The 10 Best Stranger Things Funko Pops, Ranked

With the release of Season 3, the global phenomenon of Stranger Things continues to reach epic proportions. Like the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, it continues to dominate the landscape of streaming programs, earning its position as one of the most successful original series of its kind. From Season 1 until now, the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana have faced an onslaught of supernatural threats, with only a band of spunky kids, a handful of erstwhile adults, and a psionically gifted child brave enough to stop it.

The memorable characters and situations involved in Stranger Things have lent themselves well to Funko Pop depictions, especially with the onset of Season 3. From Steve's iconic Scoops Ahoy uniform to Hopper's signature Magnum, P.I. inspired outfit, there's been no shortage of worthy contenders. But what the fab four's turn as the Ghostbusters team in Season 2? Or the Demogorgon from Season 1? Here are the 10 best Stranger Things Funko Pops ranked.

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In Stranger Things Season 3, Eleven and the group have grown from inquisitive kids to curious young adults, tentatively taking their first steps into teenagedom. Eleven and Mike have started to explore intimate sides of each other in an effort to start a relationship. Hopper intervenes, and Mike is forced to avoid El in order to respect Hop's wishes, causing her to seek advice from Max about boys.

Max decides the best thing they can do is forget all about boy drama and head to Starcourt Mall, where Eleven can develop her own individuality through fashion. This Funko Pop depicts El's "new style", a kaleidoscopic romper that is both eye-catching and iconic.



Steve, Dustin, and Robin get an unlikely ally when Erica, Lucas's spunky younger sister agrees to help them discover what the evil Russians are up to underneath Starcourt Mall. Erica is often found at Scoops Ahoy, the mall's popular ice-cream parlor, getting samples of ice-cream and never actually paying for anything. Her nimble proportions make her a perfect candidate for sneaking through the mall's air ducts, which merits her ice-cream for life!

This is Erica's premier Funko Pop, being notably absent from previous Stranger Things Funko Pop releases, and what a debut figure! She's depicted in the gear she wears during her reconnaissance mission, complete with backpack, knee pads, and helmet with flashlights.



Every new season of Stranger Things serves up a hefty plate of nostalgia, and Season 2 was no exception. We were treated to a number of exceptional '80s references, as well as some in-your-face homages, like Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will dressing up as The Ghostbusters for Halloween! The costumes couldn't have been more perfect, especially since the supernatural element in Hawkins was getting even more prominent.

Each of these Funko Pops captures the characters perfectly, from their jumpsuits to their candy sacks. Dustin is depicted without his trademark trucker hat, swapped out for a Ghost Trap. Mike and Will both carry candy sacks, while Lucas has his proton pack ready for action.



Stranger Things Season 2 may have taken the series down an even darker, more brutal path, but it also offered more light-hearted humor, especially from Joyce's new beau, Bob. Played by the amiable Sean Astin (no stranger to '80s romps given his role in Goonies), Bob was a welcome addition to the cast, with a dad joke and a bad pun always at the ready to make us smile.

Though he may have dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, Bob proved himself to be one of the good guys, valiantly defending Joyce and her sons whenever evil was present. This Funko Pop perfectly captures Bob's sense of humor (fake fangs included), with perhaps the most endearing vampire ever.



Though Billy had a temper and was a skirt-chaser, we still felt bad for his character arc in Stranger Things Season 3. While driving to a rendezvous with Mrs. Wheeler at a Motel 6, the charming bad boy gets into an accident, his car running off the road near an abandoned foundry. Inside, a mysterious evil gets a hold of him, returning him to Hawkins a mindless minion that is a host for the Mindflayer's agenda.

This Funko Pop depicts Billy as a summer lifeguard at the Hawkins public pool, with the obvious presence of the Mindflayer seen with the dark veins enveloping his body. Billy's tragedy is twofold; there was no place for his kind in Hawkins, but there was a place for him as part of the "Flayed".



Poor Will. All his friends are growing up in the summer of '85, and he's just trying to get them to play a little Dungeons and DragonsWhat was such a huge part of his bonding with Mike, Dustin, and Lucas was cast aside in Season 3 as they all got girlfriends and started being interested in more adult activities. Desperate to get their involvement, Will does whatever it takes, including dressing up like his D&D character, Will the Wise!

This Funko Pop faithfully recreates Will's incredible costume from Season 3, complete with purple and silver-starred robes, hat, and staff. Though D&D may be a tabletop game, he brings it to life with his costume, desperate to make it as real for his friends as their waning childhood.



In Season 3, Jim Hopper went from chief of police to action star the moment he slipped into his pastel Hawaiian shirt. Evoking some strong Magnum, P.I. vibes, you knew Hops meant business whenever he was wearing it. Beating up slimy mayors and grappling with giant Russian henchmen was all in a day's work, and the shirt would become an iconic look outside of his standard tan police uniform.

Hops has never looked better with this Funko Pop, depicting Eleven's adopted dad in a pair of pale jeans, tan sport coat and of course, the Hawaiian shirt. Whether he's getting stood up by Joyce for a date or getting overly frustrated with her interrogation methods of a Russian scientist, it's a shirt for any occasion.



When Stranger Things began, Steve Harrington seemed like just another stuck up prep, only interested in his popularity at Hawkins High. As the series progressed and he got embroiled in the danger surrounding Nancy Wheeler's best friend Barb, he became an ally in the fight against the Demogorgon. By the time Season 2 premiered, Steve had become friends with Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin (whom he formed an unlikely bond with).

Steve stepped up in Season 2, earning his "mom" status by being particularly overprotective of "his kids", and always making sure they were safe while the adults (Bob, Joyce, and Jim Hopper) had to face other evil. This Funko Pop depicts Steve in his iconic look from Season 2, complete with yellow rubber gloves, Members Only jacket, sunglasses, and studded baseball bat.



When the Starcourt Mall arrives in Season 3, it brings with it a palatial paradise of plastic plants, neon lighting, retail outlets of all sorts, and Scoops Ahoy! Though Steve Harrington has graduated Hawkins High, he has to spend his summer working at the nautical themed ice-cream parlor, which he finds tedious to say the least. That all changes when Dustin intercepts a secret message from the Evil Russians, and they discover that their hidden base may be directly under the mall!

Steve teams up with his coworker Robin, Lucas's kid sister Erica, and Dustin to navigate the tunnels under Starcourt Mall, and for the entire season, Steve is forced to wear his ridiculous Scoops Ahoy uniform. This Funko Pop faithfully captures its ridiculous flair, complete with ice-cream scoop (but sadly no USS Butterscotch).



When Stranger Things began, El was a frightened girl with strange psionic powers, the result of a series of secret experiments. Though she didn't fully understand her powers, it was through the trust from her new friends Jim Hopper, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will that she learned to control them. When the terrifying Demogorgon beast emerged from the Upside Down world, only El was strong enough to take it on.

This Funko Pop Movie Moments set depicts Eleven projecting the full force of her abilities at the Demogorgon, which threatens to break free from the Upside Down and destroy Hawkins. El was able to subdue it, and in Season 2, close the portal that led to even more strange beasts. But Season 3 proved the ultimate test of her resolve and abilities.

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