10 Best Superhero Themes Songs, Ranked

The songs on this list have withstood the test of time because they're THAT good. Click here to be reminded of our favorite superhero theme songs!

Music is a universal language. It evokes all kinds of feelings and emotions in a listener that otherwise wouldn’t be there. When the right piece of music composed for a film, it becomes iconic and pushes the movie or TV series even farther into the upper echelon. What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan doesn’t occasionally hum Chuck Lorre’s theme song to the late eighties cartoon (yes, THAT Chuck Lorre!)? You’re lying to yourself and society if you can say you’ve never hummed the 1960s Batman theme. If you haven’t seen Into The Spider-Verse yet, you should — at least for “What’s Up Danger,” and Miles realizing he CAN be Spider-Man.

Thanks to the success and subsequent success of the MCU and every film it produces, not only are more and more comic book movies being greenlit, but more and more composers want to create an emotional and impactful score to accompany the superhero’s journey. The themes on this list have withstood the test of time because they’re that good, that memorable. Fans are only going to get more and more musical bliss as movies come down the pipeline. As of right now in 2019, here are The 10 Best Superhero Theme Songs, Ranked.

10 'Is She With You?' By Hans Zimmer

As evidenced by every other track on this list, you often need to be part of an iconic movie to have a memorable theme. Then, there’s “Is She With You?” By Hans Zimmer from Dawn Of Justice.

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Say whatever you want about the rest of the movie (and plenty of fans have), but the first time ever we’re seeing Trinity on screen and this pulse-sounding action fare kicks in to watch the Amazon do what she does best; it's no wonder Bruce and Clark just sit back and watch her.

9 'Iron Man' By Black Sabbath


Nobody gets any detective points for deducing that the Black Sabbath classic “Iron Man,” would be a part of the proceedings of Tony Stark’s first marvelous adventure. The character and the song have always been linked, even if it wasn’t originally written for him. How could the two not be synonymous with each other? It’s not the conventional theme, but Tony’s a rock star and deserves a rock star theme.

8 'Spider-Man' By Paul Francis Webster & J. Robert Harris

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can...” In 1967, Paul Francis Webster and J. Robert Harris, two heralded Hollywood composers paired up to gift the world with “Spider-Man,” the theme to the web slinger's cartoon.

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In the over 50 years the jingle has been in existence it has been covered by bands like The Ramones and Aerosmith, and crooners like Michael Bublé. The song has been a part of every Spidey cinematic adventure and now has been repurposed by Michael Giacchino for the new film’s and for maximum nostalgic effect.

7 'Suite X2' By John Ottman

John Ottman came into the X-Men films starting with X2: X-Men United and took what Michael Kamen had done on the first film and built upon it crafting a signature X-Men theme.

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The “Suite From X2” takes the theme Kamen made and adds elements to make it even more action sounding in parts and fantastical in others, which is pretty much the heart of any mutant movie — fantasy and action.

6 'Anvil Of Crom' By Basil Poledouris

John Milius’ adaptation of the Robert E. Howard pulp comic series, Conan The Barbarian was actually conceived as an opera, with little dialogue. Whether he succeeded in creating that or not is up to the viewer to decide. What his friend and film’s composer, Basil Poledouris did succeed in creating is a theme for the ages! Plenty of heroic themes exist for our heroes. But for Conan, barbaric drums of war was needed and the “Anvil Of Crom” delivered. You’ll want to march right into war with Arnold Schwarzenegger any time you hear this theme.

5 'Why So Serious?' By Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard

It should be no surprise that The Dark Knight opens up with the ominous and dangerous Joker theme, “Why So Serious?” as the clown and his team pull off a crazy bank heist. The entire film is all about escalation, why not showcase its signature song as well. Much like a city in the grips of the Joker, the theme has a creepy hum, and then just like when he strikes, there is a deafening and deadly beat that rings throughout wherever and whoever he just struck.

4 'Flash' By Queen

There are few rock bands in the world better than Queen and as far as pageantry and theatrics are concerned, Freddie Mercury was second to none. That made the band uniquely qualified to not just create the theme for Flash Gordon but the entire soundtrack as well. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like this song. Even harder to find someone who isn’t humming it right now.

3 'The Avengers' By Alan Silvestri

Not only did composer Alan Silvestri have the Herculean task of creating a theme befitting of the Avengers, but he would have to compose a song that would be able to weave in, out, and around all of the MCU.

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“The Avengers" theme has done just that, with motifs and pieces of it appearing in several other MCU movies. The theme has worked so well that when Cap finally calls out “Avengers Assemble” in Endgame, it might be the coolest moment ever in any comic book movie.

2 'The Batman Theme' By Danny Elfman

Whereas just about anytime you see Spider-Man on screen, his 1960s theme song isn’t far from ho...far behind, when Tim Burton was tapped to bring Batman to the big screen, he stripped the Dark Knight of any shred of “NaNaNa Batman,” from the character. It was definitely for the better here and Danny Elfman crafted the dark, yet adventurous theme that helped to not only define Batman but be the premier theme for its sequel and The Animated Series.

1 'Superman Main Theme' By John Williams

There really aren’t a lot of words to define a song that’s just so perfect. That’s really what the Superman theme by John Williams really is. John Williams really is the Mozart, Wagner, or Bach of our time, and this theme is his “Ride Of The Valkyries.”

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There are many reasons that the Henry Cavill Superman movies haven’t lived up to the greatness that was Superman and Superman II, and this is certainly one of them — yes the song is that powerful. It’s not just the number one superhero theme, it’s one of the great themes in all of movie history.

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