Hopping Screens: The Best Movie to TV Adaptations

In 1984, James Cameron created The Terminator, the tale of a cyborg sent back in time to kill the mother of humanity's savior. This simple idea gave birth to one of the most beloved sci-fi films of all time, with 1991's T2 taking things to an even higher level. Then came the poorly-received T3.

In an effort to rehab the series, producers collaborated with FOX to develop a proper sequel to T2. The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered in 2008, retconning the events of T3, and returning the focus to a teenage John Conner and his mother Sarah. After a time jump, the Conners must again battle Skynet, this time assisted by friendly machine Cameron and John's uncle Derek.

TSCC was sadly cut down in its prime, but its two seasons still ended up being an admirable attempt to right the ship.

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