Overwatch: The 10 Best Skins, Ranked

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch has given fans an enjoyable team-based FPS where even the most casual of players can have a good time playing their favorite heroes.

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One of the more enjoyable Loot Box experiences in gaming is finally unlocking an amazing skin for your Overwatch main. With so many colorful and unique outfits, we decided to see which skins were the best in the game. Here are the 10 best Overwatch skins, ranked!

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10 Zenyatta (Nutcracker)

Zenyatta is an omnic monk promoting peace and harmony while searching for spiritual enlightenment. There is nothing, however, that is spiritual or peaceful with Zenyatta's Legendary Nutcracker skin. The soulless black eyes of the Nutcracker shoot chestnut or chestnut orbs at his opponents, while his ultimate cry of "Experience festivity" denies his enemies the opportunity to attack or damage him.

While his Halloween Cultist Skin is supposed to be the Legendary Skin that brings forth a sense of unease and terror, it might be the unsettling creepiness of his Nutcracker skin that truly makes Zenyatta a chilling sight to see.

9 Moira (Banshee)

One of the newer heroes of Overwatch in the past year or so, Moira O'Deorain is a former Overwatch scientist turned Talon operative, using her knowledge of biology and chemistry to heal her wounds and drain the lifeforce of her enemies.

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No Skin makes that act seem scarier than her Banshee Legendary Skin. Already able to disappear and reappear at will, doing so while in the Banshee form causes her abilities to take on a more supernatural element. Seeing the purple trail of health drain from an enemy and into the Banshee's outstretched hand makes it seem like an actual spirit sucking the soul of their victim.

8 Symmetra (Goddess)

Satya "Symmetra" Vaswani is a gifted architect who uses hard-light technology to create barriers, turrets, and energy beams from thin air. Nothing embodies her desire to shape and control the world around her more than her Legendary Goddess skin, taking on a modified form of a Hindu goddess.

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With golden skulls representing the goddess Kali, the clearest connection is that her skin has turned blue. In Hindu culture, the color blue is associated with the concept of infinity, hence why many Hindu deities are blue-skinned. Given that Symmetra can make reality bend to her will, it's a fitting Skin for the oft-ignored support character.

7 Reinhardt (Greifhardt)

When Reinhardt's animated short Honor and Glory was released by Overwatch in 2017, we glimpsed a tragic side to Reinhardt Wilhelm. Reinhardt's unwavering support of Overwatch stems from the sacrifice of his fallen commander, Balderich van Adler. Balderich was supposed to leave the Crusaders to join Overwatch but sacrificed himself to save Reinhardt and the team. Reinhardt took his place, honoring Balderich's sacrifice.

Balderich's armor now sits abandoned and decayed in Reinhardt's workshop in Eichenwalde. Reinhardt can wear this armor in the form of his Greifhardt Legendary Skin. While an impressive appearance, the story behind it makes it much more meaningful to wear as Reinhardt.

6 Hanzo (Okami)

Hanzo Okami outfit Overwatch

When is a dragon not a dragon? When he's a wolf. Hanzo Shimada was born into the legendary Shimada crime family, destined to rule over it. When he was forced to kill his brother, Hanzo instead fled, now seeking redemption for his actions.

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While his family is typically associated with dragons, in his Okami Legendary Skin changes into a wolf (Okami being the Japanese word for "wolf"). Not only does seeing Hanzo rain death from above wearing a wolf's pelt strike fear into the heart of an Overwatch player, the Skin changes his ultimate and voice lines as well.

Instead of shooting twin dragons that travel the length of the map, he instead shoots twin wolves. Mentions of dragons are now replaced with wolves whenever he speaks a line of dialogue. It's one of the more character-altering skins, which is why it's so popular for those who play Hanzo frequently.

5 Ana (Snow Owl)

Ana Amari is a founding member of Overwatch, using her superior sniper skills to aid her allies and harm her enemies on the field of battle. Presumed killed, she instead adopted various masked disguises and monikers so she wouldn't bring more harm to her family. One of these monikers is her Legendary Snow Owl Skin, giving her a robotic owl mask and feather-lined hood to hide her face.

Given the large, unblinking eyes of the robotic mask, a scary aspect is now added to the sniper's attacks. The mask is even worse when Ana gets Play of the Game and the highlight intro comes up, making her seem even more menacing and deadly.

4 Mercy (Sugar Plum Fairy)

While Tracer is the face of Overwatch, Angela "Mercy" Zeigler is most certainly its heart. A healer and combat medic wielding incredible biotic weaponry and healing technology, Mercy is there to save her allies from the brink of death, and reminds us all that "Heroes never die!".

In her Legendary Sugar Plum Fairy Skin, Mercy's healing takes on a fantasy element, making her seem magical and enchanting. This Skin is easily one of the most beautiful in the game, and completely changes Mercy's appearance. When she activates her ultimate, seeing her as a Sugar Plum Valkyrie fly into the air is a truly magical and inspiring sight to see.

3 Reaper (Pumpkin)

Reaper wasn't always an evil Talon member. He was once Gabriel Reyes, one of the founding members of Overwatch who descended into darkness after his contributions to the organization went unnoticed and unappreciated. He then betrayed Overwatch, and in the fallout was presumed dead. Years later, he has now emerged as the deadly Reaper, determined to wipe Overwatch out for good.

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During Overwatch's Halloween event, you can play the "Junkerstein's Revenge" horde mode game type. One of the tougher enemies that appear is Pumpkin Reaper Pumpkin, who likes to get in close and have his grinning Jack-O-Lantern face be the last thing you see. The skin became wearable during the second iteration of the event. The skin is now so synonymous with Reaper that players who main him will wear the skin year round, making the skin have an almost permanent connection with the character.

2 Widowmaker (Odile)

Widowmaker is a deadly sharpshooter and world-famous assassin, known for never missing her target. But once upon a time, she was Amélie Guillard. An accomplished ballet dancer, she married Overwatch operative Gerard Lacroix, known to be unkillable. One day, Amélie was taken and brainwashed to be a sleeper cell agent for Talon. After murdering her husband in his sleep, she completed the rest of her programming and returned to Talon. She then underwent conditioning to become the infamous Widowmaker, enemy of Overwatch.

Widowmaker's Legendary Odile Skin is both beautiful and unnerving. The crow mask, black eye makeup, and black feathers give Widowmaker a sinister, haunted appearance. The skin references Widowmaker's former life as a ballerina, from when she was still Amélie. In this skin, she is never more graceful than when she's looking for the perfect shot to take out her target. Still, it's heartbreaking to see a form of Amélie that might have been had she not been taken by Talon.

1 Mercy (Pink Mercy)

At first glance, this Pink Skin for Mercy might not seem that impressive compared to the others on this list. Out of all the skins though, this one has done the most good for people who could use a healer like Mercy.

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Blizzard released this skin as an exclusive, purchasable-only outfit, going against their usual system for unlocking skins through Loot Boxes. It was for a worthy cause, however; all sales from purchasing the skin would go toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Sold for a limited time, the skin generated a staggering $12.7 million dollars for BCRF. If you see a player wearing this skin, take a moment to acknowledge that the skin is more than just a palette swap or costume; it's an act of true, demonstrable good. Dr. Ziegler would be proud.

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