The 10 Best Pixar Couples, Ranked

Disney's Pixar films have been around since Toy Story debuted in 1995. Since then, a surprisingly small amount of animated films have been given the Pixar namesake, though each one seems to become a classic. Pixar's characters maintain their unique charm and personalities with every new addition to the Pixar threshold.

Like most Disney films, these fables typically have a love story intertwined into the plot without making it the key focus. It's an admirable tradition that helps set Pixar-specific films apart from the rest of the Disney clan. There are a handful of Pixar couples that made audiences fall in love with them, while some pairings never really seemed to add up. So to help recognize the most heart-warming duos, here are the 10 best Pixar couples, ranked

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10 Mike Wazowski and Celia Mae


Mike is, without a doubt, a terrible boyfriend. While it's clear that he really does love Celia Mae, he slacks in the truth department. Viewers first see Celia Mae in Monster's Inc as a receptionist. She's an amiable magenta-colored monster with snakes for hair. She gets reasonably upset with Mike the night that he takes her out for a lovely night out on the town. One thing leads to another and Celia gets injured, only to have Miike abandon her to take care of Boo. When Celia demands to know what's going on, it takes some persuasion (and anger) on her end to get Mike to tell her the truth.

Although Celia forgives him in the end and even helps him and Sully out, it just doesn't seem like these two make the most compatible couple.

9 Flik and Princess Atta

Atta and Flik from A Bug's Life

Flik from A Bug's Life is a very eccentric character. It really doesn't mesh well with Princess Atta's formidable attitude. She seems pretty annoyed with him for the majority of the film, even if it's just Flik's excitement about one of his inventions. Flik has an obvious crush on the princess, which she doesn't seem to reciprocate. In fact, her initial attitude towards him makes it seem as though she feels that she is out of his league.

The two end up together in the end so hopefully, it all worked out for them.

8 King Fergus and Queen Elinor 

Merida's Parents Brave

The King and Queen of the clan Dunbroch seem to be the ultimate couple at the beginning of Brave. They have that natural balance where  Queen Elinor is the stricter parent and King Fergus serves as the fun-loving one. They definitely make the best parenting duo, until Merida turns her mother into a bear. At this point, King Fergus seems too distracted by the kingdom's politics to even notice that his wife is missing. When he finally does see her in her furry appearance, he refuses to listen to his daughter and goes to defeat the bear, who he takes to be the legendary Mor'du.

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Everything works out, and the King's obvious relief to have his wife back unharmed shows that he has a deep amount of love for his queen.

7 Woody and Bo Peep

Toy Story to explore Bo Peep and Woody romance

Woody and Bo Peep have a rocky relationship. They seem to have an established connection from the beginning of the first Toy Story, although audiences are not privy their history. When Woody is accused of murdering Buzz, Bo Peep is the only one who tries to stop the other toys from throwing him out the window. Once Buzz and Woody return, Bo shows her enthusiasm by kissing him all over his face.

The relationship seems to fizzle out somehow, with Bo Peep not making an appearance in later Toy Story films. She makes a noticeable resurgence in Toy Story 4 which came out recently, so it remains to be seen if the two rekindle their romance.

6 Buzz and Jessie

Toy Story 3 Woody Buzz Jessie Pixar

Jessie is Woody's partner-in-crime. At least, she was during Woody's Round-Up Gang era that audiences learn about in Toy Story 2. Most people may have presumed that Woody and Jessie would form some kind of relationship, but it's actually Buzz that Jessie takes a liking to. For Buzz, it seems to be love at first sight. Buzz and Jessie seem to have a lasting relationship throughout Pixar's continuity.

Their unlikely matchup doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and may just be there for the sake of diversity. Their relationship is never really a focal point in the films, so it's hard to gauge just exactly how happy the two are together.

5 Marlin and Coral

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Finding Nemo

Sorry to bring this one up, but Coral and Marlin from Finding Nemo seem to have had a pretty loving relationship. The film begins with the two clownfish awaiting the arrival of their children. They seem to be devotedly in love with each other and even have that newlywed air about them.

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But then, as we all know, a barracuda violently attacks their coral reef and Coral and their cluster of eggs (save for Nemo) are killed.

4 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead has that perfectly paired relationship. It's obvious that the two love each other, even if Mrs. Potatohead is a bit overbearing at times. Their relationship is reminiscent of how one would see their grandparents; they've been together long enough to know each other through and through.

And even though they may get on each other's nerves, they will love each other forever.

3 Wall-E and EVE

Wall-e and Eve in Wall-e

WALL-E and EVE's pairing unprecedently tugs at the heartstrings. After being left alone on a barren planet, the presence of EVE, a sleek high-tech robot, provokes intense feelings for WALL-E.

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Despite his inferior technological installments, WALL-E comes to EVE's rescue and the two form one of Pixar's most stirring couples.

2 Mr. and Mrs. Incredible


It might seem to some that Mr. and Mrs. Incredible should appear lower on this list of ranking couples. They bicker a lot, and despite them both being heroes, they seem to be in constant competition with one another. This type of behavior is destructive for any kind of relationship, but yet, it makes these two seem the most realistic out of all of Pixar's couples. It shows them in a constant back and forth, whether it be from their kids or their jobs.

It's important to note, however, that at the end of the day Mr. and Mrs. Incredible show unabashed love for each other, which seems to be the power of their unyielding relationship.

1 Carl and Ellie 

Ellie and Carl in Pixar's Up

Carl and Ellie's relationship just tears your heart out. They met each other as children, and audiences get to watch in a heartfelt montage sequence as the two literally grow old together. They have an almost picturesque relationship, despite life's usual pitfalls.

This love goes unwavering even after Ellie's death. This sudden twist serves as the plot for the entire movie as Carl goes on to fulfill their lifelong dream to visit Paradise Falls.

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