8 Gifts For Fans of HBO's Silicon Valley

You don’t have to be a tech geek to love the HBO series Silicon Valley. But if you are, you’ll be nodding (and laughing) along with all of the insider techie jokes and references. The series is about a group of developers in Silicon Valley looking to get their app and algorithm off the ground. Full of typical Silicon Valley stereotypes, including the shy and awkward developers, money-hungry CEOs, and eccentric VCs, it’s a parody of the fast-paced California hub of tech development. But it’s also absolutely hilarious.

If you, or someone you know, is a die-hard fan of the show, you might want to add some memorabilia to your collection that commemorates some of the funniest moments or even fictional companies from the series. Here are some great gift ideas for the Silicon Valley fan.

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8 Silicon Valley Erlich Bachman Aviato Logo Light Blue T-Shirt

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Erlich Bachman was an incubator or “hacker hostel,” offering room and board for inspired programmers who believed their ventures would become the next Facebook or Google – whether it was a useless yet clever app or an algorithm that could compress files quickly and efficiently.

How did he get the dough to afford such a lavish home in the Valley? From his own entrepreneurial idea - a software aggregation program for airlines called Aviato that he eventually sold for millions to Frontier Airlines. It’s not a real company, but wear this light blue 100% cotton, officially licensed regular fit T-Shirt out and about, and you’ll instantly be able to spot fellow fans of the series as they nod to you in recognition. It comes in sizes from small all the way up to XXL.

7 HBO Shop Silicon Valley Conjoined Triangles of Success TV Show Poster

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As a mockery of how business leaders often use geometric shapes to explain supposedly complex (but often totally silly or obvious) business theories, this poster depicts one that appeared in the series from Pied Piper CEO Jack Barker. It’s the perfect inspirational item to hang on the wall in your office when you’re having a bad day, or just came from a terrible meeting, and need a good laugh. The satirical graph explains a pretty simple principle: in order to achieve success, the manufacturing and engineering sides of a business need to compromise with the need for growth and sales.

Really, what it breaks down to, in the context of the show, is that the great product Pied Piper wants to release is usurped by a boring, common black box that will actually sell. Who cares if it isn’t what they really intended? Measuring 12 x 8, the professionally printed poster won’t fade like some tech pipe dream, and ships in a secure cardboard tube to prevent rips and tears.

6 Sexy Hackers Pied Piper Unisex T-Shirt

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Feel like you’re part of the oddball Pied Piper crew by wearing this durable, 100% cotton Gildan Ultra T-shirt, which has a double-needle collar, sleeves, and hem so it can withstand any obstacles you throw at it, which is inevitable for any member (fictional or not) of this start-up team. It will fit just right, in sizes from small to 5XL, and displays the signature Pied Piper logo in all its glory.

5 Pyramid American Silicon Valley Season 4 Sketch TV Show Poster

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Perfect for framing and hanging in your room, office, or man cave, this fun sketch of the characters from the series is too funny to pass up.

Keep Richard, Erlich, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared close by for inspiration by displaying this 24 x 36 poster in place of that boring cat hanging from a rope pic. Because what’s more inspirational than the words “Changing the Way Things Change?”

4 Silicon Valley Richard Pop! Vinyl Figure

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Keep your own little Richard at home or on your office desk to remind you of tough times, and to always follow your dreams, no matter what roadblocks you might encounter.

The Funko Pop figure comes with Richard’s signature mop of brown hair, grey hoodie, sneakers, and, of course, a Pied Piper T-shirt. Take him out of the display to tap his bobblehead when you need to relieve stress or ponder a new idea, or keep him in the window display box to show off with a larger collection of characters from all of your favorite series and movies.

3 Silicon Valley 2016 HBO Framed 11x14 Original Ad

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Keep this part of history, a framed 11x14 original ad for the series, for posterity once the series is finished.

The “vintage” advertisement has been professionally framed and matted and features the five original main characters from the series, seated at one end of a boardroom while an authoritative figure – likely a VC – sits, hands crossed seemingly miles away as they pitch their idea and desperately seek funding.

2 Silicon Valley: Season 1 BD

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Relive how it all started, back when Richard was just a lowly programmer at massive media company Hooli. What happened when he first decided to branch out on his own and pursue his idea?

What legal and financial battles did he face, what many mistakes did he make along the way, and how did he finally manage to get things off the ground? (Sort of). Re-watch season 1 in crisp Blu-ray quality. There are eight, half-hour episodes in all for quick and easy binging, along with audio commentaries, deleted scene and outtakes, and conversations with the creators.

1 Silicon Valley Gavin Belson Signature Coffee Mug

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Remember when Gavin Belson’s team reluctantly revealed the logo he worked on for so long on a massive screen during a major presentation? Stuck in his own egotistical, narcissistic world, Gavin not only wanted the logo that appeared on the Hooli box products to be his very own signature, but he was also far too self-involved to even realize just what the signature resembled. Let’s just say the team was not in agreement with the design.

But would you tell your billionaire boss you didn’t like it? Nonetheless, you can share in the humor by grabbing this 11 oz. black and white mug decorated with the very same signature. Made from fine ceramic, it’s food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe, and non-toxic. But we can’t guarantee that the design won’t turn a few heads as you sip on your morning java.

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