The 10 Best Star Wars Board Games, Ranked

Star Wars and board games are the perfect combination, and these 10 games based on the popular sci-fi movie franchise are perfect for die-hard fans!

Star Wars has one of the biggest fan bases in the world. And thanks to the fact that the studio gave all merchandising rights to George Lucas in exchange for a pay cut when they expected the movie to fail, it has one of the biggest markets for merchandise of any pop culture franchise.

Lucas’ little space-movie-that-could became a worldwide phenomenon pretty much overnight, and he didn’t waste any time capitalizing on his merchandising rights. That led to some awesome Star Wars board games. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best Star Wars board games, Ranked.

10 Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

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The Galactic Civil War is the epic conflict chronicled by the original Star Wars trilogy, from its outbreak in A New Hope (or, more specifically, Rogue One) to its resolution and the Rebel Alliance’s victory in Return of the Jedi. This game gives fans a chance to re-enact the war between the Rebels and the Empire.

With cards that range from “Lure of the Dark Side” and “Capture Rebel Operative” and “Display of Power,” there’s a lot of strategy involved in the gameplay. There are plenty of ways to win and a lot of things to look out for during gameplay.

9 Star Wars: X-Wing – The Force Awakens

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One of the worst business decisions in the history of the film industry was when 20th Century Fox gave George Lucas the merchandising rights to Star Wars. Back then, in the toy industry, it was thought that no kid would play with space toys. That sounds crazy now, since the Star Wars toys inspired a new wave of space toys that dominated the late 20th century.

Another great merchandising opportunity from the Star Wars franchise is the chance to recreate the saga’s many space battles as board games. This one is a recent example based on J.J. Abrams’ 2015 hit The Force Awakens.

8 Star Wars Destiny: Two-Player Game

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This Star Wars board game is designed to be played by two people as they level up their characters, bit by bit, to become the most powerful person in the galaxy. This could involve anything from getting better blasters, stronger lightsaber crystals, more sensitivity to the Force – anything to boost your powers to help you defeat your foe.

It’s kind of a cat-and-mouse game with one ultimate victor out of the two of you, so be careful not to let it tear you apart. The game comes with two decks of 23 cards each and sixteen dice specifically designed for the game.

7 Star Wars: Imperial Assault

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We don’t get to see a lot of the ground-level conflicts in the Star Wars movies, because our focus is more heavily on the admirals, generals, captains and genuine royalty in charge of military strategy. We don’t get down to the nitty-gritty and see the soldiers on the frontlines, fighting against armies of Stormtroopers.

In this game, however, you can lead the charge yourself. The game’s board is different in that it’s three-dimensional, with walls and doors that clip onto the sides. It also comes with an awesome model of an AT-ST walker as one of its game pieces.

6 Operation Game: Star Wars Edition

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In the original version of the game Operation, you have a human patient with a bunch of holes in his body. You have to carefully remove the foreign objects from this guy’s body with a metal tweezer without touching the sides, because if you do touch the sides, then it makes a buzzing sound.

The Star Wars version is the same kind of thing, except instead of a human, it’s BB-8. The adorable little droid is full of shrapnel and broken parts. You play as his friend Rey, removing them from his body before it’s too late and he totally short-circuits.

5 Star Wars Han Solo Card Game

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Sabacc is a huge part of the plot of Solo: A Star Wars Story, as it was the game with which Han won the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a bet. In this real-life version of the card game, you can play your friends for the Falcon.

In the movie, Lando figured out a way to cheat in the game and used that to win every time. Then, Han figured out the same method and used it to steal the game from Lando. However, in the spirit of the honor system, let’s not cheat, okay?

4 Risk: Star Wars Edition

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Risk is one of the most famous board games of all time. It’s all about military strategy and world domination – two things the Star Wars saga has in spades. Rather than leading military forces against each other on Earth, you lead military forces across the galaxy.

You play as either the Rebel Alliance, leading the charge to reclaim control of the galaxy and bring peace and order, or the Galactic Empire, blowing up planets and dominating the galaxy for Darth Vader’s evil purposes. The game pieces include such classic spacecraft from the movies as the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters, and X-wings.

3 Monopoly Game: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition

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In 2017, Star Wars celebrated its 40th anniversary. 40 years of Star Wars were being celebrated when the movie was initially expected by its producers to fail miserably at the box office and get quickly swept under the rug. The cultural phenomenon continued for four decades and continues to attract new fans to this day.

It even has its own version of Monopoly. Monopoly is one of the most beloved board games of all time. It’s fun for the whole family. And now, it can be enjoyed by Star Wars fans, too, with a special version of the game about the famous saga.

2 Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars Edition: The Black Series

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Everyone loves Trivial Pursuit, testing their knowledge and collecting the multi-colored wedges to take the gold, but the problem with the regular version is that everyone has one topic they know more about than the others. So, they’ll ace every History question, but stumble on the Geography questions – or they’ll be fine with the Entertainment questions and not with the Sports questions.

That problem is eliminated by the Star Wars edition of the game, where you’ll ace every single question in every single category if you’re a diehard Star Wars fan. If you’re not, then you might struggle with the difficult ones – but that’s the challenge!

1 Battleship Game: Star Wars Edition

SEE IT NOW: $23.99

There was a movie adaptation of the Battleship board game a few years ago that combined the naval warfare movie genre with the alien invasion movie genre to give us a sci-fi action-adventure starring Liam Neeson and Rihanna that flopped at the box office.

But another opportunity has been taken to bring aliens into the Battleship universe with a Star Wars edition of the original board game, and it’s much more successful. You have a Rebellion fleet on one side and an Empire fleet on the other, firing laser pins through the depths of space to blast each other out of the stratosphere.

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