The Best New Comics This Week: From Aquaman to Iron Man

Best New Comics Iron Man Aquaman

The Following New Comic Book Releases for sale June 19th, 2019

A new week means a new batch of comic books from Marvel, DC, and other major publishers. We're here to offer our opinions on the books that fans will NOT want to miss.

Even as Marvel teases the future of the X-Men, and a new Spider-Man comic from J.J. Abrams, the sprawling War of the Realms event is still in full effect. And what was supposed to be an occasion reserved only for the launch of Frank Miller's new Superman: Year One origin story couldn't help but share the spotlight with Iron Man... once Tony Stark confirmed Superman exists in Marvel's universe, too. For these issues and more, check out the top comics from Screen Rant's own comic book team.

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Aquaman 49 Mera Comic Cover

"The amnesiac Arthur Curry has his memories of Mera, the woman he loves, restored, along with all the baggage that comes with it. Low on action this month but high on drama and romance, this issue marks a wonderful introduction to one of DC Comics best series." - Matt Morrison

  • AQUAMAN #49
  • Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
  • Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
  • The truth about how Aquaman lost his memory is finally revealed! But can Arthur handle the shocking truth? Whom will Queen Mera decide to marry? And how will Arthur escape the jaws of the terrifying Mother Shark? The tides of changes are upon us, and it all leads to next month’s landmark AQUAMAN #50!
  • Published by: DC Comics

Tony Stark: Iron Man #13

Tony Stark Iron Man Magic Comic Cover

"When writer and expert Twitter troll Gail Simone was announced to be handling the Iron Man himself alongside Marvel's War of The Realms, it was obvious there would be a) humor, b) heartache, and c) treasure-obsessed dragons. This issue checks all those boxes and more, with instantly-legendary moments I'm amazed we never saw on film." - Andrew Dyce

  • Tony Stark: Iron Man #13
  • Writer: Gail Simone
  • Artist: Paolo Villanelli
  • WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! HOW TO FIGHT YOUR DRAGON! The concluding chapter to this special WAR OF THE REALMS story, as Iron Man finds himself struggling against the ancient mystical forces he has the LEAST power to resist. Tony fights an ancient winged calamity AND his own technology with the lives of everyone at STARK UNLIMITED hanging in the balance!
  • Published by: Marvel Comics

War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery #5

War Realms Journey Into Mystery Ares

"War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery introduces one of Marvel's best new teams in recent memory. The wonderfully well-written interactions between Miles Morales, Wonder Man, Kate Bishop, and Balder the Brave continues into the comic's final issue, and the only disappointment is that this may be the last time we'll see these characters together." - Nicholas Raymond

  • Writer: The McElroys
  • Artist: André Lima Araújo, Chris O'Halloran
  • THE GOD OF WAR FINALLY GETS HIS HANDS ON THE HOTTEST BABE IN TOWN! Baby Laussa, that is! Thor’s little sister has been kidnapped — and she’s bound for fiery Muspelheim! But Balder pledged his life to ensure Laussa’s safety, and he’s not about to break his vow. Even Kate Bishop, Miles Morales, Death Locket, Sebastian Druid and Wonder Man are no match for Ares, though — not when the entire Earth is at war. To save Laussa and stop Ares’ rampage, they’ll need some divine intervention. Superstar podcasters the McElroys bring baby Laussa and her babysitter’s club to new heights in this exhilarating conclusion!
  • Published by: Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #20

Uncanny X-Men Needle Comic Art

"With another relaunch on the way, it's tempting to dismiss the X-Men books. That would be a mistake, with Matthew Rosenberg's run building to a head. In a surprisingly intense issue, Cyclops learns just how much he's been manipulated - and the whole world will suffer as a result." - Thomas Bacon

  • Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
  • Artist: Salvador Larroca
  • The mutant race faces elimination at the hands of a vaccine erasing the X-Gene from future generations…
  • Published by: Marvel Comics


Daredevil 7 Comic Cover Fisk

"Both Daredevil and the Kingpin are at a turning point in their lives. Matt Murdock no longer wants to be Daredevil, but struggles to find a new vocation. Meanwhile, Kingpin - Mayor of New York City - is shaken to realize that for the first time in his life he is... content. Chip Zdarsky and Lalit Kumar Sharma continue what may prove to be a defining run for the Man Without Fear." - Thomas Bacon

  • Writer: Chip Zdarsky
  • Artist: Lalit Kumar Sharma
  • In the aftermath of Chip Zdarsky’s explosive first arc of DAREDEVIL, the ground of Hell’s Kitchen has shifted and Matthew Murdock has emerged a changed man…but for better or worse? Don’t miss the second installment of this new arc: “No Gods, Only Devils”!
  • Published by: Marvel Comics


Savage Sword Conan Comic

"Meredith Finch and Luke Ross join forces for this epic issue, in which Conan is poisoned by a rogue seeking revenge before being thrown to certain doom in the arena. Crom and Mita, this is the best one-shot Conan story in recent memory!" - Matt Morrison

  • Writer: Meredith Finch
  • Artist: Luke Ross
  • THORFEL’S REVENGE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! Brought to you by the creative team of Meredith Finch and Luke Ross, this all-new self-contained story springs from classic Conan mythology as Conan is led to death by the son of a man he had wronged in the past. But stripped of his weapons, his strength, and even his wits, Conan will have to dig deep if he wants to live to see the dawn! Plus: Continuing the all-new Conan novella “THE SHADOW OF VENGEANCE”!
  • Published by: Marvel Comics

Last Week Favorite: The Immortal Hulk #19

"Just when you thought The Immortal Hulk couldn't get more disturbing -- more unsettling... Issue #19 comes along and keeps on hitting. The artwork alone is enough to rave about, but the story itself is gripping, always leaving me wanting more of this true horror comic. To top it all off, the reunion of the Hulk and Betty Ross is truly... heartbreaking." - Kirk Smith

" Exactly what Kirk said." - Andrew Dyce

  • Writer: Al Ewing
  • Artist: Joe Bennett
  • Something is coming for Bruce Banner. Something that can smell him wherever he hides. Something that will never stop hunting. It wears the face of a friend — but all it feels is hate and hunger, burning in the core of every cell. Ask yourself...what’s more terrifying than the IMMORTAL HULK?

Giant Man #3

Giant-Man Comic Cover

"Giant Man is a 3 part miniseries that will blow your mind with the imagery alone. Throw in the collaboration between several unexpected Avengers, hilarious singing, and Frost Giants - and you have a MUST READ!" - Tessa Smith

"Comics make a habit of showing why monthly and weekly comics can always beat big screen adventures with their humor, eccentricities, and unforgettable moments. Giant Man manages to be a story all its own, completely unexpected, and with closing words that I'll simply never forget." - Andrew Dyce

  • Writer: Leah Williams
  • Artist: Marco Castiello
  • Cover: Woo Cheol
  • WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! THE BIGGER THEY ARE…Moonstone’s army of primordial Frost Giants is gaining in number with every passing moment. Only Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Atlas can stop them! But an unseen enemy is about to get in their way… CAN YOU GUESS THE IDENTITY OF THE MOLE?

Last Week Favorite: Invaders #6

Invaders Comic Namor and Captain America

"Invaders #6 weaves a compelling story involving Captain America and Namor. Battling an old friend challenges Captain America in an unexpected way. Cap's approach to stopping Namor has a devastating effect on himself, as well as his relationship with the Avengers." - Nicholas Raymond

  • Writer: Chip Zdarsky
  • Artist: Butch Guice, Carlos Magno
  • “WAR GHOSTS” Finale! Time has run out. Can CAPTAIN AMERICA save NAMOR after what he’s done?

Last Week Favorite: Friendly Nighborhood Spider-Man #7

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Prowler

"Friendly-Neighborhood Spider-Man - More than any writer in recent memory, Tom Taylor understands that Peter Parker's real power is his sense of responsibility. And more than any other Spider-Man comic, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man cuts to the heart of just who Peter Parker is and why he's a hero, in and out of costume." - Matt Morrison

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Ken Lashley
  • Cover: Andrew C. Robinson
  • As seen in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #15, Aunt May is reopening the F.E.A.S.T. Center to help the homeless and needy of New York City! But things are rarely as simple as that in the Marvel Universe as F.E.A.S.T. and the new funding May has secured to try to make her dream a reality is under attack by…THE PROWLER?! Has Hobie Brown returned to his criminal beginnings? Can Spider-Man help bring him back to the side of the angels?

That does it for this week, but we'll see you soon for the next batch of new comic releases. In the meantime, be sure to follow the rest of Screen Rant's comic book coverage HERE.

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