12 Pixar Spinoff Movies We Want To See

Bing Bong Inside Out - Pixar Spinoffs

There’s no doubt that Pixar is riding high right now; Inside Out was a smash hit, the first trailer for the long-awaited Finding Nemo sequel (Finding Dory) was released this month to a rapturous internet, we’ve got Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 to look forward to, and there’s a brand new property on the horizon: The Good Dinosaur. Phew!

The animation studio just seems to be going from success to success, and part of that comes from re-visiting favorite characters and franchises. When the audience is already deeply invested in certain adorable characters, it just makes sense to keep telling their stories! Add some Pixar-style magic in the form of self-discovery and friendship, and it should be a guaranteed hit.

So what else could we see from the best-loved properties already in the Pixar vaults? Here are 12 Pixar Spinoff Movies We Want To See.

The Rules:

Straightforward sequels or prequels for main characters aren’t included in this list. We are looking at secondary characters only, and only at characters in feature-length Pixar movies.

11 Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Edna Mode - The Incredibles

Although she appears to have no superpowers, the super-designer with a flair for the dramatic is an integral part of the super community, and she could easily carry her own film. She's funny, feisty, and has a lot of heart (under her tough-love exterior).  However, there are a lot of questions about Edna (Brad Bird) that need answering.

How, exactly, does someone become a superhero costume designer in the first place? Surely that’s a fairly tight-knit community to break into? Perhaps Ms. Mode had a superhero love back in the good old days, but wasn’t quite as wise to the dangers of capes that she is now. Maybe there is a personal reason that she is so very aware of every cape-related death, and that she seems to be living alone with little patience for the over-emotional. A character this dramatic surely has some kind of backstory worth hearing!

10 Frozone (The Incredibles)

Frozone - Pixar Spinoffs

Another fantastic character from the superhero hit is Lucius Best, aka Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson). Bob’s (Craig T. Nelson) ice-wielding best friend is sure to have plenty of stories to tell; not just from the good old days, but now that he’s back in costume and publicly fighting crime again.

We also need to meet his wife, "Honey" (Kimberly Adair Clark), who managed to win over fans with only off-screen lines. There’s a sassy female character (who may or may not be a superhero herself!) who deserves a little more exploration. We never learn if they have children, or who the rest of Frozone’s family is, and that’s something that would make a great spinoff (especially if "Honey" isn’t superpowered- now there’s an interesting conflict for a marriage!). And of course, Frozone is a badass, and deserves to be more than just a sidekick.

9 Bruce (Finding Nemo)

Finding Nemo - Pixar Spinoffs

What compels a shark to decide that fish are friends, not food? It’s a fairly big leap for a Great White to take, and despite Bruce’s (Barry Humphries) best intentions, his journey has clearly not been an easy one!

While there are many amazing characters in Finding Nemo, it’s Bruce’s story that has the most potential. A fish struggling against his own instinct, undoubtedly ostracized by the other sharks - except Anchor (Eric Bana) and Chum (Bruce Spence) - but choosing to follow his own path regardless; that sounds like a great movie to me! Plus there is the question of what started him down this road to begin with. At what point did he start to think about fish as more than just food, and why? Did adorable kid-shark Bruce have an unlikely friendship with a tuna? Is Bruce still a teen, rebelling against his parents in the only way a shark can? Are there more chapters of fish-eaters anonymous? It’s definitely worth finding out!

8 Horst (Ratatouille)

Horst Ratatouille - Pixar Spinoffs

If there was ever a backstory just waiting to be told, it’s Horst (Will Arnett). The ultimate badass at Gusteau’s, and the first to quit when Linguini’s (Lou Romano) secret is revealed, this German sous-chef left audiences with some big questions.

Did he really kill a man with just his right thumb? His tall tales of a criminal past include being a bank robber, an environmental terrorist, and a master of criminal fraud. But which is true? Did this seemingly mild-mannered foodie even go to prison at all, or is it a way to keep the rest of the brigade just a little bit scared of him?

Horst’s story could be a prequel, but it could also be a sequel, as he puts some of these criminal talents to good use after quitting Gusteau’s. Horst could return to his life of crime when he can’t find another job in Paris (given the scandal at his last restaurant, it couldn’t be easy), or he could perhaps find love with a fellow underworld gourmand.

7 Roz (Monsters Inc.)

Roz Monsters Inc. - Pixar Spinoffs

When this surly, slug-like, monster administrator was revealed to be an undercover agent at the end of Monsters Inc., she suddenly became a lot more interesting. As Agent 000001 of the CDA (Child Detection Agency), Roz (Bob Peterson) has to have had plenty of adventures (especially as she was already an agent by the time Sully (John Goodman) and Mike (Billy Crystal) were in college in Monsters University).

Out of all her experiences, though, which was it that turned her into the grumpy, unhappy Roz that we know? Perhaps in her time as an agent, she had a romance that went sour, or a friend who betrayed her (back-stabbing friends seem par for the course if you are a secret agent). Maybe she had some difficult decisions to make when it came to choosing the CDA over someone that mattered to her. We know that Roz does have a heart in there somewhere - even if she has no patience with Mike and his dating life, she makes sure that Boo (Mary Gibbs) gets home safe by the end of the film. A younger, more optimistic Roz would make an incredible spinoff for this series.

6 Circus Bugs (A Bug's Life)

Circus Bug's Life - Pixar Spinoffs

One of Pixar’s first feature-length films, A Bug's Life is often overlooked in discussions about potential sequels or spinoffs, but there is plenty there to work with if they ever decided to dust it off. Our motley crew of circus performer bugs are brought to Ant Island to save the day in the original film, but surely this is just the beginning of their story?

With their new found confidence, where do the circus bugs go after Hopper (Kevin Spacey) and his crew are vanquished? They could stay with the ants, but let’s face it, that could get a little bit boring for bugs used to the bright lights of the stage. We might see them headed back to the “big city”… or, seeing as the “big city” was actually just a pile of garbage under a trailer, they could head to a real city. Circus Bugs finding their way in, say, New York City would definitely make an interesting story. And of course, with so many characters in this little group, the possibilities for friendships and romance are almost endless.

5 Guido and Luigi (Cars)

Guido Luigi Cars - Pixar Spinoffs

Cars has already had one sequel, which was basically a spinoff for Mater the Tow Truck (Larry the Cable Guy), but there are still plenty of characters who deserve a chance at the spotlight. Top of the list? Guido (Guido Quaroni) and Luigi (Tony Shalhoub) - the Italian tire salescars who are big fans of Formula One (or whatever the Cars universe version of F1 racing is!).

We saw Guido kick some serious bumper as part of Lightning McQueen’s (Owen Wilson) pit crew, and we know that his dream was to meet a real Ferrari. Which he did, because Lightning is good to his friends. So what now? It’s time that Luigi and Guido headed home to Europe for a while, maybe even spending some time on the European circuit. Do Guido’s skills find him success in a Ferrari pit crew, or does he just come up against the same sizeist prejudice he did at home? Will their friendship survive a trip back to Italy, or will this be the ultimate test for the duo?

4 Bo-Peep (Toy Story)

Bo Peep Toy Story - Pixar Spinoffs

Woody’s (Tom Hanks) original love interest disappeared in the last installment of Pixar’s flagship franchise, and it’s never been completely explained why. While there are various theories that she was broken (she is porcelain, after all), the most prevalent (and least depressing) is that she was simply sold off at a yard sale. While the toys are happy to go after their lost brethren, it’s made clear that if a toy is sold, the others accept it.

So assuming Peep (Annie Potts) was sold to someone new, what happened to her? She could have been picked up by someone with an entire collection of china dolls, and be struggling to cope with life as a collectible on a shelf. Or perhaps she was given to Bonnie (Emily Hahn) earlier on – we know that Andy’s mom knows Bonnie’s mom, and IMDB does list Annie Potts as part of the Toy Story 4 cast!

There’s also the slightly zanier possibilities. Given that Bo-Peep is such a big part of the first two films, and that she’s very good at finding lost sheep… perhaps their adventures inspire Peep to head out on her own to rescue lost toys! This could bring her back to Woody in the end, and still give her plenty of scope for her own adventures.

3 Bing Bong (Inside Out)

Bing Bong Inside Out - Pixar Spinoffs

There was barely a dry eye in the house when Bing Bong (Richard Kind) decided to stay behind in the pit of lost memories to save Joy (Amy Poehler) and, by extension, Riley (Kaitlyn Dias). This pink elephant/raccoon/cat/dolphin was a standout character in the film, and although he has faded away from Riley’s memory, is he really gone forever?

Pixar is known for letting their imaginations run wild, so what if imaginary friends are never entirely lost? Could Bing Bong, after fading away in the Memory Dump, find himself somewhere else entirely- a way station of sorts for imaginary friends who have been forgotten? (Or a Pixar variant on Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.) Could Bing Bong find his way back to Riley when she has a child who starts to dream up adventures, or as the germ of a story idea that she writes in college? Bing Bong could also simply become the friend to a new child, helping her (or him!) through a whole new set of problems, and giving us another glimpse inside the wonderful world of the imagination, Pixar-style.

2 Kevin the Snipe (Up)

Kevin the Snipe Up - Pixar Spinoffs

Pixar isn’t afraid of a challenge, so why not try an Up spinoff featuring none other than Kevin and her babies? Baby snipes are, after all, absolutely painfully adorable, and Kevin made quite an impression for a character with no voice!

This would also give Pixar lots of scope to do something a little different and make a film including some characters who are native to the jungles of South America. Does a baby snipe get lost, or run away as an angsty adolescent? After having out-witted Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer), what other problems might Kevin run into in the jungle, and which other explorers may appear to befriend or capture her? Or, perhaps, could a baby snipe get captured (surely they aren’t quite as wily as their mother yet) and have their own adventure at the zoo? It’s time for these brightly colored birds to get a voice, and a story of their own!

1 The Witch (Brave)

Witch Brave - Pixar Spinoffs

It’s hard to decide if the tricky forest witch in Brave is a villain by intent or by accident, so it’s about time we find out! We know that she has a habit of turning people into bears, but what else has she done? Who else are the “many unsatisfied customers” that had her turning from magic to woodcarving, and did she turn them all into bears, or is there more range to her magic than that?

Another character with some real prequel potential, the Witch (Julie Walters), whose real name we never learn, must have come across many other mortals who were just desperate to change their fates, and it feels as though she really does want to help in her own special way. Who else has she cast spells for in the past, and where? How did she gain these magical powers of transformation in the first place? Why all the bears? There are plenty of questions that we need answers to, and the only way to get them is a spinoff!


Who would you like to see appear in a Pixar spinoff? Comment and let us know the adventures that you would most like to see!

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