• Best Of The Best 3 is the best of the series. 1 / 8

    best of the best 3 no turning back TLDR vertical
  • The original movie followed a group of American martial artists in a South Korean karate tournament. 2 / 8

    best of the best poster TLDR vertical
  • The sequel found Eric Roberts' hero seeking revenge for a friend's death. 3 / 8

    best of the best 2 poster TLDR vertical
  • Part 3 is the first to go STV, and centres around Phillip Rhee's - who also directed - character Tommy. 4 / 8

    best of the best 3 phillip rhee TLDR vertical
  • Tommy has to defend his family from a band of Neo-Nazis, which including R. Lee Ermey's (Full Metal Jacket) Preacher. 5 / 8

    full metal jacket r lee ermey TLDR vertical
  • The script is predictable, but it has great action and supporting actors, and is a fun slice of action cheese. 6 / 8

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  • The franchise ended with 1998's Best Of The Best 4. 7 / 8

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