Ghostbusters: 10 Best Peter Venkman Quotes

Peter Venkman is one of the most beloved heroes in movie history, but you think about it he isn't really a nice guy. He shocks his students for dubious means, he exploits his friend's finances, he tries to date his terrified clients and he only seems to be interested in saving the day if there is a big fat paycheck involved.

So what is about Dr.Venkman that makes him so endearing? Maybe it’s his way with words and his whimsical, sometimes cynical but always hysterical outlook on life. Peter Venkman proved to geeks that you can be a both an oddball and cool at the same time. Here are ten of his best quotes!

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10 “We've Been Going About This All Wrong, This Mr. Stay Puft Is Ok, He’s A Sailor, He’s In New York, We Get This Guy Laid We Won’t Have Any Trouble!”

During the Ghostbusters battle with Gozer, the mythical being vanishes and asks the boys to “Choose the form of the Destructor!’ Trying to clear their minds of any thought, it is Ray who has a sudden memory from summer camp “just pop in there”, and Gozer returns in the form of a towering Stay Puft Marsh Mellow Man.

Whilst the giant squidgy sailor mascot goes about fulfilling his destructor moniker, the Ghostbusters try to formulate a plan to take it down. Peter’s suggestion may not be practical, but it is funny.

9  "Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist."

The Ghostbusters aren’t your typical action heroes. They don’t rely on martial arts, fast cars or machine guns to save the day. They use their minds to best their foes and showed a generation of children that you don’t have to be the fastest, strongest or best looking to be awesome.

So when questioning the librarian towards the start of the first movie, they are interrupted when the interrogation might be starting to get a little too personal. Peter’s response went on to become a slogan used by doctors, physicists, biologist and all kinds of science experts around the world!

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8  "Valentines Day. Bummer."

At the beginning of Ghostbusters II, we catch up with the gang after a five year period from the events of Gozer. Venkman has decided to capitalize on his new found celebrity and starts his own talk show "The World Of Psychic."

The legitimacy of Peter’s guests physic abilities is dubious at best. The featured episode is focusing on the end of the world, and when guest Elaine reveals the doomsday date she learned an alien she met at a Holiday Inn is February 14th, 2016, Dr. Venkman stares directly at the camera and shares his dismay to the viewing audience with this heartfelt line, going on to become a meme for any singleton during the day of love.

7 "Why Worry, Each One Of Us Is Carrying An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator On His Back."

This line is great for a couple of reasons. First of all, it set’s up to the hilarious visual joke of Egon firing up Ray’s proton pack for the first time and stepping back as far as he can in the elevator due to the intense noise that the ghoulie catching device makes as it comes to life.

The second reason is in one sentence we know how proton packs are powered, we know they’re dangerous and that they might not be altogether legal, setting up plot points for later in the film.

6 "Sometimes, S**t happens, and who you gonna call?"

At one point in Ghostbusters II, the gang ends up having to defend themselves in court for supernatural investigation. When Loius Tully turns out to not be necessarily the best defense lawyer in the world (“Very good Louis, short but pointless”) It’s up to Peter to take to the stand and just say it how it is.

A few moments later, when s***t does actually end up going down thanks to the supernatural arrival of executed gangsters "The Scoleri Brothers", the Ghostbusters take the opportunity to prove Venkman's point.

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5 Nobody Steps On A Church In My Town!

Mr. Staypuft Marshmellow Man might be a sailor in New York looking for a good time, but that doesn’t stop his wave of destruction terrorizing the city.

As Gozer’s final form smashes and crashes its way through the streets, it ends up crushing a church under its gigantic foot. This sends Peter into a rage and he ends up shouting this line at the behemoth while the rest of the gang stand around, to terrified for rational thought.

4 "Let's Suck In The Guts Guys, We’re The Ghostbusters."

There’s something strange in the neighborhood, namely at the art museum where Peter’s ex-girlfriend Dana Barret has taken up employment in Ghostbusters II.

Arriving on the scene to investigate the painting of feared war monger Vigo The Carpathian, The Ghostbusters line up standing next to each other for an iconic shot. However, as previously mentioned none of them are in the most athletic of shape, prompting direction from Venkman to help them appear more classically heroic.

3 "Dogs and Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria!"

After being sent to Jail thanks to environmental lawyer Walter Peck (more on him in a second) the Ghostbusters work out that Dana’s apartment building was built by a mad cult leader after World War One, and is actually designed as a gateway to bring the evil Gozer into our dimension!

Now all our heroes have to do is convince Mayor Lenny to set them free from prison! The list of old testament apocalyptic events including fire and brimstone, rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness, earthquakes and volcanoes and the dead rising from the grave are listed by our four main heroes one by one, leaving Venkman to end it with the topper that natures most enduring rivalry may, in fact, end up living together in perfect harmony!

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2 "Yes, It's true. This Man Has No D***k."

Taken to the mayor's office after Ghostbusters HQ is converted into “spook central” thanks to the actions of Walter Peck, The Ghostbusters are forced to defend themselves from the blame being thrown at them.

When Ray explains that “everything was fine with our systems until the power grid was shut off by d***kless here” Peck retorts with “They caused an explosion!”

The Mayor asks Peter if this is true. In what could have been a moment to help diffuse the situation, Venkman can’t resist to opportunity for a one-liner and things explode into a near riot.

1 "Let’s Show This Prehistoric B**ch How We Do Things Downtown…THROW IT!"

Climbing their way up 19 floors in order to confront Gozer, the Ghostbusters first tactic is to speak with the “Lord Of Seboullia” and maybe even try to reason with it.

After that plan fails and Gozer tries to blow the four off of the rooftop, they realize that now is the time for action. After commanding the team grab their sticks (HOLDING!) Heat’ em up (SMOKIN’!) and to make them hard (READY) all that’s left is to give the final word and unleash the power off the proton packs upon the enemy, starting off one of the most memorable final battles in cinematic history.

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