Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

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As we find ourselves in the last full month of the summer, we should reflect back on just how lucky we’ve been. Not because of any nice weather or exciting vacations or anything silly like that, but because Netflix has gifted us with more great content than we could have ever asked for over the past few months. Sure, we might have had plans to cool off at water parks and lounge around in the sun, but with gems like Bojack Horseman and Stranger Things, who had time for any of that nonsense?

And before you cry that summer isn’t over and there’s still time to enjoy the long days while they last, Netflix is here once again to ensure that you never go outside or have a life. This August, Netflix is adding more classic and original content to satisfy your never-ending hunger for quality entertainment, so you can pretty much forget about the world away from your screen.

Sit back, relax, maybe grab a glass of lemonade if you’re really feeling in the mood, and find out which 13 New Additions to Netflix You Need to Watch This August.

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Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August
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13 Big Daddy (1999) – August 1

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

In our monthly New on Netflix lists, we’ve mentioned Adam Sandler and his new Netflix Original films a number of times, and each time seems to amount to the same thing: “we hope this Adam Sandler movie is better than the last.” Well, with this entry, we don’t have to repeat ourselves. We finally know for a certifiable fact that Big Daddy is better than the last Adam Sandler movie, and that’s because it came out back in 1999 while Sandler was still everyone’s favorite comedy star!

Still as laugh out loud funny, quotable, and stupidly silly as you remember, Big Daddy will restore your faith in Sandler and make you forgive all of his past transgressions. It might even make you want to watch The Ridiculous Six and The Do-Over – but maybe don’t go that far. Instead, bask in the comfort of Adam Sandler raising Dylan and Cole Sprouse and delivering one of his funniest performances to date. Here, Sandler’s man-child shtick feels fresh and exciting, and it lends itself to a heartwarming story rather than being purely grating. It’s the perfect film to throw on when you’re in the mood for some lazy summer day nostalgia, and it will have you yelling “that one touched the ground!” in no time at all.

12 Final Destination 3 (2006) – August 1

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

There’s no time like the dog days of summer to sit in the dark and throw on a great horror movie. But with so many horror movies competing for low budget jump scares these days, how does one know which film is worth watching? Well, one doesn’t know, which is why one should throw on a modern horror classic that is by no means a great film, but one that delivers exactly what it promises, and therefore it’s sure to not disappoint. Final Destination 3 is that film.

Also known as “the theme park Final Destination,” Final Destination 3 is the movie in the series that finally embraced the silliness of its premise and went all out to please fans. Featuring grisly deaths, a wicked sense of humor, and enough scares to make all types of horror fans happy, there’s sometimes no better film to watch than one that’s just pure fun. Sure, you can have your Conjurings and Sinisters any time you want, but when you’re in the mood for a summertime scare that makes you feel that childish sense of glee that came with staying up late to secretly watch a campy horror movie, start streaming Final Destination 3 and you won’t be disappointed.

11 Funny or Die Presents: Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie (2016) – August 1

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

If you didn’t know Funny or Die made full length free movies starring top-tier talent, then you haven’t been paying attention to the internet. Following in the footsteps of 2013’s iSteve starring Justin Long, Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie feels like a Johnny Depp-fuelled acid trip of a film; which is actually what every Johnny Depp film feels like. Featuring Depp as Trump and acting the only way he knows how -- covered in makeup and prosthetics and doing a silly voice -- The Art of the Deal: The Movie is a fascinating and surprisingly well-produced film that is meant to look like a VHS rip from 1988.

Supposedly a long-lost film found by Ron Howard and written by, directed by, and starring Donald Trump in the '80s, The Art of the Deal features an eclectic group of comedic talent, including Kristen Schall, Patton Oswalt, Jason Mantzoukas, Henry Winkler, Andy Richter, Michaela Watkins, and – to quote Trump – so many more huge celebrities, it’s insane. It’s a political satire on a grand and deeply ridiculous scale, and the sheer amount of jokes will make you forget that what you’re watching is largely incoherent and lacking any sort of focused story. But it all works, because this seems like the exact type of film that Donald Trump would produce and subsequently lock in a vault for decades.

10 Pay It Forward (2000) – August 1

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

Back before Kevin Spacey was a Netflix superstar, he was just a quality actor, going about his business and quietly giving phenomenal performances in under the radar movies. Perhaps the hidden gem of all pre-House of Cards Kevin Spacey movies is Pay It Forward, the deeply moving and superbly acted drama about a boy who starts a worldwide revolution to “pay it forward” with acts of kindness.

Also starring Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment (in what may be the best performance of his career as a child actor), Pay It Forward is the type of sentimental film that’s always worth a watch to put you in touch with your long-forgotten emotions. It’s simultaneously inspirational and soul-crushing, but its stellar writing and directing guides you through your feelings with care, and by the end, you’ll want to watch it from the beginning again. So, when you’ve had enough of binging pitch black crime dramas and suspenseful television, and you want something truly human, watch Pay It Forward, then recommend it to your friend and – yeah – pay it forward.

9 Beat Bugs: Season 1 – August 3

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

Already renewed for a second season before the first even premieres, Beat Bugs looks to continue the tradition of great Netflix kids’ shows that parents can enjoy -- perhaps even more than their kids. Centered around the simple and exciting concept of “what if an animated series was just covers of Beatles songs,” Beat Bugs differentiates itself from anything that’s come before it by owning the rights to the entire Beatles catalog to use in every episode.

Feeling like a mashup of Across the Universe and A Bug’s Life, Beat Bugs is the kids’ series that none of us knew we wanted, and yet it's something we all secretly need. It looks to be adorable and funny, filled with great moral lessons and even better Beatles music to introduce your kids to at an early age. Featuring musicians like The Lumineers, The Shins, and Sia singing Beatles classics, Beat Bugs already has more going for it than most TV series, so even without the slick animation and quality voice acting, this is already a show worth the watch.

8 David Cross: Making America Great Again (2016) – August 5

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

If you know David Cross, chances are it’s from his time in your Netflix account. His most famous roles as a comedic actor are that of Tobias Funke on Arrested Development and as the titular David on W/ Bob & David. But Cross is also an accomplished stand-up comedian, and one that you should definitely be aware of if you’re into the type of smart, politics-heavy comedy that isn’t seen very much these days. Having been quiet yet formidable force in the stand-up world for over three decades, it’s safe to say that Cross is soon about to break out – as a comedian – in a big way.

With his new special, David Cross: Making America Great Again, Cross goes back to the stage and skewers everything he can in a cynical, intelligent, and above all else, hilarious way. Covering all the usual topics and ranting like someone genuinely pissed off rather than a comedic opportunist, David Cross’ newest special isn’t for everyone, but if you know the name David Cross from something other than his television roles, you probably know what you’re getting into.

7 The Little Prince (2015) – August 5

Rachel McAdams Jeff Bridges The Little Prince

Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, and Ricky Gervais star in the English version of this animated film based on the famous French book of the same name. With breathtaking animation and a rousing score from Hans Zimmer, The Little Prince is the type of under the radar film that you look like a genius for finding in the depths of Netflix.

With a cast so talented and a story so internationally renowned – the novel has been around since 1943 and has remained world-famous since then – it’s easy to say that The Little Prince has all the right things going for it. But, there’s more to this gem of a movie than the right ingredients. It’s clear that care and dedication and love was put into the finished product, and The Little Prince is the movie that comes around every once in a while and makes your Netflix subscription worth having. It’s the kind of film where you say “sure, I’ll give this a shot,” and then an hour and a half later you find yourself smiling like an idiot as the end credits roll.

The Little Prince's journey to moviegoers has been a tumultuous one to say the least -- Paramount Pictures dropped the film a week before its theatrical release back in March, and Netflix scooped it up a few days later -- but with a Rotten Tomatoes score currently peaking at 95%, this film looks to be worth the wait.

6 St. Vincent (2014) – August 10

Netflix: 13 New Additions You Need To Watch This August

St. Vincent was released during a strong year for indie comedy-dramas, and between Boyhood, Whiplash, and Nightcrawler, it’s easy to see why it may have slipped under some people’s radars. But whenever Bill Murray stars as a cranky but secretly sweet old man, chances are the movie is going to be worth a watch. And in the case of St. Vincent, that absolutely holds true.

Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, and breakout child star Jaeden Lieberher, St. Vincent excels at being funny and emotionally relevant. It’s an awards season film if there ever was one, packed with great performances and a slick screenplay, but the film never feels like it’s trying too hard. Perfect for those lazy nights surfing Netflix, St. Vincent is the type of movie that’s impossible to hate, but very easy to love. Simply put, it’s the Bill Murray of films, and we couldn’t be more glad that it’s available for our viewing pleasure.

5 The Get Down: Part 1 – August 12

The Get Down Still

To combine Netflix’s nearly unlimited original series budget with the visionary mind of director Baz Luhrmann is sure to provide audiences with something spectacular. That’s why we have high hopes for Part 1 of The Get Down, the newest Netflix original that’s sure to set everyone’s binge-happy hearts on fire. The only question is, will it be any good?

Seemingly matching last month’s release of Stranger Things – which took period drama to a new level – The Get Down is a prestige series that Netflix is hoping will prove to be unmissable drama. The series was developed over the course of 10 years by Luhrmann, and it’s about the birth of hip-hop, punk, and disco in a crumbling 1970s New York. Think of it as HBO’s Vinyl, only we’re swapping Martin Scorsese’s over-indulgence with Baz Luhrmann’s. Sure to be slickly produced and stuffed with awe-inspiring visuals, there’s no doubt that The Get Down will be a marquee series for Netflix that either catches fire or sizzles out instantly. So, will you be on the train before it takes off?

4 Louis CK: Live at the Comedy Store (2015) – August 15

Louis CK

When Louis CK began releasing his own comedy specials and charging $5, it changed comedy for the better. Immediately, other comedians (such as Aziz Ansari) adapted the model, and it’s now nothing out of the ordinary. The only problem with this method, however, was that many – specifically those who don’t routinely follow the Twitter accounts of famous comedians – were missing out on seeing these incredible sets.

Enter Netflix, who is here to ensure that if you didn’t catch Louis CK: Live at the Comedy Store last year, you now have a chance to do so for free. In this special, CK brings all new material to a small and intimate crowd. And while CK has reached superstardom over the past five years, it’s nice to see him return to a small room and perform comedy in what feels like a personal setting. Here, his jokes are as well-thought out and hilarious as they’ve ever been, but his personality and personability shine through as well. Despite some of the horrible things that Louis CK says, it’s impossible to watch him here and not wish that you could just hang out with him for a few hours. And while you may never get that chance, at least thanks to Netflix, you can rewatch this special over and over again until you’re all CK’d out.

3 Fearless: Season 1 – August 19

Netflix Fearless

Like any good docu-series, Netflix’s Fearless will take you inside a world that you never thought you’d get to see up close -- you just have to figure out if it’s a world you’re interested in seeing. Set in the world of U.S. and Brazilian bull riding, Fearless brings you to the front lines of the surprising sport and gives you an insider’s look at just how competitive bull riding really is.

Focusing as much on the bulls as the humans, Fearless is set to follow in the footsteps of Chef’s Table and other Netflix docu-series that surprise you and make you come back for more. Where Netflix succeeds is in sucking you in to an unlikely series and getting you to say “sure, I’ll stay here and watch more of this.” That’s exactly what Fearless is poised to do, and before you know it, you’ll have binged the whole series in one sleepless night and you’ll be spouting off facts you never thought you’d know about the world of bull riding. Touché, Netflix. Touché.

2 The Road (2009) – August 25

the road Kodi Smit McPhee viggo mortensen

The Road is a singular movie that everyone should watch at least once in their life. Slow, cold, and somehow intensely beautiful, the film – starring Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Kodi Smit-McPhee – is entirely different from the Pulitzer Prize-winning book it’s based on, and yet watching it still feels like reading an engrossing novel. With so little dialogue and such sparse story, The Road succeeds by building atmosphere and letting your imagination fill in the rest. It’s a post-apocalyptic film, sure, but no one is too concerned with how the apocalypse happened or why anyone is honestly trying to survive it.

Although the film was criminally underseen upon its release, stand out performances from Mortensen and Smit-McPhee make this a must watch, and there’s no better place to see it than in the comfort of your own home. Recommended to be watched alone and in the dark so that no one can see your soul get ripped out through your eyes, The Road is unflinching and brutal, but it still ends up being one of the most human films of the last decade.

1 XOXO (2016) August 27

Sarah Hyland Modern Family

Another Netflix original in a world full of them, XOXO finds Sarah Hyland leading an ensemble comedy about a group of 20-somethings. But if that sounds like any other old indie movie, think again, because XOXO takes viewers into the world of EDM, as each of the main characters find their lives colliding during a night of partying, drugs, music, and fuzzy glow in the dark boots.

Although at first glance, the film may seem like any other comedy about young adults finding themselves after a night of debauchery, where XOXO differentiates itself is in its setting. The world of EDM is one ripe for a film, and it’s about time that Hollywood – or more accurately, Netflix – jumped on the trend and brought it to the mainstream. With so much potential in showing the world from an outsider’s perspective, we just hope that XOXO delivers on its promise and provides us with something as insanely weird as the EDM festival it’s set at.


Which of these series and films are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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