The 10 Best Solo Board Games

Board games are fun when groups get together and play. However, multiple people aren't always available. For those that appreciate all sorts of board games, that can be quite discouraging. There are still plenty of great games to play, but without the right amount of people, it becomes nearly impossible.

If you still want to spend your free time playing board games, though, there is a solution. Some board games are designed with only one person in mind, offering strategic and varied gameplay to enjoy by yourself. With that in mind, we'll be looking at the 10 best solo board games on the market.

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Mage Knight is a game where players take control of one of four Mage Knights and make their way through a fictional world. While it has scenarios that work for multiple players at a time, it is also designed to work with only one person playing. It combines elements of deck-building games, dungeon crawlers, and combat to make for a well-rounded experience.

This is the kind of game that hardcore board game fans will enjoy, as there are plenty of options and routes to take throughout their journey. Just watch out for the threatening monsters and challenges that try to stop you.


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Friday is a simple game where a man named Robinson washes up on an island. Your job is to help him learn how to handle the environment through combat sections. Wins and losses both help him learn how to adjust, so Robinson acquires more cards to change up his abilities as the game goes on.

However, the more he improves, the more the creatures will adapt as well. Before long, there will be stronger monsters to take down that Robinson may not be prepared for. Friday is a board game designed with only one person in mind and will likely help pass the time.


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Gloomhaven is the kind of board game that players can get lost in. Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons as well as other dungeon-crawling adventures, Gloomhaven finds a creative way to string story elements together to form scenarios without someone having to be a creative writing master.

Each game is different than the last, with players fighting new monsters and traveling through different locations to beat each quest. Gloomhaven is enjoyable with a group of people, but it works well with just one person too. Its campaigns could easily work with just one central character at the forefront of it all.


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One Deck Dungeon understands that people love adventure, but don't always have the time to come up with crazy campaigns or design all sorts of sporadic RPG characters. Instead, it compresses all of those great elements into a compact package.

Functioning as a deck of cards, One Deck Dungeon sees players crawling through a dungeon with each new card drawn. The cards also have multiple functions, meaning that they can change the process at any time. The game is quick and easy, being designed for no more than two players. Single player games are enjoyable as well and take very little time to finish.


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First Martians puts you and/or up to three players on the planet of Mars. The goal is to survive and that's it. It has a few campaigns that can be played individually or strung together to provide a connected narrative and gameplay experience. There is also a mode in which you're tasked to survive as long as possible.

There are all sorts of obstacles along the way that will consume your resources and set you back at every turn. The game can be a bit complex at times, but it's inexpensive and easy to get into. For solo players looking for a nice time sink, First Martians is a great option.


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If you're a fan of Arkham Horror, then Eldritch Horror might be your next big board game. Eldritch Horror takes a similar premise to Arkham, featuring Lovecraftian art and story elements. It's a game focused on a narrative, as players must investigate to solve certain problems and take down all sorts of frightening monsters.

Players will travel to other worlds and use all sorts of items to get ahead. The game is designed so that each adventure is different from the last. It works with a team of players, but is also more than functional as a solo board game.



Onirim forces players to navigate a dangerous labyrinth using a series of cards. Their job is to get to the end before the deck runs out. However, they'll face all sorts of obstacles along the way. Do they check rooms to investigate for any clues or keep moving in the hope of finding the way out?

This new version of Onirim is sure to keep solo players engaged, as it comes with seven expansions that can be added to or taken away from the main game with ease. If you've got another friend who is interested in playing, the game also supports a second player with ease.



Tiny Epic Quest is a game focused on delivering a full adventure experience in a compact package that doesn't require a serious time investment. As far as production value goes, Tiny Epic Quest succeeds in spades. Players will control their own character and make their way across a board that can change at any moment.

They'll learn spells, acquire new equipment, and complete their own objectives as they see fit. Tiny Epic Quest can easily be played with just one person versus the environment for an enjoyable experience that doesn't take up much time. It's great for small groups too.


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Scythe is a game set in an alternate '20s where Russia is dominated by Soviet Mechs and all sorts of dangerous equipment. Five different factions, each led by different figures, all converge on a spot of land that they each want to take for themselves. Scythe is a strategy game where only the strong survive.

While it's arguably something that would be better enjoyed with a group of people, it can be easily played with just one person. Whatever the scenario, it's an excellent test of the brain, as players will be working to improve their skills and come out on top.


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Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is not for the weak board game players. This game is brutal, trying to expertly simulate the feeling of being stranded on a foreign island, doing everything in your power to survive. The island will constantly set you back, no matter how ahead you think you are.

It's a brilliant and thematic game that works with multiple players. However, it's a great experience for solo players as well, as they learn to tackle everything the island can throw at them. That said, the game is extremely difficult, and it will be a while before you claim victory.

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