15 Best Super Bowl Commercials (Ever)


Ameriquest – “Surprise Dinner”

We don't know who it was that decided the first step in courting customers was getting them to laugh, but it's undisputed at this point. So when Ameriquest Mortgage set out to court consumers, they decided that the best way to prove their company motto of "not judging too quickly" was through offering examples of the sentiment in practice - unexpected, darkly humorous examples. This "Romantic Dinner" spot was a fan-favorite, even if the company's policies led to its collapse as part of the American financial crisis.


Google – “Parisian Love”

It's absurd to think of a company that needs no advertising whatsoever, but Google has become more than a household name (or a verb). As the one search engine turned to for nearly any question a human being raises, the company has been able to use its marketing not to spread awareness, but improve its view in the public eye. In "Parisian Love," the company used its search engine to promise they aren't going anywhere, and moisten a few eyeballs in the process.


Wendy's – “Where's The Beef?"

Three famous words that defied the odds. Honestly, if any company decided to film a commercial punctuated by an elderly woman naggingly demanding to know where the meat on her burger was, the results would almost certainly be disastrous. But Wendy's tried it out in 1984 and the world was given one of the most memorable slogans in fast food history - not once, but three times in the same commercial. Even now, we can't watch it just once.


FedEx – “Carrier Pigeons"

It's another unwritten rule of Super Bowl advertising that the more people you can feature screaming and running for their lives while getting a viewer laughing, the better. FedEx, a company that has become a regular staple of big game spots, took that lesson with their "Carrier Pigeons" commercial, following the normal formula of showing why shipping with Federal Express beats just about any solution. The results are horrifying, but about as funny as FedEx spots get.


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