10 Star Wars The Force Awakens Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Star Wars The Force Awakens Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

In the months leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans spent a lot of time theorizing about what might happen in the new film. When they finally got to see the movie, they discovered that there was still plenty left to be discussed, as not all the questions initially posed were answered. Moviegoers are now beginning the wait for Episode 8, and they’re going back to what they do best: speculating about Star Wars. Here are 10 amazing Star Wars: The Force Awakens Theories That Change Everything.

Han Solo Is Still Alive

For longtime fans, it was very heartbreaking to see iconic character Han Solo meet his noble end, being murdered by his own son. Understandably, they don’t want to think about future Star Wars without Han, so some have hoped that Solo lived through the fateful encounter. After all, Darth Maul was cut in half and was later revived in the animated Clone Wars series, so why can’t something similar happen for Han? Unfortunately, it’s just wishful thinking. Not only did the planet blow up, Han’s death was the key emotional moment of Episode 7, and Lucasfilm won’t want to undermine that. There’s a reason Harrison Ford isn’t in the Episode 8 cast.

Kylo Ren Saved Rey

Ben Solo destroyed the Skywalker family when he turned to the Dark Side, but he still has a soft spot in his heart. Some think that Kylo Ren is the one who took Rey to Jakku where she would be safe. In Rey’s Force Vision, there’s a part where Kylo stabs someone about to attack Rey, suggesting he may have saved her during an assault. Kylo is also very interested in Rey throughout the film, asking “What girl” when told of her involvement with BB-8 and asking to be her teacher in the ways of the Force. The novelization implies he knows her, and this would be an interesting dynamic.

Rey’s Force Training

Some fans found it too convenient that Rey as able to display such adeptness with the Force as Episode 7 progressed since she had no prior training – or did she? Some theorize that Rey was a student of Luke Skywalker’s before Ben Solo went bad, and whoever hid Rey wiped her memory so she forgot her previous teachings. As Rey embarks on her adventure, the lessons come back to her and she’s able to use powerful Force abilities. This would explain a perceived problem with the film, but even if it’s untrue, it’s no big deal. Luke was able to blow up a Death Star with the Force, after all.

Han Killed Himself

Though it’s suggested Kylo Ren murdered Han Solo, both had their hands on Kylo’s lightsaber before it was turned on. One theory says that Han was the one who put the blade through his chest, realizing that the Dark Side had taken over his son and knowing what was about to happen. In an effort to save Ben from one more sin tying him to evil, Han decided to take his own life and spare his son the pain. This would make the scene even more emotional, but the look of sheer surprise on Han’s face illustrates he was not expecting to die in that moment. He just wanted his son back.

Rey Skywalker

The most common belief about Rey is that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, and the film does enough to support it. The Skywalker family lightsaber specifically calls out to her, and Rey is already strong with the Force – just like Anakin and Luke. The film’s script also implies that Luke recognizes Rey when they meet at the end, suggesting Rey is not just an average inhabitant in the galaxy. The numbered episodes are said to be a generational tale of the Skywalker family, so Rey being Luke’s offspring adds up. Seeing a Jedi train his own daughter sounds very compelling, so fingers crossed for this one.

Kylo Ren: Double Agent

What if Kylo Ren’s mission isn’t to consume himself in the darkness, but rid the galaxy of it? Some think that Ben Solo is working as a double agent to destroy the Dark Side from within, leading to his conflicted feelings. This would explain he was so emotionally torn after killing Han Solo, having sacrificed his loving father for the greater good to show his allegiance to the Dark Side. This would put an intriguing spin on things, giving greater depth to an already intriguing character. The evidence supporting it now is slim, but there are still more movies to come. As unlikely as it seems, this would be a great twist.

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