Hopping Screens: The Best Movie to TV Adaptations

Powered by its signature hard rocking theme song by Queen, Highlander: The Series set out to resurrect a franchise that had been damaged by an incomprehensibly edited sequel.

Starring Christopher Lambert as immortal warrior Connor MacLeod, the original Highlander film is widely regarded as a cult-classic. Once the second film bombed, it was obvious something drastic needed to be done. That ended up being the introduction of Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, and the creation of an alternate-timeline TV sequel to Highlander. In this reality, Connor never won the battle to become the last immortal, and the fight for supremacy goes on.

Highlander: The Series ran for 6 seasons, and is in many ways what the film series should have been. A spin-off, Highlander: The Raven, was also aired. It didn't last long.

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