehicles here, it has had multiple incarnations and upgrades during its time in the field.

Seeing as it was used to transport the highly unique members of the Fantastic Four, each of the four seats were designed to carry the specific member of the team. The seats also detach into smaller, self-powered aircraft so that if a member needs to break off they are able to do so.

The power, speed, and upkeep of the Fantasti-Car are what really make it unique. Not only does it have a unique design, but it can carry an immense amount of weight for such a small craft (it does have to lift The Thing and the others). It can also reach up to 550 mph with all four members and each detachable piece boasts similar readings.

13 Static Shock’s Saucer

While Static Shock does use his metahuman ability to manipulate energy in order to fly on his saucer, the disc shaped vehicle is impressive nonetheless. It is made out of extremely lightweight, yet durable material allowing for enhanced maneuverability as well as increased speed.

The disc is composed of several small pieces of metal that detach from one another when not being charged by Static Shock’s electricity. These smaller pieces make it much easier for Static to carry and conceal his saucer wherever he is whether it is as a hero or civilian.

As we’ve come to assume with all of these vehicles, Static Shock’s disc also has defensive and offensive capabilities. Although enhanced by his abilities, the disc can activate a shield mode that deters high-caliber rounds and energy blasts. Static can also propel the pieces of the disc at high rates of speed in order to incapacitate an enemy.

12 Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle

There have been many Ghost Riders, but the most recognizable is Johnny Blaze. He is, as most of us know, an ex-motorcycle stuntman. When he first becomes imbued with the demonic power of the Ghost Rider spirit, he shoots his hellfire-powered shotgun onto a nearby motorcycle. This is when the legendary Hell Cycle is born.

Johnny Blaze’s Hell Cycle always leaves behind a fiery trail and can reach supernatural speeds. Its supernatural nature also allows Johnny to make incredibly sharp turns in a seconds notice. Being bound to the Ghost Rider’s spirit, the Hell Cycle will always follow and find Johnny, never leaving him behind. This relationship also lets Johnny completely control his bike whether it be destination, speed, or direction.

Oh yeah, and it looks intimidating as Hell - pun intended.

11 Fantomex’s E.V.A.

Many of us, superheroes included, love to personify our vehicles. We give them names, talk to them, care for them, and even learn to love them to a certain extent. Well, Fantomex’s E.V.A. was no exception to this kind of love and care, however she became more than just a personified object when she became a sentient being. That already sets her far apart from the other entries on this list, but we will focus more on her time as just a mere vehicle.

E.V.A. is most recognizable for her dome shape with sprawling landing legs. She has the capability of flight and electronic manipulation allowing for defense and offense. Seeing as she was attached to Fantomex’s presence, she was always near the fighting when the X-Force went on missions.

Unlike most conventional ships, E.V.A. could manipulate her “body” to create extra room for increased carrying capacity as well as entry ways both on and off the ship. Her ever-changing infrastructure made her very valuable seeing as she was adaptable to whatever was necessary during each mission.

10 Moon Knight’s Mooncopter

Marvel’s Batman with a personality disorder also has a huge set of toys to play with. Being a billionaire makes it easy for Marc Spector to create dozens of moon-themed vehicles ready for any of the various adventures he goes on. Even though his Mooncycle is pretty awesome, his most useful vehicle is his Mooncopter.

Shaped like a crescent moon, of course, the ship allows one of Marvel’s non-flying heroes the capability to quickly reach his destination in time before more damage is done. With Moon Knight being a stealthy hero, the Mooncopter comes equipped with a noise deterrent setting that camouflages the sound of the aircraft. Despite its odd shape, it is fairly fast, reaching up to 200 mph, and has a long range somewhere between 500-1000 miles.

It may not be the best-equipped ship, but it is very unique and looks just as awesome as the other vehicles in Moon Knight’s huge garage.

9 Goku’s Flying Nimbus

The only non-mechanical entry here, Goku’s Flying Nimbus has earned its spot on this list by becoming almost indistinguishable from the word Dragon Ball. We do see the Nimbus later on in the follow-up series Dragon Ball Z, but it earns its stripes during the events of Dragon Ball.

The Nimbus itself is a cloud that is able to support those who are pure of heart, and is given to Goku by Master Roshi. The Nimbus gives Goku the ability to fly from place to place before he learns the skill himself. Also, it gives him the chance to travel without wasting any energy.

What is interesting about the Nimbus is its almost sentient nature. It definitely possesses a personality that allows it to act on its own for the most part.

8 S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

One of S.H.I.E.L.D’s greatest achievements, the Helicarrier is a mechanical behemoth that grants S.H.I.E.L.D an enormous tactical advantage over its enemies. We’ve seen several Helicarriers and each one boasts different upgrades. For instance, the first one we see in Avengers has giant mechanical rotors for flight and a prison pod designed for the capture of Loki.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we are introduced to a fleet of Helicarriers equipped with advanced targeting weapons in order to take out any criminal around the globe. They are also powered giant repulsor engines so that they could remain in the sky indefinitely.  Obviously some people had different plans for these Helicarriers.

Once the fleet is destroyed, Nick Fury resurrects the “White Whale,” a grounded Helicarrier that is now under the sole control of Nick Fury. This finally Helicarrier comes equipped with two landing and launch bays for Quinjets, multi-level facilities (food, sleeping quarters, restrooms, equipment storage, calvary), and the main deck. This is where all of the piloting, communications, reconnaissance, and other operations were carried out.

7 Teen Titans’ T-Car

Fans of the acclaimed animated series will remember the Teen Titans’ T-Car as one of the main vehicles used to transport the team. Although it is mainly Cyborgs “baby” the whole team does use it. Since Cyborg can’t fly, he uses the T-Car to follow his teammates into battle as well as take them all into town for nights off.

The T-Car can drive very fast and uses its on-board computer system to guide itself with a lot of precision. The coolest feature is the T-Car’s inward spinning wheels that convert into a propulsion system in order for the car to fly. Its versatility is just as intricate and advanced as Cyborg himself.

With Cyborg and the other members, the T-Car never dies and is constantly rebuilt and upgraded throughout the series. The emotional connection the members, especially Cyborg, feel for the T-Car is what makes it so special. We all remember our first car, the love we had for it, and driving all of our friends around in it. Despite the Teen Titans being superheroes, they still look at and use the T-Car like any other teens.

6 X-Men’s Blackbird

Like the Quinjets or Helicarriers, there is a fleet of Blackbirds used by the X-Men throughout the years, but the Blackbird has remained one of the sleekest and sexiest vehicles used by any superheroes. It’s skinny design is reminiscent of a hot rod or supercar, but it is so much more than those slow land-dwellers. It is originally an upgraded SR-71 spy plane also nicknamed the Blackbird. Eventually they enhance the designs but retain the overall look of the original SR-71 Blackbird.

The Blackbird has an on-board Cerebro, used to find mutants, as well as an enhanced cloaking device that literally makes the Blackbird invisible. This cloak is perhaps one of the most recognizable traits of the Blackbird.

While each Blackbird is a little different, they have been seen going deep underwater, far into space, and high altitudes on Earth. Each Blackbird travels at extremely high speeds, usually far exceeding other vehicles in the Marvel Universe. Since each mutant has different gifts, the Blackbird is essential in not only getting mutants to the battle, but also retrieving mutants who wouldn’t otherwise be able to escape their current situation.

5 Green Hornet’s Black Beauty

One of the most classic entries here, Green Hornet’s Black Beauty resonates with fans a bit more than some of these other vehicles. It was one of the first onscreen superhero vehicles that boasted an array of awesome gadgets to aid both Green Hornet and Kato. Unlike the Batmobile from the Adam West Batman series, and the Aston Martins from 007, the Green Hornet was more intimidating rather than campy.

The Black Beauty was built for action and speed, but more specifically for the skills of Kato. He knew better than anyone else how to push the car to its limits and use each gadget with deadly precision. Black Beauty had gadgets ranging from: rocket launchers, knock out gas, scanning devices, and enhanced vision through the “infra-green” lenses.

Black Beauty will remain a legend among superhero vehicles for its mean look, useful gadgets, and importance in establishing superhero cars for many others to come.

4 Iron Man’s Armor


As other heroes are known for their collections of different vehicles, Tony Stark is known for his immense stock of various Iron Man armors. Ranging from Mk. I all the way to Mk. LIII (53), Iron Man has an armor for literally any situation. They each improve upon the last and usually add some new unique element that separates them from each other.

Every suit gives Tony enhanced strength and mobility as well as flight. They all have some sort of weapons and defense system so that he may be safe and go on the offensive when necessary. The suits also use an on-board A.I. to operate with immaculate symmetry to Tony Stark’s brain and biological functions.

Some of the suits are even biologically enhanced, meaning that they are actually embedded in Tony’s body. This makes the suits reactions even more precise, and often times more powerful. He is also known for adding smaller and more powerful arc reactors in order to exponentially increase the power of each suit.

3 Lobo’s SpazzFrag 666

The most bad-ass hog in the galaxy, Lobo’s SpazzFrag 666 is the fastest motorcycle in the DC Universe. It is capable of intergalactic travel and has clocked speeds at several million kilometers per mile. It shoots flames, like all badass bikes, and usually sports a skull and chains. There are also several compartments used for storage of Lobo’s heavy weapons. Interestingly enough, the bike actually runs on unleaded fuel and has a 17 liter 3X Turbo engine.

But what really makes this bike is the heroes who are able to ride it. Considering it’s fast speeds, intergalactic capabilities, and atmospheric durability, anyone who can sit atop the SpazzFrag 666 really is, as Lobo says, “The Main Man.” This is why he and his bike will always remain one of the baddest bastards in the entire galaxy.

2 Batman’s Batmobile

We all knew it, Batman’s Batmobile is by far the best, most recognizable, most iconic superhero vehicle to ever be created. No other vehicle has spurred as much conversation, dissection, and interest as the Caped Crusader’s Batmobile. There have been dozens of Batmobiles, as well as other Bat-based vehicles, but the Batmobiles always steal the show. Whether it is the Animated Series version, Pre-Crisis version, or new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice model, each Batmobile accentuates and fits their Batman's specific character and attitude. Out of all of Batman’s gadgets and useful tools, nothing is more clearly associated with him than the Batmobile.

The Batmobile has an onboard computer that is directly linked to the Batcomputer in the Batcave, allowing Batman quick and easy access to all of his files. It also helps him navigate and track enemies and vehicles so that he may reach his destination in the quickest way. Of course the body of the Batmobile is extremely damage resistant with reinforced paneling and electricity based repellent to deter theft. It also has a huge array of internal and external gadgetry like: flamethrower, non-lethal rounds, remote-control capabilities, reinforced inflating tires, grappling hooks, tire spikes, eject seats, and many others.

1 Conclusion

While these heroes have to use vehicles in order to be more successful heroes, there is no denying that they have some of the most useful, sexy and badass vehicles to help them get the job done. Hopefully, you now have a new found respect and love for these vastly unique vehicles that allow our heroes to be all they can be. Please be sure to let us know which is your favorite, and tell us which vehicles did we forget? Sound off in the comments below!

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The 16 Best Superhero Vehicles