10 Reasons To Be Excited For Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just around the corner, many fans are excited to finally lay their eyes on the film, while others are more skeptical after several of the trailers were released and seemingly revealed many of the film's plot twists. This film has already been subject to an array of criticism that is sometimes harsh and other times valid, but there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about this highly anticipated film.

Being the second film in the DC Extended Universe, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has the weight of the entire DC Extended Universe resting on the strong, sturdy shoulders of the two most iconic superheroes of all time. While it is always smart to keep one's guard up, let’s explore all of the reasons to be enthusiastic about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Reasons To Be Excited For Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

11 Superman will be held accountable for the destruction of man of steel

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One of the biggest criticisms of the DC Extended Universe so far relates to the events of Man of Steel. Not only did Superman snap Zod’s neck, but he completely obliterated Metropolis and Smallville during his battle with the other Kryptonians. Even for those familiar with the character, it seemed a bit worrisome to think that the hero commonly referred to as a "boy scout" would not only murder his enemy, but also endanger and kill civilians with his recklessness. However, all of these poor choices made by Superman shouldn't simply be disregarded. They are now the reasons for the public to have a divided opinion on the hero, and also the main reason why Batman must now go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel.

The trailers of Dawn of Justice show Metropolis with repairs being made, memorials erected, and hearings held. The new movie is pulling no punches in how it addresses all of the destruction of Man of Steel and will seemingly turn it into a pivotal moment within the DCEU. With what is now referred to as the Black Zero Event creating a divide between Batman and Superman, Dawn of Justice looks to be taking full responsibility for all of those moments that made fans uneasy during Man of Steel.

10 Doomsday looks faithful to the comics

Batman V Superman Doomsday

Without a doubt, the inclusion of Doomsday is the biggest point of concern among fans about Batman V Superman. Doomsday does give us plenty of reasons to be excited, though some have mentioned that his appearance isn't accurate to the comics, in that he's not covered with spiky protrusions. However, those who may know a bit more about the character know that Doomsday’s spikes are all formed from previous wounds, thanks to his increased evolutionary process that constantly allows him to come back from the dead. If Doomsday gets an arm ripped off, a cut on his face, or a hole in his leg, each wound will be replaced by another spiky protrusion to further protect that area from the same type of wound or attack.

With Lex literally creating Doomsday in the upcoming film, Doomsday would not have very many spikes on his body yet. In fact, Doomsday does have rock-like formations around the same areas that Zod had all of his wounds from fighting Superman. This alone confirms that Doomsday will continue to evolve and gain more and more spikes. We should be excited that they are introducing a “baby” Doomsday, which gives the creature plenty of room to grow throughout the movie.

Now let’s just see how they handle the CGI in the fight scenes.

9 It'll give us a Battle Of The Titans

Batman v. Superman - Complete Guide to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight

Batman and Superman are by far the two most iconic superheroes of all time. The only other hero that even comes close is Spider-Man, and even he is not as recognizable or widely known as these two. Not only should we be extremely excited at the prospect of getting these two on the screen together, but the fact that we are getting to see a fight between them is even more interesting. Like the comics, these two are trading blows over one another’s tactics and ideologies. Much of the movie seems to be inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, which exciting news for any comic book fan. The fight that takes place within those pages is one of their greatest matches of all

Some casual fans, unaware of the animosity between the characters in the comics, may be asking, “why is Batman fighting Superman?” but even they will enjoy these two heroes trading blows when the movie comes out. Just the few scenes we’ve seen in the trailers show us just how bloody and brutal this fight will be.

8 Lex Luthor will be the most devious villain yet

Jessie Eisenberg Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is another concern fans have about Batman V Superman. Many are worried that Eisenberg's goofy demeanor, like his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, will be the only way Lex is portrayed on-screen, but fans of the character know that there is much more to Lex than just his public persona. The digital comics that act as a prequel to the film suggest that Lex Luthor is much more than an eccentric tech genius and real estate mogul. In these comics, Lex is shown behind closed doors, and he is just as cold and calculating as his comic book counterpart. The hatred and rage he harbors for Superman is very much present and it will surely be featured in the film. 

Not only will he have his spiteful and calculated persona, but the trailers have also shown us that this Lex will be the best amalgamation of the previous Lex Luthors from the comics. Most previous on-screen Lex’s have been power-hungry billionaires with business empires that also have hatred for Superman, but none have given us the mad scientist. While some have had wild plots, Eisenberg’s Lex will be much more hands-on in creating havoc on the streets of Metropolis and Gotham.

In the trailers, we see Lex creating Doomsday, and meddling with Kryptonite, which ensures that this Lex will be a scientific mastermind as well as a business magnate. Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is shaping up to be the most well-rounded Lex Luthor we have ever seen on-screen.

7 The Batmobile Looks Awesome

Batman V Superman Zack Snyder Brings Batmobile to Comic-Con

Batmobiles have always been a highlight in any Batman appearance, whether in film, animation or video games. Now that we've seen this new Batmobile in use, it’s safe to say that it will be as memorable and badass as those that came before it. This version of the Batmobile seems to be a great mixture of several previous Batmobiles, which will surely please fans of Batman.

For instance, it has the long shape of the Batmobiles in Tim Burton's Batman movies, the militaristic features of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight, and the gadgetry of the Batmobile from the '60s TV series. Whether Batman uses to combat Superman, regular criminals, or for simply transportation, this behemoth will definitely give us that warm feeling that only Batmobiles can give us.

6 It will introduce the DC Extended Universe

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been enjoying a large and interconnected on-screen story for years now, and it is finally DC’s turn to get in on the action. While there are some who claim DC is rushing to catch up with Marvel, DC is not beholden to the same strategy as Marvel and Disney. We won’t know how well they handle introducing the other characters until we see the film, but we should be excited that they are beginning to expand their universe now rather than later.

The fact that we will see other Justice League members in this film is nothing but exhilarating! Having already seen the Trinity - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - together in the trailer, the idea of seeing more members of the Justice League joining in on the fight has the potential to be huge. In many of DC's animated efforts, they have united these superheroes around a common enemy, and that seems like the case here as well. We don't know what role Aquaman or The Flash will have yet, but we're sure excited to find out.

5 It'll Be Faithful to the The Source Material

Being a comic book reader isn't necessary for enjoying a good comic book movie, but it's always nice for the fans when the movie is faithful to the source material. Luckily, those working on Batman V Superman are not only good at making movies, but also have a lot of love for the comics the movie is based on. Director Zack Snyder has already made Hollywood's most faithful comic book adaptation so far, Watchmen, and has been passionate about DC characters for his entire life. Ben Affleck has not only been a longtime fan of DC comics, but also went so far as to install a Batcave entrance to the panic room in his house.

Perhaps the most underrated piece of this puzzle is Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer of DC, who is credited as Executive Producer. To have a renowned comic writer on their team, helping make decisions on the film, could help ensure that Batman V Superman will adhere to the source material in a way that some of the Marvel films have not.

4 Wonder Woman looks cool as heck

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman is a superhero that has not been given her proper due on film - until now. The fact that we’re getting a Wonder Woman in this film is reason enough to be excited, but from what we’ve seen, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is shaping up to be just as badass as the character from the comics. There are plenty of those who are worried about her acting, but the contrast of Gadot’s soft, gentle demeanor when she’s Diana Prince and her strong, warrior-like appearance as Wonder Woman should be enough to at least make the nay-sayers change their tune. Gadot is obviously grasping the idea of Wonder Woman’s dual personality. On top of this, Wonder Woman has been described as the best hand-to-hand combatant in the DCEU, so her fight scenes will surely kick as much ass as she does.

Also, we're confident that her inclusion won’t take away from the central conflict between Superman and Batman. In fact, she could even have a hand in the conflict herself. She could introduce the two to the idea of having the Justice League. Knowing that the League will be forming soon enough, her involvement as a central player in the formation of the team would be great. It would help cement her as a powerful and dominant female character in this universe, something that’s been lacking in other superhero franchises.

3 we get to see batman and superman as Super Friends

Batman V Superman Trailer Wonder Woman Trinity

We now know that Batman and Superman find common ground in this film when the threat of Doomsday is introduced. Some are up in arms over this reveal, but is it truly something to be upset over?

Batman and Superman, despite their brawls, have always respected each other’s intentions to protect humanity. To think that these two will team up to protect the world they both love is not surprising at all. In fact, it’s exciting to see the filmmakers create a faithful interpretation of the tenuous relationship the two have shared for decades. Instead of being upset that this was “revealed,” we should be ecstatic that this film will be delivering the best aspects of the Batman and Superman relationship.

2 it'll give us a more comprehensive version of batman

ben affleck batman v superman

We’ve seen some great renditions of Batman on-screen, but none have given us a Batman that fully encapsulates every aspect of the character. For instance, Adam West’s Batman was a great representation of the campy Batman of the '60s, Keaton’s was a dark and gloomy man of the night, and Bale’s was the sophisticated and precise vigilante, but there have been versions of the character that have been unrepresented. We have yet to see a "World's Greatest Detective" Batman, a gadget-savvy Batman, a Batman who is at the height of human capability in terms of physical strength and ability, or a Batman who is teetering on the edge of mental collapse.

In all of the trailers for Batman V Superman, we’ve seen Ben Affleck’s Batman seething with rage and we’ve been introduced to his authoritarian outlook on crime and punishment. In the latest trailer, Batman not only neutralizes enemies' weapons with disruptors, but also uses smoke bombs and his grappling gun to perform takedowns. There are no clear signs that this Batman is world’s greatest detective, but we are led to believe that he knows Clark Kent is Superman. That conclusion doesn’t require the best deduction skills, but it could be a hint that we're getting the detective side of Batman in this film.

Finally, the way Batman fights in these trailers is the truest interpretation of Batman’s fighting style and physical capabilities we’ve ever seen on-screen. To see him swiftly gliding across the floor taking out multiple enemies at once, and brutally doling out justice is not only a spectacle to witness, but is reminiscent of the Batman from the comics.

1 Conclusion

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Some may still have reservations about this film, and others will dislike it no matter what, but hopefully we’ve laid out plenty of reasons to be excited to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016.

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