12 Best Movies to Netflix and Chill With

We’ve all been there, “Hey, feel like coming over for Netflix and chill”? We're a family friendly website, so we won't get into too much detail about what it means, but it usually involves two consenting adults, the first half hour of a romantic movie and then some other stuff.

If you’ve been over to somebody’s place and started watching a movie and ended up sleeping with them, it wasn’t spontaneous, they totally planned that. So, what are the best movies to #netflixandchill with? Well, here at Screen Rant we put in exhaustive effort to determine the very best movies to put on in the background in order to help you get laid. You’re welcome.

Disclaimer: not all movies on this list are available on Netflix (people still have DVDs, right?) and we make no guarantee that you’ll get lucky either.

12 Almost Famous (2000) - mainly for the soundtrack

Almost Famous

Despite not being a huge box office success, Almost Famous is widely regarded as a classic. It boasts what is, quite possibly, the greatest movie soundtrack of all time and that’s what makes it ideal for a night of Netflix and chill. You don’t just watch this movie; you listen to it on a whole other level.

It’s sexy too. Like, really, really sexy. There’s not much sexier than rock and roll and this movie is all about the defining era of that genre, seen through the eyes of a young man seeing it all for the first time. And, despite what a lot of guys will tell you, first loves are always sexy. Seeing William (Patrick Fugit) fall in love for the first time will re-awaken the spark of first love and get the motor running.

If you strike out and actually do end up watching the whole 90 minutes, at least you won’t be disappointed with how things work out. It’s a rock 'n' roll fanboy's fantasy.

11 Clueless (1995) - nostalgia

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

Mixing a little Jane Austin magic with 90s charm and nostalgia, Clueless is an awesome date night movie. It’s light-hearted, but witty, keeping you entertained but not so engaged that you don’t have time for each other.

Guys, take note, make disparaging comments about the sleazy guy and say something along the lines of, “She should go for that guy, he’s nice and will respect her” whenever Paul Rudd is on screen. She’ll think you’re a nice guy and see a little of his charm in you. Ladies, also take note and actually find a guy who really is as nice as Paul Rudd’s character. The nice guy that’ll do anything for you really is worth your time much more than the player. Just sayin'.

Whatever happens on date night, the mix of nostalgia and comedy is a winning formula and at least if someone walks in on you, your movie choice won’t be one of the things you’re embarrassed about.

10 Chocolat (2000)- Depp's charm

Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in Chocolat

If Johnny Depp’s charm in this movie doesn’t work, nothing will. Walk away and join a dating site or get a bunch of cats. Whatever you do, walk away from the person you’re with, it isn’t going to happen.

Gentlemen, set the mood for this one. Actually, buy some seriously nice chocolates beforehand. If Johnny Depp can charm the pants off Juliette Binoche by seductively eating her chocolates, why can’t you? Well, he’s Johnny Depp for a start, but it’s still worth a shot. Ladies, if he’s put this on, he’s putting in effort. He’s not putting on a guy film, nor is he putting on something that is overtly sexual either. He’s playing the long game and attempting to charm you. As few guys do that effectively these days, give him credit for trying.

Moreover, the movie is beautifully shot and oozes slow, steady charm and charisma from its sizzling hot leads. The building of sexual tension on screen can be mirrored on the couch and you’ll soon forget to watch the movie.

9 The Notebook (2004) – Goes without saying

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in 'The Notebook'

Sometimes, Netflix and chill is more about sex than love. But, if you’re going for the whole thing, there’s nothing better than The Notebook. Unlike some movies, where we’re supposed to believe that the leads are in love after a day or two, The Notebook plays out the long game. It’s a love story that lasts a lifetime and overcomes all obstacles placed in the way.

Two young lovers, separated by social class and the outbreak of war, fail to go the distance (on the first try). But, for anyone that’s ever been in love, there’s a simple truth that The Notebook captures better than most movies: just because it’s hard, just because it takes effort, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. This isn’t a movie to abandon halfway through. This is a serious movie, for serious people. Wait to the end and once the heart-breaking final scenes play out, look at the object of your heart’s desire and give them a look that says "I’ll love you to the end of my life and beyond." Not only will they want to go to bed with you, they’ll want to wake up with you too. Maybe for the rest of your life if you’re very lucky.

Also, as a side note to the guys, there’s a 99% chance she’s already seen it so she won’t be so engrossed in it that she won’t be giving you any attention.

8 Friends with benefits (2011) - The joys of a casual fling

Friends With Benefits

OK, it’s basically the ‘Anti-Notebook’. Who cares that they get it together in the end? For the most part it’s the story of hot people having hot sex with no strings attached. If that’s what you’re going for, there’s no better movie than this for glamorizing what is basically not a very glamorous act. It’s a great movie for asking some awkward questions about relationships in the modern era. If you want to casually ask your prospective partner about their attitudes toward casual sex, there isn't a better time to ask than during this movie.

The two leads, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, are absolutely on fire and make some crass conversations surprisingly heartfelt. By the time they actually realize they’ve got feelings for each other, you’ve (hopefully) given up on the movie and started making out on the couch.

7 Before sunrise (1995) - romantic, but in the 'anticipation' sense...

Julie Delp and Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise

Few things say romance quite like an enigmatic foreign stranger and the knowledge that the one night you have with them may just be your only night with them. It’s tender, bittersweet, and allows you to talk openly about your feelings.

Guys, most girls want a guy that isn’t afraid to talk about love. They don’t want to hear about that girl that got away and you’re still in love with, but if you can talk about the themes touched on here, you've got a good chance. Ladies, this might seem like a chick flick that won’t hold his interest, but it’s really not. Whether or not he’s into Julie Delpy, he’s going to get more than a little turned on by the prospect of a single night of passion with a charming woman. For good measure, wear an outfit similar to the one she wears for most of the movie. It’s not going to be blatantly obvious, but subconsciously, he’s going to associate the two and be all yours long before the second act finishes.

It's a 90 minute argument, but there’s so much truth about relationships in there that it’ll strike just the right chords long before the end.

6 The Princess Bride (1987) - Romantic, funny, Quotable lines...

Cary Elwes and Robin Wright in Princess Bride

“When he says 'As you wish' he’s really saying, 'I love you'”

That’s just one of the many quotable lines in the movie, but the one that will make even the coldest heart melt just a little. This may, on the surface, seem like a kid’s movie. In truth, it’s better as a date night movie. It’s got princesses, giants, romance and adventure. In short, it’s the perfect thing to have on in the background while you guys make out. Most of the romance plays out early on too, which sets the scene for your evening and means you aren’t waiting for the emotional payoff before you make your move.

Guys, this is a good chance to show your inner child. Girls don’t want you to be too serious. Ladies, he likes the sword fighting scenes and knows the “You killed my father, prepare to die!” quote off by heart, so let him say it.

5 Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Jennifer Lawrence's potty mouth

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook - 10 Crazy Movies About Mental Asylums

This might seem like an odd pick, but I promise you it totally makes sense, so stick with me. Pat (Bradley Cooper) is home after a stint in a mental hospital and is attempting to put his life back together. While attempting to reconnect with his wife, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) a woman just as messed up as he is. Their story plays out beautifully, if a little hard to watch as times, but is well worth the pay off.

It may seem like a story about a guy with mental health issues isn’t a date movie, but it’s heartfelt and tender, and shows that love and affection can look different to different people. By the halfway point, the chemistry on screen should have materialized into chemistry on the couch anyway, so the slightly cheesy dance scenes at the end shouldn’t put you off.

Guys, show some sensitivity about mental health issues. Girls, do the same. If your significant other has a history, you don’t want to look like a jerk and blow your chances.

4 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) – Because guys like it

Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Actors Who Bared it All

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one seriously smart movie. On the surface, it’s a raunchy comedy with jokes that are pretty low-brow. Beneath that, it’s actually genius. It’s a rom com for guys.

Ladies, this is the romantic comedy you’ve been waiting for. The humor is similar to The 40 Year Old Virgin, and has just as many laugh out loud moments, but underneath it, there’s some really very deep moments regards fidelity that will make your man consider deeper feelings. Guys, forget everything I’ve just said and watch it for Russell Brand and Jason Segel coming out with some expert comic timing. She’ll be laughing along with the crass humor, showing that she’s just as funny as your friends, and you’ll be cuddled up by the 45 minute mark.

3 50 First Dates (2004) - great chemistry, one of Sandler's last really quite good films

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates

In the 90s, there was nobody better at playing the screw-up comedy lead than Adam Sandler. It’s fair to say his career hasn’t reached the heights of Happy Gilmore or The Wedding Singer for quite some time, but 50 First Dates is up there with his better attempts.

It has a Groundhog Day twist, due to Drew Barrymore’s character having anterograde amnesia and essentially living the same day over and over again. The silly humor and pratfalls aside, there are some very funny moments in the first half hour. Things begin to get a little more serious when Lucy (Barrymore) moves to an institute to spare Henry (Sandler) wasting his life. He had been meeting her each day and making her fall in love with him over and over again, despite her never remembering who he is from one day to the next.

Guys, seeing the lengths Henry goes to to make his one-true-love fall for him each day should make you re-think how much effort you’re putting in. make some small gestures each day and make her fall in love with you every single day. That way, Netflix and Chill can go to a whole new level. Ladies, expect more and you’ll get more.

2 Cruel Intentions (1999) – Purely for the chemistry

Cruel Intentions Revival

The defining moment of the ‘classics with a modern twist’ genre that was all the rage for a few years in the late ‘90s. Cruel Intentions is essentially Dangerous Liaisons with an upscale teen cast.

It’s exploitative, dirty-minded and totally corrupt. Which is why it’s a perfect Netflix and Chill movie. Yes, the acting isn’t great. Yes, it handles teenage sexuality with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. But the kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair is as sexy now as it was then and after that, who’s watching the movie anyhow. It’s 90 minutes of people talking about sex in the most upfront ways possible. It’s well worth its place on this list.

1 Romeo + Juliet (1996) - For Leo

With Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet - Best Leonardo Dicaprio Performances

You thought number 1 was going to be Titanic, didn’t you? Well, no. Nobody wants to have sex while a massive boat sinks in the background and Kate Winslet screams for three hours. This Leo movie, however, is perfect for three reasons:

1. It keeps its Shakespearean dialogue, so you don’t know what they’re saying some of the time anyway. This is perfect, you’re engaged enough not to be bored but not so into it to forget the person you’re there with.

2. The 90s soundtrack is amazing. Unlike most things 90s, it’s stood up really well. There’s so much theatricality to the musical numbers that they are perfect opportunities to forget the story and just go for it.

3. Leo. As alluring now as he was then, Leonardo DiCaprio remains the definitive matinee idol.


Hopefully we've given you a few good ideas for the upcoming Valentine's Day weekend. Sure, you could go out and watch Deadpool, but your chances might be better at home.

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