10 Best Real-Life Superheroes

Real Life Superheroes

Most people have dreamed of being a superhero at some point or another. It would be great to have extraordinary strength, the ability to fly, super speed, or any of the other numerous powers that would make life so much easier.  But we all know that's just the stuff of comics or movies. However, there are groups of people that saw the need for someone super and decided they would answer that call, superpowers or not.

There are people out there who dress up in costumes and fight crime or help the less fortunate. Though they come from all walks of life, these people take the idea of a comic book superhero and apply it to the real world to do some good in their communities, whether it's by beating up muggers or making sure the homeless have an extra pair of socks.

Here are the 10 Best Real-Life Superheroes.

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Lion Heart Real-Life Superhero
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10 Lion Heart

Lion Heart Real-Life Superhero


Based in the African nation of Liberia, Lion Heart is a real life superhero quite unlike any other. Rather than stopping crimes or helping the homeless like many others, Lion Heart is looking to change entire countries and communities.

Growing up in a nation torn apart by war and civil unrest, separated from his family at a young age, Lion Heart decided that if he ever made it home, he would help improve his country. Donning a symbol of power in Africa, he set about educating villagers about the dangers of unclean water and human trafficking. Through his work, he’s making people more educated and improving their lives.

9 Dex Laserskater

Dex Laserskater Real-Life Superhero


Bearing a bit of a resemblance to the short lived comic hero Skateman, Dex Laserskater rolls around the streets of Helsinki, Finland doing good deeds. Unlike most of the heroes on this list, Dex isn’t fighting muggers or stopping drug deals, he’s doing simpler things.

When he’s not working a normal job, Dex is spending his time as a superhero rollerblading around, helping lost tourists, tipping waiters and bouncers at restaurants and clubs, helpings the homeless, returning lost items to their rightful owners, and other various good deeds. While he might not be saving the world, it’s safe to say that Dex is probably making Helsinki just a little better.

8 Superbarrio

Super Barrio Real-Life Superhero


With a superhero origin story that’s very much outside the norm, Superbarrio is a high school dropout who dons a luchador mask and tights to fight crime in a much different way than most. Rather than resorting to violence to fight crime and corruption, Superbarrio uses his image and following to organize and stage protests and labor rallies, and to file petitions against unjust things.

Superbarrio has even made the transition to being an actual comic character, as he appeared in multiple issues of Crisis as an activist trying to prevent multi-national corporations from taking advantage of Latin American countries.

7 The Statesman

Mr. Statesman Extreme Real-Life Superhero


A mild-mannered banker during the day and a superhero a few nights a week, The Statesman is a real life superhero that’s helping to make the streets of Birmingham, England, a safer place. Using some of his training as a boxer and a former member of the Territorial Army, The Statesman patrols the city helping to bust up drug deals and prevent burglaries, all while telling his girlfriend that he’s out playing poker.

In addition to all that, The Statesman also helps out the homeless and teams up with other Birmingham-based superheroes to patrol the city and make things a little safer.

6 Terrifica

Terrifica Real-Life Superhero

Instead of the taking the broad approach of fighting crime or helping the homeless, Terrifica set her sights on a very specific goal: preventing drunk women from being taken advantage of. With that goal in mind, she would patrol the bars and clubs of New York City, looking for girls who might have had a bit too much to drink and were being led to some questionable decisions by the men they were with.

Though she’s now retired, Terrifica made a name for herself in New York, even getting to the point where she had something of a nemesis in “Fantastico,” a player who had been thwarted by Terrifica multiple times.

5 Mr. Xtreme

Mr. Extreme Real-Life Superhero


A security guard in San Diego during his day job, Mr. Xtreme takes to the streets to help the homeless and stop small crimes. While he certainly looks the part of a vigilante, decked out in mismatched body armor, helmet, and goggles, he largely uses nonviolent means to help make his community a better place.

Drawing on personal experiences, like being bullied and mugged as a child, Mr. Xtreme, as his name implies, is doing all he can to better his community - whether it’s organizing benefits for the homeless, going on casual patrols, or volunteering at places around town.

4 Geist

Geist Real-Life Superhero


A man of few words, Geist has closely protected his civilian identity, claiming that only one friend knows about his superhero activities. Geist is another of the heroes that has decided to largely forgo the brand of vigilante justice that most people associate with most real life superheroes, knowing that what he can do and what the police can do are often different things.

Instead, he focuses his time and effort on helping the homeless, victims of abuse and tragedy, and other charities. Whether it’s handing out supplies to the homeless, taking treats and food to local shelters, or putting a smile on the faces of kids in the hospital, Geist is humble about the good deeds he’s done.

3 Thanatos

Thanatos Real-Life Superhero


Unlike most people, after being told by a police officer that some homeless “only have death to look forward to,” this man decided that Death better get out there and help those homeless people. So he donned a mask and costume, took up the name Thanatos (the Greek personification of Death) and hit the Vancouver streets to give the homeless a helping hand with some much needed essentials.

Though old enough to get the senior discount at basically every restaurant chain, this man isn’t content with just sitting idly by and seeks to make at least a small difference in the life of those he helps.

2 Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones Real-Life Superhero


Probably no other hero on this list can come close to being a real life comic hero like Phoenix Jones. The alter ego of real life mixed martial arts fighter Ben Fodor, Phoenix Jones patrols the streets of Seattle and helps innocent people. The man has put his MMA training to use and has broken up muggings, assaults, and much more in his time as a costumed hero.

He’s even been stabbed and shot at in the line of duty, avoiding serious injury thanks to the ballistic vest and other protective coverings he has built into his suit. Jones has run into trouble with the law on a couple of occasions, coming under scrutiny for how he handles situations and whether his intervention has actually been called for.

1 Master Legend

Master Legend Real-Life Superhero


Easily the most interesting superhero on this list and possibly the most eccentric, Master Legend is likely one of the most well known real life superheroes. Claiming to have donned the mask as early as age 16, Master Legend has seemingly done it all, helping the homeless, organizing toy drives, and getting physical when the need arises.

As with all the greatest superheroes, Master Legend has faced trials and tribulations - claiming to have died multiple times and came back with greater wisdom after his most recent death, combated a hypnotist who was telling children to steal, established the first tax-exempt, non-profit real life superhero organization, Justice Inc., and much more.


Do you know of any other real life superheroes patrolling the streets? Let us know in the comments!

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