10 Best Sitcom Couple First Kisses

We don’t really look to sitcoms for romance, unless they're dubbed romantic comedies, of course. We look to them to deliver the laughs. And the best ones do. But sometimes, a bit of romance sweetly finds its way in, and we can’t help but cheer when it happens.

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Usually, it’s the result of a slow burn romance that viewers have waited, week after week, to finally see come to fruition. Whether it’s friends that finally take the next step, enemies that realize they are meant for one another, one party quietly pining for the other, work that gets in the way, or a denial of feelings... When that kiss finally happens, it’s fireworks. It’s so satisfying to watch and suggests that a whole new story will begin brewing for this new couple. Sometimes, the couples stay together and it’s a storybook ending. Other times, it wasn’t meant to be. But in every case, the first kiss is truly memorable.

So which were the best sitcom first kisses? We’ve looked back and chosen 10 that we feel are worthy of remembering.

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10 New Girl – Nick and Jess

It was almost torturous to watch the sexual tension between these two build and build for almost three seasons. Finally, in the 15thepisode of the second season of New Girl, Nick and Jess finally sealed the deal and shared a passionate kiss, initiated by Nick.

Making it even sweeter, he had the chance to swap spit earlier that day while playing a game, but refused because he had envisioned something much more honest for their inevitable first kiss. (Queue the "awws.")  No doubt, viewers shrieked in excitement as it happened, and screamed, “Finally!”

9 Friends – Ross and Rachel

Arguably the biggest "will they, won’t they" couple in the history of television, Ross finally got his way in the second season of this iconic show when he earned the affections of Rachel and planted a fierce one on her that had been building up for years.

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While Ross didn’t know that Rachel had feelings for him, too, viewers did, which made the wait all the more intense. This relationship had plenty of ups and downs to come, but they were together in the end. That all makes this passionate first kiss all the more sweet.

8 Frasier – Niles and Daphne

It was a long wait – seven seasons, to be exact – before viewers finally got to see Niles lock lips with his father’s physical therapist, Daphne, when it was clear they were meant to be together all along. You’d have to truly be in love with someone, after all, to wait that long to finally have that love fulfilled.

After several bad relationships, and despite their markedly different personalities, they finally began dating following that kiss, and eventually married and had children. Talk about a storybook ending.

7 Cheers – Sam and Diane

It was explosive. There was so much tension of all kinds between these two that it was a heated fight that led to them finally wrapping in one another’s arms and swapping spit.

It went down as one of the most memorable scenes in the series’ long run that viewers couldn’t help but be disappointed that the pair didn’t end up together in the end. But alas, even though they were two different people who weren’t meant to be, that first kiss definitely was.

6 The Mindy Project – Mindy and Danny

Fellow doctors and co-workers, like many other would-be couples, they started out disliking one another during their residency. But as they started to bond, mutual feelings began to brew.

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They traveled thousands of miles in the air to finally share their first kiss, which was a long time coming. And it was every bit as passionate as you would expect. Eventually, they turned the one-off smooch into a full-on relationship.

5 The Office – Jim and Pam

Viewers watched and wished that these two lovable characters and co-workers would get together already. Why can’t they just quit giving one another cute smiles from afar as they work, and can Pam just dump that terrible fiancé of hers, already?!

Finally, Jim professed his love, but Pam was still reluctant and worried about ruining their friendship. Thankfully, the sarcastic salesman was not having it and finally demonstrated his feelings for the witty office receptionist with the kiss we’d all been waiting for. It was a kiss that led to one of the most wanted marriages in TV history.

4 How I Met Your Mother – Ted and Tracy

While the ending the series left much to be desired, it was sweet satisfaction to finally not only meet the mother that Ted spent season after season (a total of eight!) talking about (or rather talking about everything but), but to also see their adorable first kiss at the end of the ninth season.

Sadly, the story did not have a happy ending. But at least we got to see how Ted met, and finally kissed, his kids’ mother.

3 Parks and Recreation - Ben and Leslie

They started out disliking one another, which eventually grew into chemistry. They took their relationship to the next level and locked lips in a kiss that would put Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to shame.

But work seemed to get in the way despite the electric chemistry, and they ended the relationship so they could both follow their career aspirations. It was meant to be, though, and they ended up choosing one another over work.

2 Superstore - Jonah and Amy

Friends and co-workers for some time, it took three seasons and a tornado to finally get Jonah and Amy to fess up to the way they felt about one another.

Complications, including a girlfriend and a pregnancy from a one night stand with an ex, might throw a wrench into their future. But at least they know how they both feel, with all of their emotions finally sealed in a kiss.

1 The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy

It’s not the most passionate kiss on the list, but given Sheldon’s emotional detachment and lack of desire for physical affection of any kind (minus hair stroking while one sings Soft Kitty, of course), his first kiss ever, much less with Amy, was a momentous occasion.

Responding to Amy's frustrations with his lack of affection while the couple was away on a seemingly romantic Valentine’s Day trip, Sheldon declared, "If you want romance, let’s have romance." Then he planted one on her, much to her surprise and delight.

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