The 10 Most Amazing My Hero Academia Cosplays

When the superhero manga series, My Hero Academia, was adapted into the animated television series in 2016, fans went nuts. The story following Izuku Midoriya’s introduction into the coveted realm of Quirks (a.k.a those in society with superpowers) helped bring to the life colorful pages illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi.

My Hero Academia is currently on its way to its fourth season, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Despite the conjecture that the show is aimed for adolescents, those watching vary in age and gender. The most prominent of whom are cosplayers who revel at the opportunity to fashion these anime character’s garb with their friends to form an IRL U.A. squad.

Take a look at some of the best My Hero Academia cosplays on the web.

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10 Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia tells the story of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who has always wanted his own Quirk so that he could join the superhero legion. When he learns that he isn’t one of the chosen few who will possess such powers, “Deku” faces disappointed atop constant bullying by his peers.

But then, after a coordinating the harrowing rescue of his peer, Izuku’s superhero idol, All Might, finally gives him the powers he desires. His quirk? “One For All.”

Fumiaki Cosplay does a wildly accurate Izuku in his Deku superhero uniform. The facemask, the emerald green hair, and the gloves are almost exact replicas from the character on My Hero Academia. Fumiaki love for MHA is apparent on his page as he has tried his hand at a few of the characters from the show.

9 Toshinori Yagi a.k.a All Might

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WATASHI GA KITA!!! I AM BACK! ❤️ — All Might - Boku No Hero Academia 💪🏼 • SHORT FUNNY STORY!!! ❤️ #UnitedStatesfEYEBROWS Today I was ready to finally get back as All Might and everything was packed in my luggage! The thing is I was not finding my eyebrows prosthetics and I suddenly had the feeling they have been left behind. Imagine my mind blowing with a huge “NANIIIII?” 🤣 I normally have them in a box with the full wig but this time I took the wig out and put it on a head support because I restyled it. My friend helped me out to pack All Might in the luggage but I didn’t tell him my eyebrows were wrapped in white paper ( he thought it was trash 🤣) and so... somehow I didn’t have them on me today. I NEVER forget anything and imagine the situation ahahah 2 HOURS before the event I was without eyebrows! 😆 I thought : “No way!!! I AM ALL MIGHT, number #1 HERO! And heroes always find a way to fix everything! EVEN EYEBROWS!!! Ahahah” 💪🏼 I cut a small weft from my wig, cropped the shape of the eyebrows on my face and made everything from scratch last minute! The time was running out so fast, but I kept the positivity high by thinking “this will be a funny story tomorrow”! Then I kept believing I can do it and kept focusing and going beyond, even by making Instagram stories during the process ( you can still see them ) and having fun! Because this is what Cosplay is about : CHALLENGE and FUN 🙌🏼 And now I AM HERE, standing proud and happy with my NEW EYEBROWS!🤣 NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM BEING YOUR NUMBER ONE HERO AND SYMBOL OF PEACE!!! EYEBROWS 0 - ALL MIGHT 1 HA HA HA HA HAAAAA ( watch my IG stories! Trust me! 🤣) #myheroacademia #anime #MakeUp #Muscle #Hero #cosplay #cosplayers #bokunoheroacademia #mha #mhacosplay #allmight #leonchiro #allmightcosplay #toshinoriyagi #bnhacosplay #bnha #funimation

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All Might is the old-fashioned superhero in the series that many of the kids attending U.A look up to. Before he received his alias, this hero was known as Toshinori Yagi. While in high school, Toshinori still hadn’t been granted any powers of his own.

Until one day, one of his teachers gave him the power of “One For All” which can be passed down from person to person. Those who possess this ability are known as the protector of the world.

Cosplayer, Leon Chiro, looks like he stepped straight out of the manga. This cosplayer's profile is one to admire, with a range of cosplays from Hercules to Jotaro Kujo of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. His All Might cosplay consists of a lot of equipment from wigs, prosthetics, capes, and even eyebrows!

8 Mina Ashido

Mina is in class 1-A at U.A and has the power of Acid. This makes her capable of discharging acid from her body, which she is able to manipulate on command. Mina’s alas is “Pinky” in reference to her bubblegum pink hair and skin. Mina is able to melt even metal objects, which frequently puts her at an advantage when faced with villains hoisting metallic weaponry.

Cosplayer, Amber (also known as juggalomancandy) clearly likes to have fun with her cosplays. She did an incredible job capturing the spirit of the Alien Queen as well as her look. From the fur collar to the black sclera eyes, Amber looks just like Mina!

Amber also cosplays as Lapis from Steven Universe and does a pretty awesome genderbent Loki.

7 Shōto Todoroki

A prominent feature on Shōto Todoroki is the crimson red patch around his left eye. This mark is caused by his Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot. This gives him the ability to shoot ice from his right hand, while fire expunges from his left. He is in class 1-A at U.A and goes by the pysedeum, Shoto.

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Memphis Chibi is a young, new cosplayer whose parents support her hobby of dressing up!  It just goes to show that cosplay has become a new phenomenon that starts and stops at any age. Here you can see how her parents helped this talented cosplayer become Shōto Todoroki from My Hero Academia. They even stepped it up with some special effects makeup and really good poses!

6 Dabi

An antagonist with the League of Villians, Dabi is an older boy in his 20s. He is typically expressionless and takes pride in the torture he inflicts on his victims. He’s the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad and is affiliated with the Hero Killer as he proves with his attempts to rid society of superheroes. His abilities consist of intelligence, cloning, and his Quirk is Cremation, which allows him to admit blue flames from his body.

This cosplayer shows that girls are good at being bad, too. She created her own design of a gender-bend Dabi, with ridiculously cool flames and all! Remy Domino is a cosplayer, crafter and fabricator. She also does a Katsuki and Shoto cosplay.

5 Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is a student a U.A who tends to sway more towards the rebellious side. His superhero nickname is Kacchan and he wears grenade gauntlets which makes sense since his Quirk is Explosion. With this, he can shoot out fiery waves, which he tends to do whenever he feels like it.

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Simon’s Kacchan cosplay is a dead ringer in comparison to the anime. While he decided to forgo the massive gauntlets in exchange for Kacchan’s winter look, the other attention to detail is incredible. From the makeup to the accurate frazzled blonde hair, Simon made an incredible Kacchan cosplay.

4 Eijiro Kirishima

Also known Red Riot, this impressive young man possesses a Hardening Quirk. Essentially, this means he can make any part of his body take the form of rock-hard durability. This usually saves him from dangerous weapons and other Quirks during battle. His superhero costume consists of two giant gears positioned on both of his shoulders and scarlet red accessories, owing to his name. To match, he has sharp-pointed blazing red hair.

This 19-year-old cosplayer pulled off the Red Riot costume impeccably. Oli is a certified makeup artist and cosplayer that seems to have a knack for being able to recreate My Hero Academia cosplays. He has put together a Shoto cosplay and even wears his Kirishima cosplay casually.

3 Nana

Nana was a former possessor of the “One For All” Quirk and the previous mentor of All Might. She is famously well-built, strong, and a tough one to go through. However, she always had a smile on her face and thought that kindness was a genuine superpower that others should have. Nana was killed by All For One, but not before handing down the One For All Quirk.

Penberly is into cosplay, fitness, and positivity making her the real-life Nana. Her cosplay is absolutely canon and she has the muscles to prove it.

Penberly also does a causal Taylor Swift cosplay due to her striking resemblance and her Cinderella, Black Cat, and Ashe cosplays remain some of her fan’s favorites.

2 Camie Utsushimi

Camie goes to Shiketsu High School and is in her second year. She is known to be quite bubbly amongst her peers and is usually pretty laid-back. Her Quirk is the power of Glamour which allows her to create visual and audio illusions to disarm her enemies.

Cosplayer, Melody, is able to emulate Camie’s quirky attitude in this photo. She sports the black suit well and finishes off the cosplay with her recognizable cap and short blonde hair.

Melody’s Poison Ivy and Sonic the Hedgehog cosplays are also worth checking out!

1 My Hero Avengers

This is what happens when fandoms collide.

This is also what happens when you put together three creative cosplayers who can’t decide what character to wear to their next convention!

Designed entirely by CutiePieSensei, this trio roped together a mix of My Hero Academia characters with some of the Avengers. This mashup features CutiePieSensei as an Iron Man and Bakugo hybrid, Kira Kelly as a mix of Thor and Todoroki, and the Captain America/Deku collaboration is worn by Gabriella.

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