The Superbowl Ads That Scored With Viewers

There are certain trends in TV that I always look forward to: people complaining that the Oscars sucked; people mocking (but still watching) MTV award shows; and, of course, people complaining about the ads that played during the Super Bowl.

It seems that every year, despite one or two exceptions, I hear people saying that the latest Superbowl ads are the "Worst. Commercials. Ever." Of course this criticism is always more of a time-honored tradition than it is a factual observation, so this year we at Screen Rant thought that we would highlight some of the best Super Bowl ads of 2010.


Want to know why Jay-Z was calling for the "Death of Auto-Tune" last year? This funny little commercial for Bud Lite shows you what happens when would-be party planners start going all "T-Pain" on us. Speaking of T-Peezy, the man himself makes a nice little cameo:


Keeping with Beer commercials for a second, here's a funny (and timely) little spoof of Lost. What would have happened if our favorite "Losties" had crash-landed on the Island with a full stockpile of Bud Lite (instead of that thirty-year-old Dharma beer? Now we know:


Have you ever been trying to have a relaxing Super Bowl party with a friend, only to have some third wheel show up and spoil the occasion? If so, David Letterman knows how you feel. This was a nice little surprise for anyone who has been following The Tonight Show drama for the last month; only the mystical powers of Oprah could make it happen:


Proving they are still comedic forces to be reckoned with, aging stars Betty White and Abe Vigoda hit the field for a Snickers ad that poked fun at their graceful ages (and the weak link on your intramural football team). Check it out and just try not to laugh when Betty delivers her line:


Aside from the commercials which make us laugh til we burp up our nachos, it's always nice to have a few commercials that warm our cholesterol-clogged hearts. Budweiser delivered on that front, with an ad that reminded us how far we will go to be with those we love. A genuinely nice moment in advertising:


Quality movie trailers were in short supply during this year's Super Bowl - most noticeably absent was any kind of new TV spot for Iron Man 2, which many expected, since it was the 2008 Super Bowl ad for Iron Man that really got the hype going strong. Still, this year's pleasant surprise for many movie goers was undoubtedly the TV Spot for M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation of The Last Airbender:



What would happen if Megan fox were to send out a picture message (on her handy new Motorola phone!) of her in a bubble bath? Exactly what you see in this commercial. It may be sad, but it is o' so true:



The Simpsons made a big splash this year by partnering with Coca-Cola for a Super Bowl Ad that was both timely, funny and gorgeous to see in HD. Watch evil tycoon Mr. Burns discover the silver lining to life after the economic recession takes its toll:


Although we've looked at some pretty funny Super Bowl ads, Doritos hands down came out on top as the winner in 2010, thanks in large part to their "Crash the Super Bowl" contest inspired some wannabe directors to come up with some pretty spectacular ideas. The ad with the little kid playing video games is a classic, as far as I'm concerned - though "Doritos Snack Attack Samurai" isn't without its charm.

Check out a few of the Doritos ads that aired during the big game:

Those are the Super Bowl commercials which stuck in our heads - were there any we left out that you enjoyed? Which of the ones we selected was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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The Superbowl Ads That Scored With Viewers