Best New Gaming Headsets Revealed at E3 2017

All the big players in gaming audio are out to play at the world's biggest gaming stage in LA's annual E3 event. Leading up to and during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the familiar heavy headers in gaming peripherals like Astro, Razer, Logitech, and Turtle Beach had a few new things to share, while LucidSound continues to steal spotlight as the must-watch newcomer in the vertical.

We've gathered information, specs, videos, and more on all the just-announced new gaming headsets. LucidSound has the LS25 eSports Gaming Headset and extremely unique LS15X Xbox One In-Ear Contour Gaming Headset. Astro Gaming has added an affordable product line with the new A10. Razer is unleashing the mega reliable Thresher for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Logitech is showcasing a pair of lightweight "fashion-forward" new products. And last but not least, Turtle Beach has unveiled a pair of comfy wireless surround sound gaming headsets in the Stealth 600 and 700 series.

Let's take a look.

LucidSound LS25 eSports Gaming Headset

Since launching their first headset, the community has asked LucidSound for a PC focused product and they've responded. On June 12, 2017, LucidSound announced the LS25 eSports Gaming Headset. The LS25 has been developed to appeal to the eSports and competitive PC gaming community, concentrating on the features essential to provide superior performance during tournament play.

Dedicated to exceptional chat and sound quality, LucidSound has once again delivered its signature audio quality and unmatched feature set:

  • 50mm High Fidelity speakers with Neodymium magnets have been specifically engineered for gaming
  • A remarkably clear sound stage so that gamers can easily identify teammates, enemies and audio cues that provide the difference between victory and defeat
  • Dual mics allowing players the option of using the integrated discrete mic (Ideal for phone calls and casual chat) or the unidirectional, flexible boom mic for intense gaming sessions
  • Direct to PC connection via a 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring a simple connection to any gaming rig
  • Reliable audio connection with no batteries required, pro gamers can be assured of uninterrupted game and chat audio
  • Proprietary control system, allowing gamers to adjust volume simply by twisting the ear cup
  • Fully compatible with PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Nintendo® Switch and mobile platforms

Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound:

“The LucidSound design philosophy is focused on building the next generation of gaming audio products with a focus on uncompromising audio quality, innovative control, exceptional comfort and enhanced voice communications. We are proud of the work our development team undertook to deliver an innovative, high-performance headset for tournament players.”

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