Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

Even though over 50 commercials air during the Super Bowl, not every one is worth sitting through. Find out which ads stand out enough to be considered the best.

Best Super Bowl Commercials

Prepare the chips and dip, order the pizzas and grab your beverage of choice because the Super Bowl is upon us. Last year, a record breaking 153.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the game and from the looks of it, this year’s turnout will be even bigger.

With so many eyes tuned to one channel, one network, and one program for such a lengthy period of time, advertisers are fighting for a chance to expose millions of potential customers to their product - not to mention the fact that these are the only commercials on television that people don’t attempt to fast-forward through.

For that reason, the Super Bowl has become known for its legendary commercials that come at an exorbitant price. This year’s ad buy-in reached $3 million per 30-second spot. For those wondering, that’s $100,000 per second of screen time or $30,000 every time you blink your eyes.

With over fifty commercials airing during Super Bowl XLV, that’s a lot of promotion for any television viewer to sit through. Figuring in bathroom breaks, return trips for food, more bathroom breaks (you probably shouldn’t have eaten all that buffalo chicken dip) and there’s a strong chance you’ll miss a good portion of the commercials - which, if we’re all being honest, is the best part.

Fortunately, we sorted through the proverbial Super Bowl commercial stack and compiled a list of the best commercials from this year’s game.



Doritos - “The Best Part”

In what might be the best commercial of Super Bowl XLV, Doritos hilariously redefines “the best part” of eating their triangle shaped gems of deliciousness.


Chrysler - "Imported From Detroit"

In one of the more somber commercials from this year's Super Bowl, Chrysler decided to take a step back from promoting what features their brand new vehicle has and focused on the city in which its built. Who would have thought a commercial with Eminem in it could be so moving.


Audi - Luxury Prison: “Startled Smart”

Tasked with housing society’s financial elite, Audi provides a humorous glimpse at the fictional “Luxury Prison” with their take on the legendary Scared Straight! documentary. Falconry showdowns and designer prison cells are just some of the many amenities prisoners can expect. Although, everything’s not always so prim and proper. If the inmates get out of hand, they’ll have to deal with Kenny G (yes, that Kenny G), the head of riot suppression.


Doritos - “House Sitting”

What starts out to be a seemingly normal commercial quickly turns hilarious with the help of a clumsy house sitter and a dead grandfather. What? Yes!


Chevy Cruze - “Misunderstanding”

Whether it’s the fact that almost everyone has been in this exact situation, or the creative way Chevrolet includes their product information, this commercial is most certainly a classic. What’s that? Was he just talking about Vlassic Pickles? Don Rickles, where?


Doritos - “Pug Attack”

Everyone may think they know what the eventual outcome of this 30-second spot will be. An adorable pug charging into a glass door would certainly provide a laugh, but Doritos changes it up at the last second with a hilarious conclusion.


General Motors - “Bumblebee”

What better way to spice up a parody of a local car dealership commercial (and promote Transformers: Dark of the Moon) than to have Bumblebee show up and “throw the chipmunk.” It appears that a sledge hammer isn’t the best way to win over this Autobot.



Chevy Cruze - “Facebook Status”

While this commercial doesn’t bring the laughs like the rest of the best Super Bowl commercials, one can’t deny its adorable conclusion. Let’s just hope that, like “The Force,” this feature is used for good and not evil… or creepiness.


Doritos - “Birthday Wish”

Even though this may be one of the weaker Super Bowl ads from Doritos, the phrase “robot best friend” instantly seals this commercial’s fate as being one of the best.


Kia Optima - “One Epic Ride”

Anyone worried about rising insurance premiums should probably stay away from this vehicle, unless super villains, Greek gods, space aliens, and Aztec worshipers are covered in your policy.


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