Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012: The Best of the 'Meh'

Don't feel like watching all of the 'Super Bowl 2012' commercials? Check out the best of the best from Sunday's big game... using data, science, and people like you.


On Sunday, over 110 million viewers tuned in to Super Bowl XLVI, to watch the New York Giants face off against the New England Patriots television's most talked commercials of the year. With ad space costing $3.5 million per 30 second spot, it's time to figure out who spent their money the best.

Overall, one could say that this year's Super Bowl commercials were relatively mediocre compared to previous year – but if the "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition" has taught us anything, it's that it doesn't mean we still can't rank them!

Taking a lead from Will Arnett in the depths of Hulu's Hulubratory, we're making use of their extra scientists on hand, by allowing them to tell us (and you) which commercials were the best of the best.

Oh, and if the best of the best isn't good enough, there's also seven additional categories to rank Super Bowl ads. (Will Arnett doesn't mess around)

So take a look and see which ads Hulu's Hulubratory has calculated are the best, based on what you, the people, are saying.

(To view all the "best of" lists on a single page, click on the "view all" towards the bottom of the page.)

Overall Best Ads


1.) Volkswagen - "The Bark Side"

2.) Honda - "Matthew's Day Off"

3.) Volkswagen - "The Dog Strikes Back"

4.) Skechers - "Mr. Quiggly"

5.) Oikos Yogurt - "The Tease"

6.) Chevy Silverado - "2012"

7.) M&M's - "It's That Kind of Party"

8.) Audi - "Vampire Party"

9.) E*TRADE - "Fatherhood"

10.) Acura - "Transactions"


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