10 Best Netflix Original Horror TV Shows

Netflix houses thousands of shows varying in genre; these are series’ that can be found on usual TV as well, with the benefit of you having the opportunity to binge through seasons. What people don’t realize is that Netflix has a few shoes exclusive to its service, and these are sometimes ignored in favor mainstream series’.

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As far as horror shows go, Netflix has a certain amount of these that have been birthed at the service and are part of its “Originals”. These aren’t many, though, so we’ve listed all 10 of the original horror shows you can find on Netflix – all of them are a mixture of horror and several other genres. So, take note and prepare to go and chill with these shows for your next binge-ing needs.

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10 Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby Netflix

Fans of anime will love watching Devilman Crybaby as their source for dark horror fantasy. The series sees the main protagonist take on a race of demons, while housing a demon within himself.

The horror aspect of the show comes from the demons appearing in each episode, with these foes being frightening due to their traces from Hell. Along with getting your horror fix, Devilman Crybaby also features a story that’s engaging to fall into, as you want to see the protagonist succeed in his quest, while watching him struggle to contain the Devilman inside of him.

9 Haunted

Too many shows feature serialized horror that, while scary, have a level of security for the viewer, who know that it’s not real. Haunted, on the other hand, is a paranormal documentary series that sees an anthological format where true event survivors share their experiences.

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You’ll be surprised to find out just how frightening some mainstream lore can get (such as the Woman in White legend), and there’s a certain fear that grips you knowing these things really happened to people. There are elements that aren’t even paranormal – one story featuring a woman sharing a harrowing story of her parents being revealed as serial killers!

8 Hemlock Grove

This is an acquired taste that won’t appeal to many viewers, but with options of original horror shows being limited on Netflix, you just might end up enjoying Hemlock Grove. As goes with all things Eli Roth, expect a lot of gore in this series.

But there’s still a hook that pulls the viewer in, as the mystery behind Hemlock Grove is one you want to uncover. The story has two men trying to figure who’s behind the strange events that have led to brutal murders in the town. As you can see, the premise is intriguing enough, and you just need to look past the gore to solve the ultimate mystery.

7 Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet Ending

Who says horror always needs to be filled with dark places and spooky ghosts? You can have a spick-and-span setting that disturbs you with comedy that should be frightening, but is played for laughs. Santa Clarita Diet is mainly bolstered by the fantastic performances of its leads, who enable you to take lightly the horrific fact that the main character eats people.

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The premise involves a couple, where the wife transforms into a zombie, and the family has to figure out how to keep this a secret while quenching the wife’s thirst for blood. Its hilarious, but you can’t go without feeling uneasy in your stomach when watching the wife make shakes out of people.

6 Diablero

Now we move over to the horror-action genre. Diablero empowers the viewer to stand tall in the face of terror, with the protagonists routinely going against demons and living to fight the next day. While you do have the cushion of comfort that the protagonists can fight the beings from hell, the demons themselves are horrifying to witness.

It’s a strong plot that drives Diablero forward, with the viewer motivated to watch through the entire season to see how the main characters vanquish newer forces from Hell. If you’re scared of demonic faces popping up to attack, then Diablero will further terrify, although also offering you protagonists who can fight any battle.

5 The Order

Another variation in the horror genre comes in the form of The Order. You’ll be surprised to find out that there is room to accommodate drama where horror is concerned, and this series is a quality proof of this; holding a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Order details the experiences of a college student, who is initiated in a secret society where he learns dark magic. The horror element arrives with the presence of beings of lore, such as werewolves and witches. More so than the horror, you’ll be engrossed in the number of secrets present within the society called “The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose”, whose secrets have consequences.

4 Ghoul

Indian fans will find this story “Zara Hatkay” (a little out there), which can only be a wonderful thing, since horror is one genre India has never been able to master in film or television. Ghoul sees a dystopian future with a protagonist who finds herself way in over her head when the criminal she is meant to interrogate turns out to not be a creature from this world.

With over a billion Indians, there’s a huge market to appeal with Ghoul, especially as Netflix has ensured the story is riddled with horrific elements that defy generally cheesy tropes found in Bollywood productions.

3 Stranger Things

Of course, you knew this would be featured on this list the moment you read the title, but that doesn’t mean Stranger Things is a by-the-numbers production. The show is one of the few horror stories that has taken the liberty in showing harm befalling young kids – something most horror productions usually avoid.

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But the main horror aspect generally comes from the presence of previously unseen creatures that take the viewers by surprise. While the show is scary in places, it’s the overall mystery of each season that will pull you in, as the “Upside Down” dimension continuously threatens with new foes.

2 The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Going in-line with interpretations of the Archie Comics now becoming dark, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a complete departure from 1996’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was a sitcom. This show instead features the witch encountering the worst of the kind from the world of magic, and its versions of monsters are very clearly not for the faint of heart.

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However, the show still captures the charm of the teenage witch, and watching her overcome schemes planned against her is always a delight. The horror part mainly comes from twists you didn’t see happening, especially not from a show whose source material is a comic book known for its jokes.

1 The Haunting of Hill House

Taking everyone by surprise, The Haunting of Hill House “broke the internet” by being a chilling introspection in the lives of a family wrought by issues. There are hundreds of interpretations of the story on the internet, and they all come from the number of points of view presented by the show.

It’s scary, sure, but the main hook is squarely from the mystery of the family’s past, which you’ll binge-watch to uncover. The direction is ingenious; you’ll be awestruck by the level of confusion created simply be trickery of the camera. The horror is accompanied by the many secrets hidden by the father and the siblings, all of which are revealed in singular episodes centering on each member of the family.

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