10The Dark Knight (2008)

There is so much wreckage in the car chase scene of The Dark Knight that it’s hard to believe that CGI wasn’t used. In this epic sequence of mass destruction, the Batmobile, a garbage truck, semi truck, cop cars, and numerous civilian cars are destroyed. Often, production crews will create miniature

sets when they need to film destruction of this magnitude, but not Christopher Nolan. To achieve authenticity, he closed down streets of Chicago to film the scene.

The first jaw-dropping special effect in the sequence takes place when the Batmobile takes out the Joker’s garbage truck by smashing it from underneath. To achieve the effect, Nolan used a one-third scale model of the Batmobile and sent it on a guided crash course with the garbage truck. Even more impressive was the climatic flip of the garbage truck. The special effects crew accomplished this sequence by building a steam piston mechanism in the trailer, which provided the upward force needed to flip the monstrous truck.

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