10 Best Raunchy Animated Series (According To IMDb)

It wasn't too long ago when animated shows were relegated almost exclusively to a child audience. What many don't realize is the most iconic cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were created for the enjoyment of adults as well as kids.

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In recent years, people have gotten more accustomed to the idea that animated works are for all ages, with many series and films catering to older teens and adults. To celebrate the more racy side of animation, the following list will present the ten highest-rated raunchy animated series, according to the good folks over at IMDb.

10 Black Dynamite (8.1)

Black Dynamite animated series

If anyone reading this has yet to see the live-action film, Black Dynamite, open up a new tab or head to the video store and remedy that immediately. The classic comedy is as much a parody of blaxploitation as it is a genuine contribution to the genre. After watching the movie, be sure to catch the animated series that ran on Adult Swim for twenty episodes.

It continues with the same brand of comedy as the movie and features much of the cast from the original film. It still takes place in the '70s, with episodes including many pop culture references and icons from the time period. It should serve to keep people entertained until Black Dynamite 2 comes out, whenever that happens.

9 Family Guy (8.2)

Family Guy's initial run lasted three seasons before it got the ax. After garnering a new audience on Adult Swim, Fox brought the show back from the afterlife for new episodes in 2005. Since then, it has been consistently airing year after year, racking up more than three hundred episodes.

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It has changed dramatically over the years and only resembles the early years in aesthetic alone, but it still has its fans. For those who are not as into it anymore, the older seasons still hold up wonderfully.

8 Metalocalypse (8.3)

Brendon Small brought an authenticity to this metal-themed show that could have easily seemed like a mean-hearted satire of the genre poking fun at the music and its fans. It's clear the creators have a deep reverence and love for metal, and they even write and perform the music of the show's fictional band.

Even if you don't love metal, there is plenty to love about Metalocalypse. The show and band show no signs of continuing, but sixty episodes and three albums exist for fans to feast themselves on.

7 The Boondocks (8.4)

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The Boondocks ignited just as much controversy as it did love with its hot takes on various social issues that are equally relevant today as they were in 2005. The show, based on Aaron McGruder's comic strip of the same name, deals with two African-American kids moving from Chicago's inner city to a predominantly white suburban neighborhood with their grandfather.

It's vulgar but intelligent, hilarious but thought-provoking. Four seasons exist as of now, with a fifth one on the way in the near future.

6 BoJack Horseman (8.4)

Not all main characters are models for living. The washed-up television star, BoJack Horseman, is an example of how not to live life and treat those close to you.

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Still, the character's struggles are used to tell some important stories about depression and self-destructiveness. Laughs still permeate every episode, though. There is often laughter in tears and sadness when it comes to jokes.

5 Futurama (8.5)

Fry and Leela on Futurama

Futurama is about a lowly delivery boy who accidentally freezes himself and ends up one thousand years in the future. The friends he makes in his new life include an attractive cyclops with whom he falls in love, a homicidal alcoholic robot, and an old professor. Episodes cover a wide variety of topics and emotions.

One week audiences will laugh their butts off, another one they'll be wrapping their mind around a thought-provoking science-fiction story, and sometimes they'll be bawling their eyes out. It's truly a phenomenal show that won't grow old with one hundred-forty episodes and several movies under its belt.

4 The Venture Bros. (8.5)

The Venture Bros.

A large majority of The Venture Bros.' viewing audience may not realize the show's late '60s inspirations. The characters take cues from adventure cartoons like Johnny Quest and The Hardy Boys, all of whom kind of make cameos in the show itself.

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The series also likes to take its sweet time pumping out new seasons, having only released seven of them over the course of fifteen years. It's not as outwardly comedic as the other shows on this list, choosing to focus more on adventure and plot, but it still has plenty of laughs.

3 Archer (8.6)

Archer's crude animation style lends to its unique charm. What really makes this show stand out, however, is the depth of its humor. Vulgar carnal jokes will go hand in hand with deep literary references.

On top of that, the cast of characters changes over time and arcs sometimes last several seasons. In recent years, the show has seen a drastic change, with each season taking place in a new setting, unaffected by the last. It's an interesting way to keep the series fresh, which is hard to do after ten years.

2 South Park (8.7)

South Park shook up the television landscape when it debuted in 1997. Its irreverent, profane comedy garnered as many laughs as it did controversy and put Comedy Central on the map.

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Its viewership is only a fraction of what it used to be, but the show is still churning out great episodes, focusing on more contemporary topics rather than potty humor. Not everyone has taken to these changes, but it helps to keep things exciting after so many years on the air.

1 Rick And Morty (9.3)

Morty and Rick in Rick & Morty season 2

Rick and Morty's stories are nearly indescribable. Its mixture of hard sci-fi, family drama, and unrelenting jokes has taken the culture by storm.

Its future always looked uncertain at the end of each season, but fans now have seventy new episodes to look forward to, ensuring that the mad scientist and his grandson will have plenty more adventures for years to come. Just remember: Rick is not how anyone should treat their family and loved ones.

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