15He made his debut in 1976

The first appearance of Star-Lord in Marvel Preview #4

Peter Jason Quill made his first appearance in the black and white pages of Marvel Preview #4. Created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Steve Gan, Peter was born to Meredith Quill under an unusual planetary alignment. When Peter is born, her husband Jacob is furious that the child

looks nothing like him and he accuses her of infidelity. Jacob snaps and brings the baby outside to kill him with an axe before a sudden and fatal heart attack fells him, leaving baby Pete gurgling and looking up at the night sky. Peter is raised single-handedly by his mother until one fateful day when aliens come to Earth, searching for the Quill child. They find his home and his mother dies protecting him. Having no one left, Peter is sent to an orphanage.

When Quill grows up, he joins NASA as a trainee astronaut. However, his rough start to life has had an effect and Peter blossomed into a huge jerk motivated by revenge for his murdered mother. Whilst academically impressive, Quill has a serious attitude problem that wins him few friends. When alien life contacts NASA and asks for a champion to become “The Starlord”, Quill's name is understandably left out of the conversation. Peter doesn't take the news well. He shoves past his classmates, grabs a gun and wounds several people before stealing a starship and flying to meet the aliens himself. He meets the Master of the Sun, who, despite knowing Quill cheated, decides to make him the new Star-Lord. Peter eventually takes the responsibility seriously and chooses to follow a more heroic path.

Star-Lord's origin in Marvel Preview #4
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