15 Best Super Bowl Commercials (Ever)


Miller High Life – “The 1-Second Commercial(s)"

As the 2008 recession spread, Miller took a unique step to advertise its High Life brand. Following the 2008 Super Bowl, Miller had released a commercial starring the 'Miller delivery guy' (Windell Middlebrooks) as he dissected the previous game's commercials as an affront to common sense. For 2009, the delivery guy would be seen discussing the outrageous cost of a big game ad - $3 million in 2009. His solution? Air a 1-second spot, since that's all people would need to want a High Life.

The next step was to purchase commercial time in local NBC affiliate stations to run their 30-second commercial before the game began, so that when viewers who heard their delivery guy spout the merits of cutting to the chase, they would proceed to watch the game and be treated to an industry first: a 1-second Super Bowl commercial. Enjoy:


Budweiser – “Zebra"

The referees and officials get a pretty bad wrap. While the rest of the football world eagerly awaits Super Bowl Sunday, the referees assigned to govern the play know that they are just one lapse in judgment away from being vilified by an entire nation (or half of it, at least).

But each big game also has Budweiser trotting out (pun intended) one of their commercials sporting their trademark Clydesdales. First, the horses engaged in a game of football, and over the years several different spin-offs have been released (we have a soft spot for 'The Streaker'). But when Budweiser paid tribute to the referees, the result was just enough of an inside joke to get football fans chuckling.


Pepsi Cola – “Gotta Have It”

There have a been a few men and women who owe a Super Bowl spot for becoming a household name, but supermodel Cindy Crawford managed it without stripping almost naked and washing a sportscar. All she had to do was drink a Pepsi.

The fact that the commercial was meant to introduce the newly re-designed Pepsi can is almost an afterthought, although the can becoming one of the most iconic in the history of Pepsi may be a sign of the ad's excellent execution. Stopping short of being overly salacious or risque, the pair of boys enamored with the can, not the woman, is about as clever as a single line of dialogue can get.


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