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Before we begin, let us stress this point: Mario Party is not a good game. Even recent entries, which have significantly stripped down the board game elements, are absolutely terrible. With a single roll of the dice, a player in first place can have their fortunes reversed,

and anyone with a bit of luck can steamroll their way to victory, regardless of skill level. It's sheer madness.

However, a four-player game of Mario Party is still a silly good time. With the right group of friends and an endless supply of candy and responsibly consumed beverages, it's hard to top the unadulterated fun of such a wild and mindless game. There are no less than a dozen Mario Party titles on every platform from the Nintendo 64 to the Wii U. Old school purists love the memorable stages from Mario Party 2, but we prefer the faster pace of Mario Party 9, in which all players travel the board together. Plus, it's the final entry in the series to date featuring Birdo as a playable character, and Birdo is our undisputed favorite character. They let that disgusting piece of trash Waluigi be playable in Mario Party 10, but not Birdo? WHY?

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