10 Amazing Star Wars Scenes You've Never Seen

10 Hidden Star Wars Scenes You’ve Never

Small scenes or even entire sequences can be deleted while the director is working on the final cut, in an effort to get the pacing just right. While they infrequently add anything of value to the movie, these bits are fun for fans to watch and theorize about, wondering how they would have fit in if they were left untouched. With seven movies released and plenty more on the way, the Star Wars franchise has numerous scenes buried in the vault that some viewers may not be aware of – until now. Here are 10 hidden Star Wars scenes you’ve never seen.


Kylo Searches the Falcon – The Force Awakens

As the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, Ben Solo probably made a childhood memory or two on board the Millennium Falcon. A deleted scene from Episode 7 implies an emotional connection between the character and the ship, as Kylo Ren searches a crashed Falcon for his father. The key moment comes when the villain enters the cockpit and simply says “Han Solo,” as he seemingly thinks back to when the family was together. It was a nice moment for Kylo, and many fans wish this scene had remained in the finished film.


Luke Loves Leia – The Empire Strikes Back

Luke and Leia being twins was an aspect developed late in the game – as evidenced by this cut scene from Empire. After recovering from the Wampa attack, Leia checks in to see how Luke is doing. Discussing what it was like in the Hoth snowstorm, Luke appears to begin confessing romantic feelings towards Leia, and the two go in for a kiss before they’re interrupted by C-3PO. Given what’s revealed in Return of the Jedi, this scene has retroactively creepy vibes, and it undercuts the Han/Leia relationship that was so important. It’s a good thing this was left out.

A Fight With Greedo – The Phantom Menace

The Star Wars prequels brought back younger versions of several original trilogy characters, but there was almost room for one more. Following his victory in the podrace, Anakin is shown engaging in a fistfight with a Rodian child who accused him of cheating. Once Qui-Gon intervenes and takes little Anakin away, Skywalker’s opponent is revealed to be none other than Greedo, the bounty hunter who would one day have a fateful meeting with Han Solo. One of his friends even tells him if he keeps picking fights, he’ll get shot – which is exactly what happens decades later.


Origins of the Alliance – Revenge of the Sith

Episode 3 features the rise of the Galactic Empire as Palpatine becomes Emperor and ruler of the galaxy, but what about the Rebel scum he would one day look to crush? There are a few deleted scenes that show a handful of Republic Senators expressing distaste with the corruption on display and starting to organize in secret what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance. These are important sequences that would have benefitted the film, since they show that not everyone in the Senate was just going along for the ride and saw a need to stand up and fight for what is right.

The Fallen Jedi – Attack of the Clones

Anakin Skywalker was hardly the first Jedi to be tempted by the Dark Side. Before he became Darth Vader, Lord Sidious trained Darth Tyrannus, the former Jedi Count Dooku. In a deleted scene, Obi-Wan discusses Dooku’s departure from the Jedi Order with the Temple librarian, specifically why he left. The conversation adds insight to Dooku’s character and lays the groundwork for why Anakin would one day be frustrated and betray the Jedi. The little bit of dialogue may not seem necessary, but it’s interesting and gives fans some food for thought, which is always nice.


Finn and the Villager – The Force Awakens

In his first field battle, Finn decides he doesn’t want to kill for the First Order and eventually turns his back on them. His motivation is clear in the final film, but a cut scene further informs his character. While in the Jakku village, Finn comes face to face with an innocent villager, who is horrified by the sight of a helmeted stormtrooper. In that moment, Finn realizes how others perceive the First Order: as cruel monsters oppressing the galaxy. Even though his face is blocked, Finn conveys so much emotion in this small part, making his decision more relatable and understandable.


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