SHAZAM! 9 Electrifying Shazam Cosplayers

Shazam! starring Zachary Levi became highly anticipated in DC’s lineup of comic book-based films when it debuted last week. Fans were admittedly cautious, with former DC adaptations (see: Justice League, Suicide Squad) were less than the ideal recreations they’d imagined.

However, the Warner Brothers film must have done a decent job with their previews and promo because Shazam! grossed $53 million USD when it hit theaters opening day, and has since climbed to a worldwide box office threat at almost $100 million. And you can bet that at at least one of your local theaters, there was an enthusiastic cosplayer showing their support.

Cosplayers have become a staple at not only theater showings, but at film premieres as well. These costume-making aficionados take center stage at most of these events and only add on to the level of excitement that fans of Shazam had for the action film.

Take a look at these ten electrifying Shazam! Cosplayers

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9 Levi Lookalike

Shazam tells the story of a young teenaged boy, Billy Batson, who dreams himself into a superhero using one word: Shazam! The adolescent and quirky attitude that actor Zachary Levi portrays so well created the charming Shazam! we expected from the DC film.

Cosplayer Jai is an Australian costume enthusiast who caught on to this lovable trait as well. Besides expertly nailing Billy’s attitude through his pictures, Jai is a dead ringer for Zachary Levi! The hair, the muscles, the smolder— he’s got this cosplay down pact!

Jai’s other notable work includes Link from Zelda, Star-Lord, and impressive Iron Man builds.

8 Freddy Shazam

Adam Brody, who plays adult Freddy Freeman in the 2019 film, acted the part of Freddy Shazam pleasantly well. In the comics, Freddy is bestowed with the powers of the God which includes the wisdom of solomon, the strength of Hercules, and healing of Apollo, and even the power of Zeus. Who better to hold such incredible power than Freddy, Billy's right-hand man, and best friend.

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Cosplayer, Robert Valko, did an incredible job impersonating this blue-suited hero. Robert is a well-known cosplayer that dubs himself a photo magician, workout nerd, and digital designer. Robert said that this Freddy Shazam suit was challenging as he had to make the entire suit mostly from scratch. This included sewing the printed suit together and attaching all of Freddy's necessary gadgets and belts. For quick work, this is a truly stunning cosplay!

7 Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast to be a part of the initial film back in 2014, his role as Black Adam was scraped in 2017. And while we can hopefully still anticipate The Rock as this titular villain in the next installment of Shazam, it didn’t dissuade any cosplayers from bringing this character to life.

Eric, who’s Instagram origins are unknown, wears an incredible Black Adam cosplay to the Shazam! premiere. The ears, the eyes, and the daunting comparison of him next to Levi’s poster give us the treacherous vibe we hope to see from this character in the film. Mike (known to his Instagram fans as @m.b_aquatic_hero) commissioned this suit with incredible attention to detail. Definitely movie-quality costume making material!

6 Mary Shazam

Dani, aka @missdanicosplay, is a geek from Sydney that took on the role of Mary Shazam beautifully! Mary Batson (also known as Mary Shazam and Mary Marvel) is played by both Grace Fulton and Michelle Borth in the recent adaptation. Mary is the long-lost sister of Billy Batson and is given her incredible powers by her brother.

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Dani sport’s Mary Shazam’s original attire, from the white cape to the red skirt, and she does it flawlessly. Dani even stood on the red carpet as Mary Shazam at the Shazam! premiere in Sydney. When speaking on the film, Dani says,

"just WOW, what a great feel good fun family movie, perfect amount of humour, the importance of family portrayed was truly heart warming and the story line was great!”

Dani also does a fantastic Mera and Wonder Woman cosplay.

5 The Real Captain Marvel

Fun fact: Shazam was originally named Captain Marvel. When this powerful superhero first hit comic book shelves, he was published under Fawcett Comics in 1940. Because of his direct competition with Superman, DC Comics bought the rights to the character in 1972. And because of further confusion with Marvel’s Captain Marvel character, DC decided to rebrand the character and the whole Marvel family under the title Shazam that same year.

Cosplayer, Erwin (also known as not being Brad Pitt) encompasses the power of this prominent character incredibly well. After seeing the film, Erwin said,

Saw #shazammovie this weekend. It was very entertaining! I enjoyed the tone, humor and action.”

Erwin also does some great Black Panther, Venom, and Batman cosplays.

4 Darla Shazam

Darla Dudley is a friend of Billy Batson and is given the power of the speed of Mercury. Besides her superhero speed, Darla Shazam has the ability to possess flight. Her character is in the new film, played by Meagan Good. While the rest of the Shazam team make transformations into adults, Darla still remains a bit younger than the rest of the crowd.

Cosplayer Law wears her Darla Shazam cosplay with poise and attitude that be, no doubt, applauded by Good herself. This a complete handmade cosplay, from the purple gown to the lightning gold bracers. Lai Cosplay can also be seen cosplaying as a remarkable Symmetra from Overwatch and a stunning Wonder Woman.

3 Shazam!

Cosplay knows no bounds, as proven by this Shazam cosplayer. Zach Kats is a formidable costume-wearer, videographer, and photo editor. It’s these skills that help shine a light on the most stunning attributes of his cosplay. The rugged details and fascinating accessories give off the illusion of a real-life superhero, and Zach definitely does Billy Batson justice. The suit even lights up!

Zach’s other cosplays include Captain America and Ron Stoppable from Disney’s animated show Kim Possible.

2 Shazam Dance

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🕺⚡Shazam Dance! ⚡🕺 . (Spanish below 🇦🇷) On Wednesday I was able to attend the premiere of the film and I can assure you that it is EXCELLENT. I recommend it to the whole family because it's a comedy in which you can't stop laughing (except for some sad moments). Full of references of superheroes, this was very well achieved and gives you lots of hype. It is one of the best movies that DC did. I give it a 9/10 I want to see it again. .............. 🇦🇷El miércoles pude asistir a la premiere de la película y les puedo asegurar que es EXCELENTE. La super recomiendo para toda la familia porque es una comedia en la que no paras de reírte (excepto en algunos momentos sad). Llena de referencias a superhéroes, esta muy bien lograda y quedas re hype. Es una de las mejores pelis que sacó DC. Le doy un 9/10 quiero volver a verla. .... Agradezco a mi amigo @atrevido.cosplay (Que aparece bailando al final) por acompañarme a la premiere y filmar estos videos que ven acá 🙌 . . . #shazam #picoftheday #captainmarvel #photooftheday #actor #mood #instamood #instagood #photo #love #instagram #goodmorning #happy #cosplay #cosplayer #hero #cosplayersofinstagram #dccomics #Dc #comic #comiccosplay #shazamcosplay #comics #dccosplay #superhero #zacharylevi #dance #video #videooftheday #fortnite @zacharylevi @ponysmasher @shazammovie @dccomics @warnerchannella

A post shared by Adriel Jones cosplay (@adriel.jones) on

One of the most talked-about features of the 2019 Shazam! film is the natural comedic timing that the cast pulls off. Through waves of #shazamcosplays on Instagram, it’s not surprising to see cosplayers mimic what is now becoming known as the Shazam dance.

Adriel Jones is a young cosplayer who copies Levi’s charismatic and hilarious dance with perfect rhythm and temperament. It truly reflects the whimsical and entertaining feel we get from watching Shazam!

Ariel does many other notable cosplays including, Indian Jones and Gaston. He even makes his own props!

1 Superman, Batman, or Shazam?

Nick Toussaint is a prop builder and costumer that looks like he can pull off just about any character. His Shazam cosplay is clearly top-notch, but his resemblance to Tyler Hoechin (who plays Superman in the CW series Supergirl) is uncanny! Regardless, Nick worked his fingers to the bone to prep this suit in time to see the premiere of Shazam in cosplay. The work on his arm bracers and the central emblem are the work of a true professional.

Nick’s other spectacular cosplays consist of Captain America and Red Hood!

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