15The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

John Hughes was the reigning king of '80s teen comedies, and for many fans this film stands as the undisputed crowning gem of his filmography. Even more impressive is just how much Hughes was able to squeeze out of the simple concept of a day in detention.

The film begins

with five students from very different statuses within the high school social class being forced to spend their Saturday together in detention. You have the popular girl, the jock, the rebel, the nerd, and the outsider, none of whom would usually interact at all. But over the course of a day being trapped together, they slowly discover they have more in common than they ever knew.

It’s a near-perfect teen movie that deals with the typical teen problems of parents, sex and popularity in an authentic and respectful way. More than any other film it established Hughes as the definitive cinematic voice of a generation.

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